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Piping Construction Tracking/Planning System

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1 Piping Construction Tracking/Planning System
IntellaPipe Version 1.0.0 Piping Construction Tracking/Planning System JNL Data Systems (949) Click to continue

2 IntellaPipe Summary Click to continue

3 IntellaPipe Introduction
IntellaPipe is a piping construction tracking and planning tool that was developed by implementing piping personnel’s construction philosophies used in the successful completion of multiple projects. IntellaPipe was developed to be extremely user friendly. No computer competency is required, other than using a mouse and keyboard. IntellaPipe is flexible and still effective in maintaining and enforcing the project’s management team philosophies in completing piping construction, even if those philosophies change mid-stream. Click to continue

4 IntellaPipe Introduction
IntellaPipe maintains the concept of “single point of entry” throughout the program. Data will only need to be entered once and will instantly be available wherever and to whomever needs it. By providing data integrity and availability, piping and project management personnel always work with the same information. Click to continue

5 IntellaPipe Introduction
IntellaPipe can provide a project the potential savings of between $150,000 - $460,000 (supporting data provided). Click to continue

6 What does IntellaPipe do?
The input of and reporting on pipe linear footage progress by Areas, Systems, Turnover Packages, Test Packages, Work Packages, Subcontractors, Material Type, Foreman and much more. The building and tracking of Test Package requirements and progress. The building and tracking of piping’s Startup System requirements and progress. Click to continue

7 What does IntellaPipe do?
The building and tracking of Insulation and Tracing Package requirements and progress. Interactive reporting tools that allow users to build and save their own personalized reports to use in conjunction with IntellaPipe’s pre-built reports. Click to continue

8 What does IntellaPipe do?
IntellaPipe can be customized to Interface with: Interfacing with these systems can continue the concepts of “single point of entry”, data integrity and data availability beyond piping to other disciplines on a project. Project Controls databases and/or spreadsheets Commissioning databases and/or spreadsheets Weld Tracking, QA/QC databases and/or spreadsheets Document Control databases and/or spreadsheets Click to continue

9 Loading and Maintaining Isometric Data
IntellaPipe can be loaded using: Maintaining Isometric Data: PDS Downloads PDMS Downloads Exports from any Document Control database or spreadsheet Exports from any Project Controls database or spreadsheet Any combination of the above IntellaPipe can be customized to use auto-updates from other Document Control and/or Project Control systems to maintain Isometric revision control. IntellaPipe allows for manual updates of Isometric revision information in the absence of or in conjunction with auto-updates. Click to continue

10 Single Point of Entry / Data Integrity / Data Availability
Load Isometrics Isometrics Assign Isometrics to Test Pkgs Test Packages Assign Test Pkgs to Startup Systems Startup Systems Click to continue

11 Single Point of Entry / Data Integrity / Data Availability
Enter Progress by ISO (approx. 15 – 45 min per day) Isometrics Progress automatically rolled up Track Progress by Test Pkg Test Packages Track Progress by Startup System Startup System Click to continue

12 IntellaPipe Setup and Use
Click to continue

13 Project Information Setup
Click to continue

14 Project Information Setup
Information loaded into this form is used throughout the database. For example, project information, logos and client data appear on most forms and reports. Determine at what Revision number newly added Isometrics and Test Packages will start at. Define the Isometric drawing number and file naming conventions. Change any of this information during the course of a project and the new information will instantly be available and visible to all users on all forms and reports. Changes to drawing and file formats will automatically repopulate the database based on the new information. Click to continue

15 Building IntellaPipe Packages
Click to continue

16 Building IntellaPipe Packages
The scope of Test Packages, Startup Systems and Work Packages use this same form to easily add or move isometrics from one package to another. Use the Isometric Viewer to review or print an isometric drawing while building a package. No more need to leave your desk to find the book of Isometrics. Work Packages are used by piping to custom define sets of Isometrics to track based on a project specific requirement. Use this form to define the scope of these packages or let IntellaPipe auto-build Work Packages based on already existing data fields. For example, select Area and Commodity to get work packages that are made up of Commodity Systems within physical Areas (95001-HP may be all high pressure steam within Area 1). Click to continue

17 Test Package Batch Printing
Quickly create your Test Packages using IntellaPipe’s Batch Print utility. Select one or more Test Packages from the available list, pick a print option, then click print. Print Test Package forms with their associated Isometrics in only minutes. All IntellaPipe forms and reports give the option to batch print the Isometrics shown on that form or report. Click to continue

