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New HF/MF Digital Maritime Mobile Systems

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1 New HF/MF Digital Maritime Mobile Systems

2 Globe Wireless Global provider of Maritime Communications Solutions
Managing customer & data services for 15 years Installed on more than 4000 ships Basis of meeting regulatory driven applications GlobeAlert ship security alert system GlobeLocator long range identification and tracking of ships GlobeWeather forecasts Other fleet management functions

Satellite Delivery CUSTOMER OFFICE Efficient large file transfer Marinet communications protocols Sustained high speed transfer Full duplex communications Store and forward delivery Use existing office equipment and systems to exchange messages and data with vessels at sea Fax Telex Cable Telephone Least Cost Routing connectivity Data Connectivity GlobeCrewTM Kiosk I N T E R GlobeSecureSM Optional Virtual Private Network with Globe Wireless Application Data Satellite HF Radio Crew Maritime Data Network Network Operations Center Cost Effective Messaging Near Real-Time Delivery Timely delivery confirmation Notification of satellite traffic waiting on shore The Secure Message Handling System automatically routes all incoming and outgoing messages to destinations CUSTOMER VESSEL

4 Connected Worldwide

5 The Maritime Data Network
“Always on” connection 25 HF stations world wide Approximately 300 channel pairs Half receive and half transmit Delivers 50,000 messages per day Alternative to satellite systems Traffic doubles every 18 months Message growth and new applications Flexible for efficiency improvement

6 Globe Wireless Reliability
Guaranteed message delivery Multiple frequencies and stations Network operating centers in California and England All stations have backup power 99.97% service availability over the last four years Ships use both HF and satellite communications Shipboard equipment is self diagnosing 24/7 customer support

7 Below Deck Equipment Personal computer Marine HF radio
Globe Wireless modem Power supply

8 Above Deck Equipment Vertical antenna Antenna coupler GPS receiver

9 Globe Wireless Modem Small form factor
Uses digital signal processing technology Call set up protocol is a simple extension to NBDP Bandwidth efficiency of about two BPS per Hertz OFDM modulation rather than single carrier Resistant to multipath fading NBDP Globe Wireless lll 500 Hz, 1 Tone 3000 Hz, 32 Tones

10 OFDM Spectrum

11 OFDM Parameters Carrier Timing Data efficiency
300 HF frequency pairs in the marine bands 32 tones QPSK modulation 62.5 Hz carrier spacing 2 ms guard interval Hz occupied bandwidth Timing 1.520 seconds per burst cycle 1.095 second burst duration (tone + sync + data) 0.425 second response (ACK/NACK + round trip delay + processing time) Data efficiency 2 bits/second/Hz

12 Vessel Performance Example

13 Adaptive HF Features Dynamic data rate adjustment
Automatic link establishment Adaptive frame mapping Individual tone retransmission Least cost routing Frequency agility

14 Planned New Features Next generation protocol
Capacity improvement Adds broadcast/multicast capability Message delivery in as little as 2 seconds Similar to current protocol Same OFDM modulation and spectral efficiency Improved timing and protocols

15 Protocol Improvements
Current Protocol Ack Data New Protocol New protocol is twice as efficient as current protocol New protocol eliminates call set up time No hardware changes on ship Twice as many vessels plus broadcasts, paging, network messages on the same number of channels

16 Summary The Globe Wireless Maritime Data Network is operational world wide Being used by vessels Offers greater flexibility than satellite only systems Ongoing improvements for more capacity and new services Increased spectral efficiency and more HF channels are both needed for continued growth in maritime use

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