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New Technology Options

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1 New Technology Options

2 Today’s Topics GNSS – UHF nTrip TPS - Image Assisted Surveying
Software – Modern Software advancements. Leica Active Assist & Leica Exchange Scanning – New improvements

3 Leica GNSS New Leica GS14 Light Weight Internal Radio CS15 Controller
(2.9kg all on the pole) Internal Radio CS15 Controller GS10 CS15 GS15

4 UHF UHF is the primary method for RTK delivery
Long range broadcast (25 Watts) Cheap licencing Bandwith has always exceeded GPS requirements Manufacturer Integration GS14 GS15 GS10

5 New Solution Needed? New ACMA regulations
Higher Licencing costs Reduction in the available channels Reduction in output power New Channel Spacing (25KHz, 12.5KHz and 6.25Khz offsets) Bandwidth requirements for GPS & GLONASS (then add Galileo & Compass to the message)

6 Networked Transportation of RTCM over Internet Protocols
nTrip Networked Transportation of RTCM over Internet Protocols Smartnet Australia Joint venture between CR Kennedy & Leica Provides RTK corrections anywhere within its network where phone signal is available Proven around the world, UK, Mainland Europe, US and Eastern States

7 nTrip (Networked Transportation of RTCM over Internet Protocols)
nTrip Server

8 nTrip (Networked Transportation of RTCM over Internet Protocols)
Nearest Base nTrip Server MAC

9 Smartnet Australia

10 Smartnet WA

11 Benefits to a Surveyor Why not turn your base into a rover instead?
No Base Station Take time to set up Costs money for Security Initial Hardware costs and maintenance Why not turn your base into a rover instead? Available for Machine control applications No Frequency interference No Radio Licencing No Radio Programming

12 Leica TPS Built upon a Strong Foundation The TS15
Leica has 200 year History CR Kennedy has 75 year History The TS15 1” 3” 5” Angular Accuracy R400 or R1000 EDM Specification 1000 Series 1100 Series 1200 Series Viva Series

13 Robotics CS15 - its robotic partner Viva easy to use software
Long Range Blue tooth radio Handle (RH16) Tested and proven to communicate 800m from TS15

14 Image Assisted Surveying
TS15 Imaging model has an inbuilt camera Allows real time streaming to the CS15 Controller Sales Gimmick or useful?

15 Image Assisted Surveying
Capture – Sketch – Link Capture: Capture a high-resolution image from the TS15. Sketch: Enhance the image through sketching with any colour, line style and thickness. Link: The final image can be stored & if desired, linked to any object of interest (point, line or area)

16 Image Assisted Surveying
Tap & Turn Capabilities Use the Camera as an interaction between Surveyor & Instrument Robotic & Two Man Applications No more vertical eye piece

17 Image Assisted Surveying
3D Data Overlay Visible in the Camera Page Tab Possible to View Points , Lines, Areas stored within the Job A True Digital Overlay Data Shapes Depend on Class CTRL (Triangle) Measured (Circle) Distance Slider Minimum & Maximum Distance View

18 Software Advancements

19 Where we have come from…..
1100 Series

20 Where We Are New Viva software brings Applications
Simplified & Customisable Screen Map Screen Enhanced Survey COGO Calculations Stakeout

21 Apps Making Life Easier
Descriptions of Tasks New Applications Stakeout 3D Polyline Ref Plane & Grid Scan Expanded Roadrunner Options

22 DXF Surveying Bring your office to the field
No more points plans Leica gives you full Cad Support Colours, lines styles, fonts & formats Better use of Map Screen Intelligence Cogo , Compute Inverse, Create See where you are on the map

23 XML Surveying Bring your office to the field
No more points plans Import lines, points and areas Import Alignments Import DTM’s

24 Leica Active Assist Experienced Professional Help
A Direct Link to your Field System One Button Registration Reduce Delays & Downtime Next Step in Technical Support Benefits of Internet Enabled Equipment

25 Leica Exchange Transfer objects easily between the Field & the Office with Leica Exchange Field to office or office to field Jobs, DXF, Code List, DTM, etc With Instant Notification Field and Office Solutions Completed Jobs Sent to Office


27 New in Laser Scanning RiMining Scanstation P20 VZ-4000

28 Leica ScanStation P20 3D Position accuracy
Scanning up to 1,000,000 points/s Ability to scan upside down Ethernet or Wireless Lan Check and Adjust First and only scanner


30 VZ-4000 Long range up to 4000m Up to 22000points /sec
Multiple return capability Built –in camera Integrated L1 GPS, Compass and inclination sensor L2 GNSS option using GNSS antenna (RTK means No backsight orientation) Built-in Storage 64gb

31 Ri-Mining – For Pit Surveying Surveying Pits has never been easier!
Uses an internal compass, GNSS and inclination sensor for position and orientation Having at least 3 Scan Positions the MSA (Multi Station Adjustment ) calculations can compute the true north and level the scan data. Before Adjustment After Adjustment

32 Ri-Mining Surveying Pits has never been easier!
Filtering machineries And vegetation After Adjustment Before Adjustment

33 Simple Workflow in RiMining

34 New Technology Options
Thank you for your time

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