18 Progress Input This form is used to setup the Isometric Construction milestones for the project. Click to continue

19 Progress Input Define your project piping milestones using this form.
Any changes to this information after progressing has begun will automatically recalculate the progress for the entire project. The milestone setup done here will automatically determine the view of the Isometric Progress Input form. Click to continue

20 Progress Input Use this form to filter down to a specific set of Isometrics. Print the foreman sheet (used to communicate what set of Isometrics a foreman should be working on). Collect the foreman sheets at the end of the day. Pull up the predetermined sort for each foreman and enter the progress they have recorded for that day. Reprint the foreman sheets now showing the updated progress and distribute for the next morning’s work. Click to continue

21 Isometric Viewer View or print Isometrics using this form.
All forms in IntellaPipe that show Isometric data or data derived from Isometrics have access to this viewer. Open the viewer from a filtered form and the available Isometric list will be filtered accordingly. Click to continue

22 Data Ownership This form is used to define which users have rights to what data types. Click to continue

23 Data Ownership Using this form, an administrator can determine who can change data types within IntellaPipe by assigning them to User Groups (Test Packages, Startup Systems, Isometric Progress Input, Insulation Input, etc.). A single user can be assigned to more than one User Group. Or, make the User Group passwords available to the users and they can change their own access rights. Using User Groups helps users keep accountable for their own data. They can be certain that an unknown user is not changing their data without their knowledge. Choose not to use User Groups by selecting the Bypass option on the Project setup form. With this option selected, all users have read/write access to the entire program. Users can even set up their own personal access password so that other users cannot access IntellaPipe on their computer in order to view or change data they are not given rights to access. Click to continue

24 IntellaPipe Reports 100+ Pre-built reports
Countless number of custom report combinations Most reports allow batch printing of isometrics contained within each report Most reports allow exporting to Excel files, text files, Word documents and more Click to continue

25 Turnover Philosophies
IntellaPipe allows management to implement, track and enforce their own philosophies on how best to release pipe systems to the client. IntellaPipe can adapt quickly to changes in focus on completion. For example, a management focus change from progress by physical areas of a plant to progress by Startup Systems. Using the above example, IntellaPipe is also proficient in reporting on progress during a transition period (e.g. reports showing progress by Startup Systems within physical areas). Click to continue

26 Project Cost Savings Analysis
Craft Savings $25,000 - $250,000 Engineering Pipe Ver. $7, $14,000 Test Package Prep. $84, $98,000 Project Controls $56,000 - $112,000 IntellaPipe Cost $10, $13,200 Potential Project Savings $158,800 - $463,200 (See Disclaimer on last page) Click to continue

27 Project Cost Savings Analysis (Supporting Data)
Click to continue

28 Coming Soon to IntellaPipe
Project Controls Module Punch List Module Load man-hours against the Isometrics Earn man-hours during the normal progressing procedure View and track Performance Factors (PF Reporting) Report man-hour progress to management Most useful for contractors without a solid Project Controls system Create a piping specific punch list Can be customized to interface with an existing project wide Punch List Click to continue

29 Coming Soon to IntellaPipe
Paint Packages Foreman Management Tools Build and progress Isometric Paint Packages Release pipe ready for paint to the paint contractor Input and track the contractors progress Build and progress Foreman Packages similar to building Test Packages. NOTE: The Ability to assign Isometrics to Foreman already exists in IntellaPipe. The concept is to improve this capability for both the maintaining and reporting on progress by Foreman. Click to continue

30 Disclaimers IntellaPipe, including all objects and code contained within, is the intellectual property of JNL Data Systems and shall not be used by any company, corporation or person in any manner without the expressed written permission of JNL Data Systems. All rates, costs or any other monetary amounts listed in this document only apply to the setup, implementation, training, and on-going support of, but not limited to, IntellaPipe for contractors using the beta test version of IntellaPipe (1.0.0). These costs shall not be implied for any work to be provided by JNL Data Systems for consulting services on databases, software, etc. outside of the scope of IntellaPipe. For actual costs (licensing, seat rates, support, etc.) for the use of IntellaPipe beyond the beta version (1.0.0), please contact JNL Data Systems at or Call (949) Click to continue

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