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Welcome to Rockland High School Back to School Night September 18,2013.

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1 Welcome to Rockland High School Back to School Night September 18,2013

2 Preparing for Post High School Success

3  September 27- Deadline for Oct 26th ACT test  October 3- Deadline for Nov. 2 SAT  October 21- Financial Aid Night. 6pm  November 13- Parent Conferences  January 15- FAFSA Night 4-8 pm  May 30- Graduation Important Dates to Remember

4  College  4 year College or University  Community College  Post Graduate Year (PG)-Prep School  Career/Technical School  Military Service  Trades  Work Our goal is that every graduating senior have a plan! Your choice should be based on career goals, abilities, interests and educational need. Many Options after High School

5  22 Total Credits o 4 credits in English o 3 credits in Math o 3 credits in Science o 3 Credits in History  Passing MCAS scores o Math, English, Biology  25 hours of community service Graduation Requirements Class of 2014

6  Set Goals  Do NOT panic if your child doesn’t know what he/she wants to be. Many things change between age  Research job interests and what will be required to enter the field of interest  Keep in mind that over 30% of jobs your child will be competing for have not yet been created. How do I prepare my child and when?

7  Good Grades  Test Scores o SAT and ACT o AP Scores  Involvement in Extracurricular Activities o Passionate involvement and leadership  Essays and Personal Statement o Clearly communicate what your goals are o Ask your English teacher read over your essay before submitting  Letters of Recommendation o Pick a teacher and people who know you best  Standing Out o Leadership and being unique What it takes to get into College

8  Meet w/ counselor and your student to discuss options  Narrow choices & make a definitive list of schools  Research deadlines/admissions policies & requirements  Visit the colleges if you haven’t already done so  Complete application & request transcripts  Follow up with college to be sure all materials have been received  Research financial aid and scholarships opportunities The College Selection Process Where are you in the Process?

9  Early Decision= binding, fall deadline  Early Action= non binding, fall deadline  Regular Admission= winter deadline  Rolling Admission= no deadline  Open Admission= No admission criteria  Deposit Deadline= must notify schools of your decisions to enroll by May 1st Key Terms To Know

10  Register online to sign up for Fall tests o SAT: o ACT:  Upcoming SAT Dates  November 2  Upcoming ACT Dates  October 26  SAT subject tests: Some colleges may require some subject tests. Check with your college to see if they are required. SAT/ACT Information

11  Average scores are calculated annually based on the most recent SAT scores of all students of a particular graduating class.  For the class of 2012, average scores are:  Critical reading:496  Mathematics: 514  Writing: 488

12 Average SAT Scores  Curry  CR  M  W  UMass Boston  CR  M  Salem State  CR  M  W  Western New England  CR  M  Westfield State  CR  M  W  Bridgewater State  CR  M  W

13 Average SAT Scores  Amherst College  CR  M  W  Boston College  CR  M  W  Boston University  CR  M  W  Brown University  CR  M  W  Colby College  CR  M  W  Cornell  CR  M

14 Average SAT Scores  Dartmouth  CR  M  W  Duke  CR  M  W  University of Virginia  CR  M  W  Virginia Tech  CR  M  W  Yale  CR  M  W

15  The college board recently surveyed 4-year colleges to determine what admissions criteria they consider “very important”  School Achievement-83%  Test Scores-59%  Recommendations-19%  Application Essay-17%  Interview-14%  Activities-4% Keeping Tests In Perspective

16  Nearly 500 Colleges and Universities use the Common Application  Make sure you complete ALL supplements for each school  Can be completed online at Common Application Information

17  NONE  Remember, do not eliminate any college because of costs before receiving financial assistance information  Remember to check college financial aid offices for accurate costs What role should finances play in deciding whether or not to go to college?

18  Free Application for Federal Student Aid  Complete ASAP after January 1st   January 15 from 4-8 at Rockland High School is FAFSA night FAFSA

19  What is the PROFILE? o Online application that collects information used by certain colleges and scholarship programs to award institutional aid funds.  When Do I file the PROFILE? You may file as early as October 1st  Who must file the PROFILE? o Check your colleges/programs information to determine whether they require the PROFILE. A complete list can be found on the website o CSS/Financial Aid Profile

20  What does the PROFILE cost? o The fee for the initial application and one college or program report is $25. Additional reports are $16. o Limited waivers are granted automatically based on the information provided in the PROFILE application.  The Process: Three Easy Steps o Register o Complete the Application o Submit the Application CSS/Financial Aid Profile

21 All Year  Work hard all year!  Stay involved  Fall  Meet with your guidance counselor  Check test requirements for each college Things to do

22 Winter  Complete tax forms early  Submit your FAFSA  Receive your Student Aid Report, make corrections  Complete scholarship applications Spring  Review your acceptances and compare financial aid offers- contact school with any questions  Notify school of commitment by May 1st

23 Rockland High School Senior SAT REVIEW Rockland High School is offering a four-week SAT course for seniors taking the November test. This course will use online materials from the College Board, student data from past SATs and PSATs and review strategies and techniques. This course will take place on Thursday, October 10 Thursday, October 17 Thursday, October 24 Tuesday, October 29 From 7:00-8:30 at Rockland High School The cost of this course will be $25. Register for this course at the Rockland High School Guidance Office (deadline-October 3)

24  Your student’s counselor is the best place to start  We are here to help you Where do I go if I need help?

25 The Guidance Department is here to help  Melanie Shaw- Director- Grade 12  Margie Black- Grade 11 and Grade 10 L-Z  Gary Graziano-Grade 10 A-K  Denise Davidson- Grade 9  Freea Leahy- School Social Worker  Carla Dunn- Guidance Secretary  Contact us at


27 Welcome to Rockland High School Back to School Night September 18,2013

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