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AXSYS TECHNOLOGIES LTD THE POWER OF PURE EXPERTISE Machinery Maintenance Crew Management Quality, Health, Safety, Environment.

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1 AXSYS TECHNOLOGIES LTD THE POWER OF PURE EXPERTISE Machinery Maintenance Crew Management Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

2 The idea of developing an integrated Fleet Management solution has been inspired during the long association of Axsys with classification society and offshore owners /operators. Participation of Axsys in their projects helped to understand the various requirements of maintenance and management activities of a fleet. Specification of the product has been conceived in line of those requirements and the WIDE OCEAN suite is developed as an ultimate Fleet Management solution comprising maintenance and management solution for Structure, Machinery and Crew etc.

3 is a Fleet Management System for Owners/Operators to maintain the structural components, the machinery and the management of the crew of a fleet of marine assets such as ships and offshore structures. The system is a multi-user, modular, enterprise application that covers the principle aspects of assets operation and provides a comprehensive data repository that caters to systematically tracking the condition of the asset. The Wide Ocean suite has the following major modules: Structural Maintenance Machinery Maintenance Crew Management Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

4 This presentation is for the following Modules. The Structural Maintenance presentation is in a separate file included in the media. MACHINERY MAINTENANCE CREW MANAGEMENT QUALITY, HEALTH, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT

5 Machinery Maintenance

6 BLUEWHALE – Machinery Maintenance, Purchasing & Inventory TIGERSHARK – Drydocking

7 Role based dashboard view Creation, monitoring and execution of Periodical and Running Hours based maintenance work and dry dock tasks Captures location-wise spares and maintains inventory level Auto indent generation for spares below re-order level with approval process workflow Request for Quotation, generation of comparative statements, vendor selection and creation of Purchase Order Ordering Provisions, Bunkers & Lubes based on Budget Audit, Incident, Drills and Inspection Reports. Auto generation of Corrective Action associated with Safety Management System MACHINERY MAINTENANCE

8 Role and privilege based user access to various modules. Module Selection

9 Setup & Administration

10 Administrators master data entry to customize the various modules. Setup & Administration

11 Master data entry by uploading Excel Sheet which includes data like Location Details, System Details, Inventory Item Details, Maintenance Job etc. Uploading Excel File for Master Data

12 Various master data, like Location, Systems, Consumables, Inventory Items, uploaded from an excel spreadsheet. Uploading Excel File for Master Data

13 Entering additional data relevant to the Equipment or Component type. Maintenance Job Entry

14 Adding Dry Dock Jobs. Dry Dock Master Entry

15 Adding supplier evaluation criteria, questionnaire of new or old suppliers for future supplier selection. Dry Dock Master Entry

16 Maintenance

17 Creation of Calendar based/Periodical Maintenance work data using time-based scheduler as per Statutory and Non Statutory requirements. Machinery Maintenance

18 Current counter value entered for equipment to create Hour-Based maintenance jobs. Machinery Maintenance

19 Assignment of Counter /Hour based jobs for a vessel. Machinery Maintenance

20 Counter-based assigned job completion form with details of spares used.

21 Tracking the history of an hour-based job for an equipment with details of spares used. Auto indent is generated for the spares used if the stock quantity goes down beyond the re-order level. Machinery Maintenance

22 Purchase Management

23 Dashboard – showing the number of items added to Auto Indent for particular vessel under Indent Tab before approval of Indent. Purchase Management

