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Welcome to Senior Night 2007 Hosted by OHS Counseling Department.

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1 Welcome to Senior Night 2007 Hosted by OHS Counseling Department


3 Interested in Athletics at College? Walk-on Try-out Athletic Scholarship See Coach Miller for more details Senior Night 2007

4 Senior Updates Graduation fees Fall Senior Shirt orders Volunteer sign up sheet Senior Night 2007

5 Senior Dates October 16 – senior panoramic picture October 23, 24 – Balfour will take orders during lunch Continue to check the senior section on the web page for updates. Senior Night 2007

6 Senior Counselors Mr. Marinaccio A – GI Mrs. Holcomb GL – N Mrs. Simpkins O - Z Senior Night 2007

7 GPA GAME There is NO single admission factor! Senior Night 2007

8 Applying to College “Where should I start?” College Research –Talk to Teachers, School Counselors, Family, & Friends –Look at College Websites –Review Reference Materials –Attend College Fairs Probe Fair, October 2 nd 6-8 p.m. SHS Print mailing labels –Visit College Campuses Senior Night 2007

9 Applying to College “What am I looking for?” Looking for The Perfect “FIT” –Location –Size –Admission Requirements Freshman Profile or Class Profile –Cost of Attendance –Financial Aid Senior Night 2007

10 Applying to College “ How many colleges should I apply to?” Apply to 3-5 Colleges... Approximately!!! –“Safety” (90-100%) –“Good Matches” (75%) –“Reach” (25%) –College/University in the Atlanta area Senior Night 2007

11 Applying to College Deadlines, Fees, and Acceptance Pay Attention to Deadlines Application Fees Transcripts & Test Scores Senior Night 2007

12 Recommendations & Letters Letters of Recommendation / School Forms –Fill out a request form & provide a resume –Allow at least 2 weeks –Stamped, self-addressed envelope Acceptance Letters & Financial Aid Award Letters –Provide a copy to your counselor –Recognition Senior Night 2007

13 Paying for College Contact the College’s Financial Aid Office –Deadlines vary by college Subscribe to –HOPE Scholarship Check OHS Counseling Center website for scholarship updates OHS Counseling Center

14 Paying for College Types of Financial Aid –Grants –Scholarships –Loans –Work Study –Resident Assistantship Thursday, January 10th –“Financial Aid Night” at PAC –6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Senior Night 2007

15 Testing? Why? Do I have to take the SAT test? Do colleges accept the ACT test instead of the SAT? What is the difference between the ACT & SAT? Senior Night 2007

16 Testing Websites SAT – ACT – Senior Night 2007

17 Resources Ola HS Website – Access to internet –Media Center or Counseling Center Transcripts & recommendations –Counseling Center Scholarships –filing cabinets in Counseling Center College information books –Counseling Center Senior Night 2007

18 Thank you for attending Senior Night!

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