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Authorised Software Solution Provider. Take Sage Pastel beyond accounting with Job-SYS, a fully integrated, REAL TIME, job costing module for Pastel Xpress.

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1 Authorised Software Solution Provider

2 Take Sage Pastel beyond accounting with Job-SYS, a fully integrated, REAL TIME, job costing module for Pastel Xpress and Pastel Partner. Job-SYS helps you …. Prepare Quotations or Estimates for your customers. Manage resources, staff, material issuing and purchasing. Invoice the Job and monitor the profitability for each Job.

3 Quotes & Jobs Work in progress Labour Purchasing Material Estimating & Issuing Master file information Journal Processing Supplier Invoices Financial Reporting Inventory Control Job-SYS Sage Pastel Fully integrated into Sage Pastel – No duplication of data. All transactions are updated on a real time basis. View real time profitability of each Job. Make use of your existing pastel stock file, customers, suppliers and general ledger chart of accounts. Job-SYS Integration into Sage Pastel

4 Estimated and Actual values for each item (Cost prices, selling prices, Markup %, GP %, profit). Supply air conditioning unit Supply and Install Air conditioner Costing Structure for Quotes and Jobs Materials Labour Buyouts Install air conditioning unit Aircon unit piping fittings Cabling Aircon unit piping fittings Cabling assembly battery window seats other steel battery window seats other steel Materials Labour Buyouts steel nuts bolts brackets steel nuts bolts brackets technician builder electrician technician builder electrician Electric Switch Brackets Electric Switch Brackets

5 Quotation accepted and Converted to a Job Close Quotation if not accepted by client Generate Purchase Order Issue Stock and allocate other costs to Job Allocate timesheets to Job Part Invoice or Final Invoice Close Job Auto Stock Allocation Add Projects Add Estimated costing and pricing to Projects Create new Pastel Purchase Order Update Stock and GL Accounts Create new Pastel Customer Invoice. Update W.I.P and Labour Recovery Accounts Update W.I.P & COS Accounts Stock Availability Submit quotation to client Process suppliers invoices in Pastel when receiving goods. Create New QUOTE Finalize Job Create New JOB Active JOB YES NO Add Projects Process Flow

6 By creating quotations in Job-SYS, you are able to monitor … Quotes won and quotes lost. Reasons why the quotes were lost. Monitor the progress of the resources used compared to what was quoted for the job and the Individual projects. Compare actual costs to what was quoted. Build quotes and jobs easily from standard templates. Attach documents, emails, pictures, etc. to the quote. Link time needed to items on the quote. Quotations

7 A job allows you to... Automatically generate purchase orders. Track resources used on the job and build up a history of work done for clients and on specific equipment. Separate service and sales type jobs. Invoice actual or estimated values. Track serial numbers. Print various types of job cards. Attach documents, emails, pictures, etc. to the job. Create multiple invoices for different customers per job. A job is created from a quote with a single click, however jobs can also be created directly, bypassing the quotation process. Jobs

8 Job-SYS allows you to create Pastel purchase orders based on stock availability and material requirements for inventory items and buyouts. Job-SYS functionality provides… Visibility into requirements for each job. Orders are generated specifically for a job and / or for stock. Allocate costs directly to the job from suppliers invoices, improving accuracy and providing traceability. Prevent overstocking as a result of incorrect purchasing. Supplier price list updates and parts creation. Purchasing

9 Allocation of materials, spares, travel, consumables, buyouts, etc supports … History of resources used on the job. Where the resources were purchased from, who was the supplier and what did it cost and how much was it sold for. Visibility into buyouts. A record of who the stock was issued to. The return of unused material or overruns to the store. Material Allocations

10 Monitor the productivity and efficiency of your staff by logging their productive hours to jobs and accounting for the their non productive hours. Labour is captured for each department / process on each of the projects for the job. Track the progress of the job based on hours captured versus the hours estimated. Capture time on a job card basis. Capture time from time sheets. Realtime labour with barcode scanning of labour. Labour Allocations

11 Customer invoices are created in Job-SYS. Invoices can be based on the quoted or the actual values on the Job. Job-SYS allows for one or more invoices to be generated irrespective of the progress of the job. Create an invoice for an alternate customer still linked to the job. Credit part or the entire invoice value. Create Delivery notes, picking slips and pro-forma invoices. Invoicing

12 After all materials, spares, buyouts, labour, etc has been allocated to the job and the job has been invoiced, the job is closed. When closing the job, the status is changed and the WIP and COS are update where applicable. The job can be recalled and reopened if needed. Finalise the Job

13 Email quotes, supplier price enquiries, purchase orders and invoices directly from Job-SYS Send SMS’s directly to customers from Job-SYS Create tasks and actions for users Assign sales reps to quotes and jobs Assign technicians to jobs User access and security feature prevents users from viewing and changing information Create Supplier price enquiries for purchasing Locking of quotes, job and projects prevents the information from being changed Other Features

14 Thank you for your interest in

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