24 Indent approval entry details with usage details of Item/Part. Purchase Management

25 Conversion of approved indent into Request For Quotation (RFQ). Purchase Management

26 Dashboard – showing Request For Quotation under RFQ tab. Vendors are added for floating of RFQ. Purchase Management

27 Downloading / Opening of submitted quotation files from different Vendors. Purchase Management

28 Dashboard view at the time of filled Quotation upload from Vendors side. Purchase Management

29 Dashboard view after filled quotation received from the vendors. Purchase Management

30 Vendor selection based on comparative statement for Price parameter. Purchase Management

31 Creation of Purchase Order and dispatch of PO to the selected vendor. Purchase Management

32 Dashboard view after Purchase Order sent to selected vendor. Purchase Management

33 Inventory Management

34 Dashboard view for Inventory Module which shows Quantities on Order along with Delivery Dates. Inventory Management

35 Sample Inspection Process under Inventory Module. Inventory Management

36 Material received after inspection and distribution of the same location-wise. Inventory Management

37 Material received location-wise. Inventory Management

38 Stock Reconciliation for a particular spare. Inventory Management

39 Stock details for various spares. Inventory Management

40 Inventory Balance Sheet. Inventory Management

41 Vessel-wise fortnightly provision items entry. General Stores & Provisions

42 Vessel-wise fortnightly common order for provision items. General Stores & Provisions

43 Dry-Dock Management

44 Dry-dock Job Card entry for a vessel. Dry-Dock Management

45 Dry dock job card entry for a new vessel and adding jobs & services from a master list or copy from any other existing job card. Dry-Dock Management

46 Planned Start and End date for vessel Job Card entry details. Dry-Dock Management

47 Yard entry screen for floating of RFQ for the Dry-dock Job. Dry-Dock Management

48 Downloading of RFQ excel sheet by different yards for submitting of filled quotation. Dry-Dock Management

49 Uploading process of filled quotation by different yards along with status updating. Dry-Dock Management

50 Comparative Statement of different yards based on quotation price and selection of yard for dry-dock job. Dry-Dock Management

51 Dry-dock Jobs and Services execution status updating for vessel. Dry-Dock Management

52 Stores and preserves the history of valuable data throughout the life cycle of an asset in the central server which can be accessed and analyzed by various groups of employees of the organization, time to time, for further assessment of the condition of the asset. Facilitates the process of routine inspection by class and insurance. Minimizes time to prepare dry-dock specifications. Evaluates costs/inventory across entire fleet. Shortens procurement cycle. Document compliance with internal procedures. Reduces communication costs. User Defined Report Creation. Interfaces data with external financial systems. Wide Advantages

53 SWORDFISH – Crew Management

54 Categorization of staff Creation of Crew details including Contract, Biological details and Certificates Provision for Leave and Loan details along with Approval Level details Generation of Travel Details of Personnel along with Reliever Plan Creation of Pay Slip Captures Appraisal, Promotion, Training and Certificate details CREW MANAGEMENT

55 Category-wise Employee grid with individual details. Crew Management

56 Category-wise Employee Contract and Salary details entry. Crew Management

57 Category-wise Employee grid with individual certificate details. Crew Management

58 Category-wise Employee EOS details. Crew Management

59 Category-wise Employee grid with individual Leave Application entry. Crew Management

60 Category-wise Employee grid with individual loan application details. Crew Management

61 Category-wise Employee grid with individual loan approval details. Crew Management

62 Category-wise Employee grid with duty roster details. Crew Management

63 Staff Category-wise attendance entry details. Crew Management

64 OFFSHORE Salary details grid with individual details. Crew Management

65 ANGELFISH – Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

66 QUALITY, HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT Supplier Evaluation Approved Supplier List Inspection Report Weekly/Monthly Workshop EHS Monitoring Report Corrective and Preventive Action Report Purchase Demand Note Purchase Order List of Lifting Equipments

67 Supplier Evaluation process for new supplier. QHSE Management

68 Supplier Evaluation process for existing supplier. QHSE Management

69 EHS Monitor process details entry. QHSE Management


71 A unique feature of this software is customized dashboard grid report generation. Using this feature, the user can customize the grid as per requirement and can take excel report by clicking on excel icon given in the respective dashboard. The customization includes the followings: Group by Column name Drop column as per requirement Sort Ascending or Descending order Drag and Drop facility. The user can Drag any of the column to the desired column location and Drop there to re-arrange the column order.

72 Customization of Job completion report by dropping a column Customization of Reports

73 Output of the customized report in Excel format without the dropped column


75 Common order for all vessels

76 Inventory list report

77 Monthly Expenses List

78 Provision Transaction List

79 Vehicle Status report

80 Purchase Order report

81 Purchase Goods Inspection report

82 Employee Details report


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