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Expediting the Software RFP Process: The CTS EZ RFP.

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1 Expediting the Software RFP Process: The CTS EZ RFP

2 What is EZ RFP? EZ RFP is a sophisticated software product to analyze the capabilities and cost-effectiveness of any type of software application. And it provides an on-line, electronic method of first defining user requirements and then creating and administering an RFP.

3 Steps EZ RFP Handles 1.Defining System Requirements 2.Assembling Vendor Information 3.Prioritizing Requirements 4.Disseminating Requirements to Vendors 5.Collecting Vendor Responses 6.Analyzing Vendor Responses

4 What does EZ RFP do? Not only does it save tremendous amounts of time for both the company and vendors, it automatically documents the decision-making process. It can quickly archive specific products to collect vendor ratings, then automatic upload vendor responses to the database. It allows you to start either with one of five software templates – or from a blank slate.

5 What does EZ RFP let you do? It lets you focus only on those specific features and functions you are interested in at any given time. It creates departmental worksheets so you can collect department requirements individually. Its collaborative features allow you to collect multiple departments requirements simultaneously, by using our unique remote entry program.

6 Software Templates Included Accounting/Distribution/Service Manufacturing Construction Medical Practice Property Management EZ RFP includes the following software templates which each contain hundreds of features and functions:

7 Potential Applications Document Management Help Desk CRM Applications Content Management Knowledge Management EZ RFP is particularly valuable in analyzing other software applications with multiple modules and hundreds of individual features, such as:

8 Adding New Features Modules and feature groups appear in the left window and individual features appear in the right. A separate area for feature definitions can include extensive descriptions and examples. There is virtually unlimited capability to add, edit or resequence features. Using an existing template, you can add new elements or completely restructure an existing hierarchy. Or you can create a new system structure from scratch.

9 Accurate Costing of Alternative Solutions It only takes seconds to add an additional vendor or system. More details are included on the Detail tab, while either analyst or vendor can add/edit modules and prices. Vendor can add in cost of customization by module or features here, as well as indicate specific pricing for the desired configuration. Additional notes can be added on a module-by- module basis. This capability ensures that you can easily determine the cost of a specific configuration based on vendors actual pricing.

10 Setting Priorities An analyst can insert Notes that relate to any or all features at right, here for Budget Data. Enter feature priority code here.

11 Standard Reports EZ RFP includes 10 standard reports, in addition to Input Worksheets. The following Selected Features Report, for example, compares vendor ratings to your priorities.

12 EZ RFP FAQ 1. Couldnt we just use Excel to do RFPs? Theoretically, the answer is Yes. But the real answer is that EZ RFP is a sophisticated application developed over years to perform RFPs. So using Excel would take weeks or longer to structure, program macros and test. It would still be much less effective, because it is not a database, and would not have the flexibility in reporting or configuration. And it would end up being more difficult for vendors to use.

13 EZ RFP FAQ 2. What if we need additional reports? EZ RFP includes a complete set of reports which address most organizations needs. These reports have considerable flexibility to display user-selected information. But all reports can also be easily exported to Excel for further analysis.

14 Order EZ RFP Now For only $295. EZ RFP can cut weeks or even months off the overall time necessary to administer a complete RFP cycle. All CTS products are unconditionally guaranteed. How many software vendors have that much confidence in their products? Call 800-433-8015 to order now.

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