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1 OCS Company Presentation
Updated January 2010

2 Brief company overview - summary
OCS, software and competence house Head office in Bergen, Norway Branch office in Ålesund, Norway Representative office in Manila, Philippines Partners in Singapore, Spain, Faroe Islands and UK Established 1983 Focus on software for Crewing, Payroll and Ship Management OCS HR OCS PreMasterPRO OCS Maisy

3 Brief company overview - summary
50 employees – 5 in – hire consultants Close to 200 customers in 35 countries More than personnel managed through OCS More than 600 vessels managed through OCS Good financial results and solvency Planning for further growth OCS Manila – strong position in Manning

4 Brief company overview, Financial figures
Shareholders: Employees 85 % Others15% Solidity: AA - rating

5 OCS HR – System Overview
Payroll Travel Hours WEB Self Service On board Other Personnel register Norwegian Payroll Travel Expenses Time keeping ESS Crew Language #2 Planning & Rotation UK Payroll Travel Admin. MSS Payroll Import/ export Competence Mgmt. Philippine Payroll Evaluation Master’s Account OCS Notify Course Admin. French Payroll Salary Planning Training Seagull integration Training Sick Pay Norwegian Training OCS Link Recruitment Leave Pay Calculation Travel Expenses OCS Scan Norwegian Net Pay Arrangements Time keeping Budget UK Tax – simplified Hour Rotation Norwegian tax – simplified

6 OCS Maisy – System Overview
Equipment Asset Maintenance Spares Stock Purchase Rental Other Main Modules Functionalities Equipment Asset Job Work order Spare parts Register Demand Order External Files Data sheet History Stock Proposals Services Import/ export Certificates Documents Std. Routines Tickets Requisition Price book OCS Notify Personal Loan Resources Pick list RFQ Sale OCS Logging Law Routines Non Conform. Vendors PO Project Activity OCS Link Counter Readings Inspection Reports Inventory Vendor Agreement Cost Control Integra- tions Down Time Graphical Planner Material transfer Commodity buying Workshop Hour reg. Performance Standard Hour reg. Custom declaration Expediting Invoice Credit Depreciation CIM Assembly Invoice Control Quotation Environment Accounting Exchange Components PO Shipment Additional Modules Third party rental

7 OCS PreMaster – System Overview
Maintenance Certificate Procurement Crew Provisioning HSEQ/Risk Assessment ISPS Medicine Document Equipment, parts and work orders Certificate Template entry Procurement Process definition Person Details Item list ISM Reporting Security log Medicine list New document Maintenance plan Certificate Entry Purchase templates Shift Stock control Risk reporting Equipment list Document conversion Maintenance history Time window administration Requisitions, quotations and Purchase orders Manhours Cost calculation Control action followup Videos Review Skills requirement cost calculation Inspections and Renewals Goods and invoice receival entry Cabin Order Excersise Medicine logistics Revision Hour counters Dashboard notification Currency Evaluation Dashboard notification Report wizard Dashboard notification Approval Alarms/E0 list Reports ERP system Integration Vendor Agreement Reports Risk factor calculation matrix Reports Sign Fuel and lube oil consumption Budget Dashboard notification Work permit Forms Dashboard notification Dashboard notification Reports Dashboard notification Integration Reports Reports Reports/ Statistics Dashboard notification

8 Customers using OCS HR Venture Drilling

9 Customers using OCS Maisy
EMAS Energy Services EMAS Construction & Production Norsk Hydro Produksjon Venture Drilling

10 Customers using OCS PreMaster

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