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Our enior ear Your Senior Year Important Meeting Notes Meeting #1.

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1 our enior ear Your Senior Year Important Meeting Notes Meeting #1

2 I Feel… Excited Relieved Happy Motivated Hopeful CONFUSED!?!?!?! Nervous Scared Anxious Pressured Overwhelmed

3 The Key Is Communication!! E-mail Drop-ins You AND me! Mandatory Senior Meetings Monthly Individual Meetings Initial & As needed Mailings Keeping everyone involved and up to date on YOUR progress towards graduation.

4 STEP BY STEP~ You will get there… I promise. It may take some time… Just breathe. It is up to YOU how you want it all to go… Your destiny is your doing. Who you use is important… Your best interest is at stake.

5 If you remember only ONE thing from today… Dont Procrastinate!!! Senior Deadlines Senior Handbook http://swwseniorprojects.

6 When it comes to plans… Military Set up an IN-SCHOOL appt. with a recruiter. Workforce Who has promised it and what other credentials will you need? Trade School Apprenticeship/Certification College 2 year or 4 year

7 Where do I start? LISTEN TO YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR! Following the Steps Identify Colleges/Programs How many? Register for the SAT/ACT if you did not take it during your Junior year. Who requires these scores and why? Gather Applications From where?

8 Steps to Apply for College 1. Create your college list and share with your School Counselor, Jamie Salatino to see which applications you will need to fill out. 2. Complete the applications and their supplemental forms and bring them to your School Counselor to review (during Senior Clinic). 3. Visit or the main offices student file cabinet to access the following: College Checklist Cover Sheet Senior Year Courses in Progress Outline Auto-Biography Form Personal Reflection Essay Guidance 4. Regarding the Auto-Biography Form: This will help individuals who will be writing you a letter of recommendation. Ask at least two of the following people~ teacher, advisor, clergy member, counselor, employer or non-relative who knows you and your abilities best. You should be giving at least 2 weeks notice from when you ask to when you will need the recommendation. 5. Regarding the Senior Year Courses in Progress: Descriptions of all courses are available online at Please EMAIL your School Counselor at to have it edited. 6. Print your Senior Project Proposal. 7. See the School Clerk, Tiffany Cole, for copies of your evaluations and transcript. 8. Make an appointment with your School Counselor to process your applications. DO NOT SUBMIT ANYTHING WITHOUT TALKING TO YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR FIRST!!!!

9 What help is out there? MONDAYS (11:45-12:30) In Debs Rm.~ SENIOR CLINIC This means, you can get help with scholarships college applications, writing a resume and the personal reflection essay. TUESDAYS (12:30-1:00) In Debs Rm.~ SAT/ACT Registration WEDNESDAYS (11:45-12:30) In Debs Rm.~ Senior Clinic

10 Upcoming events Submit Senior Project Concept to Advisor (9/20) Senior Parent Information Night (10/2) RAC Visit (10/8) U of R Interview Day (10/16) See Jamie to sign-up College/Fin.Aid Night @ SWW (10/24)

11 Helpful Sites… For students who want to use the FAFSA4CASTER tool and get familiar with this important financial aid website. For students applying to a 2 or 4 year NYS, Public School For students who want to research colleges and register for the SAT. For students who are applying to multiple colleges on ONE formwhere applicable.

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