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Project Achieve: An Innovative Educational Student Support Service

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1 Project Achieve: An Innovative Educational Student Support Service
Scholarship Information

2 What You Need to know How to organize your search
How to find scholarships What are the keys to success when you apply

3 Vocabulary Scholarship/Grant-money you receive for school that you DO NOT need to pay back. Loan-money that you HAVE TO pay back.

4 Who do you go to for help?? Project Achieve Advisor
Financial Aid Office UNO Advisor UNO Writing Center New Student Orientation

5 Federal Financial Aid Number one source of assistance that does not have to be paid back. Apply by filling out Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA) online at Grants are awarded based on need. Filling out FAFSA also qualifies you for state grants. Important website:

6 “Scholarships 101” Finding Scholarships

7 Planning Your Search Identify the sources you will use.
Keep track of the information you gather. Manage your time accordingly. How much time are you willing to devote to your scholarship search? How much money do you need to get?

8 Organizing Your Search Use “The Mechanics of Scholarship Writing” workshop to:
Complete Personal Data Sheet for writing essays and answering questions. Track Scholarship applications and deadlines. Request recommendations. Create a game plan.

9 Two Methods for finding Scholarships!
“Networking” Internet searching

10 “Networking” Finding scholarships through talking to people with who you have some connection. Ex. Employers, Unions, Churches, Military, Local businesses, Clubs, etc. Advantages -Less competition -Personal connections Disadvantages -More work finding them

11 Internet Searching Using Internet databases to match information about yourself with possible scholarships. Ex. Advantages Many scholarships (500,000+) Can search any time of the day and/or night Disadvantages Highly competitive (lots of applicants) Impersonal

12 Institutional Scholarships
Each institution has a system for awarding scholarships to students planning to attend their institution. Ex.UNO’s Scholarship Page- Check with the financial aid office at the Institution(s) you are planning to attend. Some scholarships are awarded through individual departments/colleges within a university so check with them also.

13 Project Achieve TRIO Scholarships & Grants
TRIO Grant Aid -Eligible to students who are freshmen and sophomores, are active in Project Achieve programs and who have received a Pell-Grant as part of their financial-aid package. Information about the grant-aid are ed to eligible students to come by the Project Achieve Office to fill out the grant-aid application. Project Achieve/William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation Scholarship -Eligible students include freshmen through seniors who have achieved a grade point average of 3.0 or better and have a financial need. A minimum of ten ($750.00) scholarships will be awarded for fall semester. Official scholarship notification and instructions are ed to students during the month of February.

14 Private Scholarships Many organizations and individuals set up scholarships. Requirements for getting these scholarships will vary. Think of organizations you or your parents might be involved with and ask about scholarships. Ex. Lions Club, Churches, Unions, Rotary, Fraternities, Sororities UNO scholarships:

15 Tools You Can Use Scholarship search materials in Project Achieve Office, Financial Aid Office, and Individual Colleges on campus. “Scholarships 101” Set up your “game plan” Successful application Scholarship search engines Letter to request scholarship information

16 Websites for Scholarship Searching
Scholarship Search Websites:

17 Scholarship Scams- Make sure you read the fine print!
“This scholarship is guaranteed or your money back” “The scholarship service will do all the work” “The scholarship will cost some money” “You can’t get this information anywhere else” “You’re the finalist”…in a contest you never entered or “You have been selected by a national foundation to receive a scholarship” “The scholarship service needs your credit card or checking number in advance”

18 What Is Your Timeline? Getting scholarships takes time.
Many scholarships are due by March 1st or before Plan time for: Searching Writing essays Requesting references Gathering materials and organizing (transcripts, etc.)

19 Writing Applications & Essays
Pull information from Personal Data Sheet Research the organization giving the scholarship What are they looking for? Sample Announcement Give them a reason to like you (Brainstorm) Have at least one person edit your essay Answer the question! Find something unique to tell about yourself (Ex. Experience you had that helped you decide to go into your field of study) (Sample Personal Statements) Actions verbs - Use them!

20 Reference Letters Request references from people who can write you a good letter Prepare a Reference Letter Data Sheet Give two weeks for the person to prepare the letter Make that date at least one week before you intend to mail your application Send a thank you letter immediately and update them when you receive notice

21 It’s hard work but it pays!!
Good Luck!! Happy Hunting!!

22 Project Achieve: An Innovative Educational Student Support Service
Scholarship Information

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