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Hayes High School Counseling Dept Welcome back Class of 2017.

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1 Hayes High School Counseling Dept Welcome back Class of 2017


3 Meet the School Counselors Mr. Matthew Brown Mrs. Jennifer Pollard (Last names A – D Seniors (Last names E- O Seniors, A – G 10 th and 11 th ) H-O 10 th and 11 th )

4 Meet the School Counselors Miss Megan BurwinkelMiss Jessica Darcy (Last names P- Z grades 10-12) (9 th grade counselor)

5 Mrs. Leigh Conant The NEW College and Career Counselor See Mrs. Conant for anything related to college and career exploration, scholarships, ACT/SAT testing, college visits and financial aid Meet the School Counselors

6 Our School Counseling Administrative Assistants  Mrs. Estes & Mrs. Ashworth  What can our administrative assistants help students with? Work permit applications ACT/SAT registration materials Copies of report cards, schedules & transcripts PowerSchool info DACC, course, college, scholarship, & special program applications PE Waivers Scheduling appointments

7 What Do School Counselors Do? Academic Counseling Verify credits and transcripts Create graduation plans Schedule courses Monitor your grades Standardized test interpretation Provide information on credit flex & early college opportunities Help you advocate for yourself

8 What Do School Counselors Do? Career Counseling Provide resources for career exploration & planning Provide college counseling, which includes: College admissions, financial aid, & scholarship information Assist with resume writing & career portfolios

9 What Do School Counselors Do? Personal/Social Counseling Help you with any personal problems that you may be experiencing at school or home or with your friends. Arrange Peer Mediation Provide information for additional community resources when needed.

10 Confidentiality We keep your conversations with us confidential. However, we are required by law to report: Child Abuse Harm to Self Harm to Others Unlawful Activity

11 How Can You Communicate with Us? Email us! If you have a quick question, it is easiest for us to send you a response via email. Leave us a voicemail. If you have an urgent matter that needs to be discussed right away, our office is ALWAYS open!

12 How Can You Communicate with Us? Arrange an appointment with us online. Here’s how: Login to your school Google email. Go to the Hayes Website and click on Guidance. Click on your counselor’s name & enter your name in an open appt slot (preferably during your lunch or study hall). Provide a brief description of why you’re coming to see us & then come see us during that time.

13 How Do We Communicate with You? Check your school Google email frequently. We will be sending you information (typically college, scholarship, or other special program information) often. Sign up for the Hayes Listserv. Biweekly information and announcements will be sent to you about upcoming events at Hayes.

14 How Do We Communicate with You? Check the Announcements on the Guidance website. If we need to speak to you, we will call you down. However, we really try to avoid you missing class time. We will call you down during your study hall or at the end of a class period. Throughout the year, we will have special presentations to provide you with information. Please attend!

15 What are you responsible for? We are the keepers of lots of information and we do our best to get that information to you, but remember that the person who has the biggest stake in your academics is you. It's up to you to stay on top of opportunities and deadlines so you can take control of your future.

16 A Note About Schedule Changes… Changes were to be made by August 12. Beginning today you may make a schedule change request until Friday After Friday, the drop policy goes into effect. Students are allowed to drop one course in their high school career for a ‘W’, this means Withdrawal.

17 Sophomore Year To Do List – Academics Be sure you are checking your grades on Power School each week. How many credits do you have? (How would you find this out?) Are you scheduled for all the classes you will need to graduate? Approach your teachers/counselor if you are having difficulties.

18 Sophomore Year To Do List – Testing OGT – March 2015 PSAT – October 15 th, listen for announcements to sign up, cost is $14.00 AP Exam - May

19 Sophomore Year To Do List – Other Stuff Keep your focus on your classes. DACC visit... NCAA eligibility – the rules have changed – talk to your counselor. REMEMBER! Your counselor has almost 400 students to monitor…you have 1.

20 Questions? Remember, We are YOUR advocates and we are here to help! We look forward to working with you!

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