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Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software

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1 Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software

2 What is Trimble SCS900? Trimble Site Controller Software
A dedicated construction site measurement solution For GNSS and Total Station operations Solution tailored for Contractors in Earthmoving Business Simplified for use by construction site personnel

3 Trimble SCS900 Delivers a solution for all construction site positioning requirements Site control checking and setup Site measurements and as-builts Site stakeout Design queries and checks Support, monitor and validate machine control operations

4 Why is Trimble SCS900 Different?
Designed to operate in a “work order” based environment i.e. It is a “task oriented” construction management system Designed to manage a large site or multiple sites simultaneously in an efficient manner Designed to manage “zoning” within a site as well as construction “phases”

5 SCS900 – Top 10 Features Truly portable Multiple Site support
Task Oriented Compatibility with any office software products Surface centric operations & measurement Verify completed work is within tolerances Real time verification of machine control operations Volumes in the field Simple to use and fast to set up Designed for contractors ATV, Rod, Supervisor: System components field proven, tough operate cable free and a full day power Hopping between multiple sites is easy Task Oriented Approach – Supervisors can control the work in the field via Work Orders Compatibility with any office software products through use of DXF and ASCII files Measurement, stakeout, grade and thickness checking with real time cut and fill Grade, Thickness and Stakeout tolerances ensure work completed in Real Time Real time verification of machine control operations. In field reports allow for on the spot decision making Volumes in the field – Stockpile and Progress volumes with shrink and expansion factors applied can be computed on the spot Simple to use and fast to set up – ideal for less experienced users and non surveyors Designed from scratch to meet the needs of contractors and construction applications

6 Applications Existing surface topo’s & pre-construction
Create an initial model against which to compute volumes moved Check the model used to create the design for errors Establish the areas of Cut and Fill and magnitude of Cut or Fill for planning and scheduling purposes Clear & clean site / topsoil strip Daily, weekly, monthly progress volume topo’s

7 Applications Stockpile & borrow pit volume topo’s
Surface areas, areas and lengths/distances Subgrade grade and material thickness checks Location of utilities for as built records Completed / As-built measurements

8 The New Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software v3

9 Map-based View Starts with map-based view
Main menu accessible through button

10 Use of Graphics New 3D icons and illustrations in construction style

11 Info bars Fully customizable, scrolling info bar

12 Map Controls Panning permanently on

13 Common Look – Inside and Out
On-machine Off-machine

14 Simplicity Permanent basic mode with real-time cut/fill

15 Multi-tasking Start in Measure, then tap and hold to Stake

16 Roading Roading Module in new interface design

17 Trimble Icon Menu Trimble Icon Menu with 3D icons & no function more than 3 button presses away

18 Optimized Workflows New rover setup – all info in one screen
Quick Release Adapter

19 Finger, not stylus operation
Bigger buttons, drag and drop, flick

20 Color Scheme Yellow/gray color scheme
Optimized for outdoor readability

21 New Fine Stake Mode Numerical and visual cues guide you to the point
You never shuffle

22 Coordinate System Support

23 Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software v3.1 What`s New?

24 Setup Trimble UTS for Machine Control
Very similar Workflow like in SCS900 v2 Station Establishment first, then…

25 Stockpile Scanning Use UTS for 3Hz high-speed scanning

26 Instrument Calibration
Total Station calibration routine No trunnion axis calibration required

27 Volume & COGO Generate contours of measured surface for verification before calculating volume:

28 Volume & COGO Complete Infield-Design functionality back in SCS900 v3.1 Icon Help

29 Active Fields in Info Bar
Design offset values & direction visible at any time Click field to change value

30 Improved Stake-out Report
Moved C/F to top of stake report tab Remembers Tab which was open last

31 Work Order Instructions
Office to field instructions…

32 Remote Assistant

33 Remote Assistant - Benefits
Web-based service hosted by Connected Community Training of new employees Support (Internally & Dealer/Customer or Trimble/Customer) Checking job status, usage of correct designs

34 The New Trimble Site Tablet

35 Introducing the NEW Trimble® Site Tablet

36 Who Needs a Trimble Site Tablet
Supervisors Ability to create and update all data independently Can run Business Center – HCE Can run full version of VisionLink™ Read data on USB sticks and store machine configurations for backup Store firmware and updates for all controllers and machine systems Full connected controller for approvals, updates Camera with geotagging for remediation Pictures taken on site could be used as evidence in court as long as they are part of your normal record keeping procedures journal

37 Who Needs A Trimble Site Tablet
Grade Checkers SCS900 Core and Roading Module Construction Surveyors Full accuracy and power of SPS GNSS Receivers and Total Stations

38 Standard Features Sunlight readable 7-inch dual technology screen
IP65 rugged design is construction tough 5 MP camera Lightweight - 2lbs 10ox (1.2kg) 128GB Solid State Hard Drive 4GB RAM In-built GPS with 2-4m accuracy Total protected against water sprayed from all site, Totally protected against dust Best in class sunlight readable display Patent pending dual technology re-colorizes the screen based on ambient light conditions Combined with SCS900 v3.0, it is much easier to read in direct sun or glare Unlike consumer devices, made to be used in sun Protected under Corning Gorilla® Glass Other “rugged” instruments have a rugged shell but the glass is the weak spot In-built dual GPRS/CDMA cellular modem Gorilla Glass resists scratching and impact HDMI Port to display on Monitor

39 Improved Connectivity
Internal 3.75G dual-mode modem CDMA and GPRS inside all devices Integrated 2.4 GHz radio for use with SPS series Robotic Total Station

40 Thank You!

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