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BASSnet Maintenance Name: Oliver Roldan Mesina

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1 BASSnet Maintenance Name: Oliver Roldan Mesina
BASS Asia Customer Forum, Nov 2013 Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia BASSnet Maintenance Name: Oliver Roldan Mesina Title: Product Consultant Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s a pleasure for me to open the BASS Asia Customer Forum On behalf of the BASS team, I appreciate that you have taken the time to join our event this time. We have chosen Singapore, one of the fastest growing countries in maritime industry. This year we have received a overwhelming response with more than 70 customers and prospects from 29 different companies. The good response is a sign that customers in this industry have acknowledge that BASS solutions have change the way maritime operations work. From 8 Number of Countries Business Applications and Solutions for Shipping

2 AGENDA Date Start Time End time Duration Details 11/26/2013 TUESDAY
1100 1300 2 Hrs Introduction to Maintenance Module ( H) Overview and walkthru of all sub modules in Maintenance Modules ( H) 1400 1Hr Lunch Break 1530 1H 30 Mins Cont of Maintenance & Materials Overview 1545 15 Mins Refreshment Break 1730 1H 45Mins Discussion and Feedback from Participants on any area of BNM. Discussion on Ideas for Improvement and also suggested changes

3 What is BASSnet™ Maintenance?
A system to facilitate maintenance processes onboard and across a fleet by establishing standard jobs that are required to maintain Components. Manage materials used for maintenance jobs such as Spare Parts, Consumables, Tools etc. Keeps track of jobs that have been performed on each Component. Set up future job planning for Components. Manage resource planning for jobs by carrying our resource forecasting. Manage the beginning to end monitoring of Hull Inspections. Keep track of a list of job orders raised specifically for defective components across the fleet. Track and monitor all components and parts under warranty and the end to end claim process.

Component History Routine Task Scheduled Jobs Material Claims Counter Jobs Calendar Jobs Defect Management Requisition Job Order HULL Inspections

5 BASSnet™ Maintenance Standard Instruction Scheduled Job Component
The following illustrates the maintenance workflow and its relationships with other modules. Standard Instruction (Created from Office) From Scratch / Manuals Scheduled Job Component Materials Resource Risk Assessment Documents Report Job Done Create Job Order Job History

6 Unplanned Maintenance
DEFECTS Unplanned Maintenance Defect found Create Defect Job via Defects sub module Create Job Order via Job Order sub module Defects record created in Defects module Connect multiple Defect Job Order Perform Maintenance or take corrective action If Component under ‘Guarantee ‘, link available to Guarantee Claims sub module. During Dry-Dock On board / Service Repair Manage Guarantee Claims process The Defects History displays a list of all Defects-Job records moved to Job History.

7 ROUTINE TASK Routine Tasks Set up Routine Tasks
Report Job Done- Fill up details Types of routine tasks (Customisable) Megger Tests EO Safety tasks Update to History if everything OK If Failure? Name the Task Define Job Description Create New Job Order Select existing scheduled Jobs and create Job order from them Define Recurrence Attach respective components Report Job Done for Job Order Move to History

8 Breakdown of equipment
CLAIMS Action: Repair breakdown with tools onboard and order parts as needed. NO Breakdown of equipment Equipment covered under warranty? YES YES Create a Claim record using the Guarantee Claims sub module. Status: NEW Create Job Order in System with Job Class = Guarantee Claim. Status: NEW NO Claim to be settled and closed by CC. The CC will add defect to Monthly Report. Status: Rejected by Claims Coordinator. Claim Accepted by CC? YES Status: Accepted by Claims Coordinator. Claim will be sent to Shipyard for investigation. Shipyard will update CC. Status: Rejected by Yard/Supplier. Claim to be solved by Ship's crew and closed by CC. Claim Accepted by Yard? NO YES Status: Approved by Yard/Supplier. New parts will be sent by Yard to Vessel. Broken parts to be sent back to Yard (if requested). Vessel User to update system regarding landed/arrived parts. Status: Under Repair/Replace. Repairs or replacements are carried out onboard vessel. Status: Closed Defects corrections completed. CC closed claim.

9 Scheduled Job On Hull Inspections Set up New Hull Inspection
Report Job Done Ensure required Registers have been set up: Register Setup - Maintenance Update Hull Inspection report Hull Structure – hull profile Enter the Overall Condition of the hull noted during the Inspection Assessment Category codes Overall Condition codes Assessment Scales codes Attach Documents relating to the inspection. Note Observations from the Inspection – enter observations for each Surface Area. Hull Compartment codes Add Images Move to History Note: Inspected Date, Condition and Observations must be entered before moving to history. Use Hull Inspection Overview to track and monitor all aspects of a Hull Inspection

10 Thank You

11 Component (i) - component transfer workflow - use status/maintenance status explanation - filter feature - locate at SFI tree view feature - find grid – added 1 new column – document flag (clear all filters) - batch update feature - drag & drop at SFI structure (re-position) (ii) - remove sub component, option to "Keep this sub component as spare" - Sub component transfer - Sub component transfer process - Create sub component and Convert from spare part - Access right – transfer access right

12 Maintenance overview Maintenance job – “Require to replace sub component(s) Standard instruction Batch update (Length, & type) Schedule job Find grid (package job and sub component indicator) Discussion (Schedule job/job order/job history/material) Estimate cost New design - Schedule Job/Job order wizard, Job Packaging – view all materials Job History – By default will retrieve 1 year job history Job order re-plan workflow Counter Export to excel for all the previous counter reading

13 Planner Resource Forecast/Resource Time Sheet Routine task - 2 templates link to multiple routine task type - Distribute task to other vessels - Description field (unlimited length) - Print report - Overview Defects - Save Image into picture file - Transfer to Project  Claim ( To check should only filter job belong to that damage component) Hull Inspection – History tab (combine job history and hull inspection history)  - Due date column

14 Material - Overview – new design – improve performance - Access right base on category - Location diagnostic - Print label - Change distribution group - Propose category for free item - Report – material stock report (Grid view and grouping) - Report – material transaction (Grid view) – include vessel ref, and - Group by vessel

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