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Now What Do I Do?. Stay Informed! Shark Bytes (sign up tonight!) Website: Make a Counseling Appointment Ms. Fowler Relihan A – K Ms.

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1 Now What Do I Do?

2 Stay Informed! Shark Bytes (sign up tonight!) Website: Make a Counseling Appointment Ms. Fowler Relihan A – K Ms. Weisel L – Z Ms. Bragg – Senior Activities / Graduation Mr. Varca – Senior Pictures / Yearbook Ms. Patterson – Power School Ms. Smoak – Attendance

3 Selective Service-Gentlemen ONLY! You must register within 30 days of your 18 th birthday. You can also register at 17 years and 3 months to be automatically registered when you do turn 18. Not sure you’re registered? Go to to find out. Penalties for not registering can include: Denial of Financial Aid Jail Time

4 SAT/ACT Colleges will take either test Some colleges will “super score” taking best scores from different sittings Subject tests may be required for more competitive colleges, check with your schools If you are registered for free/reduced lunch you qualify for a waiver, see your counselor College Board also provides application fee waivers if you’ve taken the SAT with a waiver, see your counselor You must send your scores directly to the schools you apply to

5 College Applications and Transcripts Visit for public college & university applications and some private schools Also use to electronically send your transcript to those schools All other private or out-of-state schools and scholarships need a transcript release form completed and turned into the Counseling Office Unofficial transcripts can be printed in the Counseling Office to use as reference to complete applications Common Application is revised this year, give yourself plenty of time to complete and submit!

6 Letters of Recommendation Complete the Senior Interview Sheet (on website) Choose teachers, staff, and community members reflective of your application, interests, and major Identify if you want the letter given back to you sealed, or mailed directly Provide specific details (who addressed to, scholarship vs. college app) Provide self addressed, stamped envelope if to be mailed Give at least two weeks notice!

7 Apply for Scholarships Check the Scholarship / Financial Aid section of the Islands HS website Use the scholarship newsletter links Check the websites of the colleges and universities you are applying to – watch for deadlines and additional applications, materials! Scholarships available for a variety of students Take the time to research the resources, write an essay, keep track of the deadlines

8 FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid Completing the FAFSA is free. Be careful, scam websites are out there! Apply for a PIN (allows you to electronically sign your application) 2013 - 2014 FAFSA can be completed after January 1, 2013. You’ll need parental tax information (and student’s if employed this year). Website: Financial Aid Night – January/February with GA Student Finance Commission

9 Start Making Decisions Going to college? – Make sure you’ve actually visited the school. – Figure out how much it will actually cost for you to attend. Private vs. Public, 4 year guarantee, etc. Collegeboard has a good comparison calculator: Also, use the Estimated Family Contribution Calculator – Keep up with decision and payment deadlines (housing payments, immunization forms, etc.)

10 Start Making Decisions Going into the workforce? Work on your resume and cover letter. Volunteer with a company or someone in the field you want to work in. This is a good way to get experience. Start researching job opportunities in the area you want to work in or the company you want to work for.

11 Start Making Decisions Going to the Military? Take the ASVAB. Make sure you have the score needed for the branch of the military you want to enter. Schedule a meeting with a recruiter. Make sure that you meet the health requirements.

12 Important Reminders Website, website, website! College visits Leave plenty of time before deadlines Don’t wait, make a plan now Academics this year DO matter, stay on top of your classes Attendance, being tardy can impact participation in senior activities and driving privledges Call, email, schedule an appointment if you need us!


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