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THE KINGSWAY REGIONAL GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT John Cappolina Vivian Cassidy Keith Clark Owen McBride Nancy McCloskey Lisa Yourison.

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1 THE KINGSWAY REGIONAL GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT John Cappolina Vivian Cassidy Keith Clark Owen McBride Nancy McCloskey Lisa Yourison


3 PRESENTATION GOALS: 1.Review Naviance and identify its role in the application process. 2.Identify steps of the application process. 3.Review related topics.

4 4 PARENTS ARE AN IMPORTANT PART OF THIS PROCESS. We want to work closely with you to ensure the best possible outcome!

5 We hope by now all seniors are registered and use it regularly. If not, please contact your counselor. 5

6 YOU WILL NEED TO GET A FEW THINGS IN ORDER: Sign Transcript Release Form Secure letters of recommendation using Student Profile Form Contact College Board/ACT to forward official SAT/ACT Scores Make a calendar with dates and deadlines

7 WHAT CAN STUDENTS AND PARENTS DO USING NAVIANCE? Access Guidance Department updates and news bulletins View list of colleges visiting KRHS and sign up to attend Complete a college search Develop a prospective college list Track deadlines Request and process teacher recommendations Create a résumé Access scholarship search engines; over a hundred nationalscholarships are available Link to selected third party resources (i.e. College Board, Financial Aid, NCAA, Careers, College searches, etc.)

8 WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO TO GET THE APPLICATION PROCESS STARTED? 1.Update Naviance by moving schools to Colleges Im Applying To. 2.Submit college application electronically. 3.Submit a completed College Application Checklist for each school to your counselor after you have submitted it electronically to the college.

9 APPLYING TO RUTGERS UNIVERSITY On-line application only December 1 st is the preferred deadline for scholarship consideration No transcripts or recommendation letters required SRAR–Student Reported Academic Record

10 ARE YOU APPLYING EARLY ? EARLY DECISION (ED) - Binding agreement between school and student. Upon notification of acceptance, student is required to withdraw pending applications. EARLY ACTION- (EA) Early notification of admissions decision. This action is non- binding for both parties.

11 PROCESSING THE TWO-YEAR COLLEGE APPLICATION GCC On-Site application preferred SAT/ACT not required for admission but may exempt student from placement testing Selective programs/two- tier application No recommendations required Gloucester County CollegeOn-site in December

12 GCC ON-SITE REGISTRATION Through a partnership with GCC, Kingsway offers this service to our students who plan to enroll at GCC the following fall. December Informational meeting for seniors held in the Eitel Theatre. On-Site applications distributed Individual appointments with GCC representative. Applications must be turned in prior to this date. Placement testing discussed.

13 NJSTARS This full tuition scholarship to community colleges is available to students who place in the top 15% of the graduating class and meet additional academic requirements determined by the state of New Jersey. Updated information on NJSTARS can be found on:

14 LETS TALK ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS... College-based Scholarshipscheck with the institutions financial aid office. Community-based Scholarships investigate your employer, church, local businesses and organizations. Scholarship Newsletterdistributed to seniors throughout the course of the school year. Also available on our website. Scholarship Search Engines available on Guidance website.

15 WHAT ABOUT FINANCIAL AID? We encourage you to direct all questions and concerns to the financial aid office of a specific college.

16 FINANCIAL AID NIGHT Kingsway Regional High School Eitel Theatre Thursday, November 14, :00 pm

17 NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE Student athletes may want to complete the Clearinghouse Form to determine if eligible for collegiate athletics.

18 DATES TO REMEMBER…… October 17, GCPCA College Fair at Gloucester County College Gymnasium 6:00pm to 8:00 pm November 10, 2013 – NACAC National College Fair Pennsylvania Convention Center 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. November 14, 2013 – NACAC National College Fair Atlantic City Convention Ctr 9:00 a.m. to 12:00p.m./6:00 to 8:30 p.m. November 14, – KRHS Financial Aid Night Eitel Theater 7:00 pm December 2013GCC On-Site Registration



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