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Case Franchise Support & Training. Case Support Who? Who do I call for support? What? What types of questions can be answered by the corporate support.

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1 Case Franchise Support & Training

2 Case Support Who? Who do I call for support? What? What types of questions can be answered by the corporate support team? How?How do I access my support options?.

3 WHO? Who do I call for support? Pre-Opening Phase: Start Up Coach guides you through the processes & procedures of running your Case Franchise during your start up phase After Opening: Your main point of contact is your Regional Director, but you also have access to the Help Desk Support System to log, track, & route your issues to resolution.

4 WHAT? What types of questions can be answered? Office Processes & Procedures Case Software – Red House, CJES, etc Manuals System wide correspondence and distributed materials Case Business & Accounting Marketing – Materials, retention, etc Site Visit Requests.

5 HOW? Phone – Toll-free Support & Voicemail Help Desk Support Request Ticketing & Email Ways of accessing support are:

6 Case Intranet a.k.a Online Community With the help of the Case Intranet located in RedHouse, we are able to create a secure, password protected, community where Franchisees and their employees can go to access support and a number of utilities. Media BuilderOnline SupportDiscussion Forums Case of KnowledgeAlliance Directory Calendar

7 Case Calendar The calendar lists events happening in the Franchise System: Open House Regional & Corporate Trainings Teleconference Calls Annual Meetings National Trade Shows.

8 File Downloads The File Downloads works in conjunction with Case of Knowledge. Here you will find downloadable documents that are used system wide Manuals Zip Files to Send Off to the Printer Software Updates

9 Alliance Directory We have compiled a list of links for our franchisees Go directly to manufacturers sites, suppliers, industry associations and specialty how-to websites come here first No longer a need to search all over the web, come here first!.

10 Franchise Websites Each Franchisee has a Case website Potential clients & employees can find out information about your service area, services, employees, and even schedule a Handyman online All you have to do is supply the information and well supply the format.

11 Discussion Forums Discussion Forums can be used by any employee who has access to RedHouse These forums can be used to have discussions between Franchisees or corporate staff team members There are also password-protected forums for use by the owners.

12 Case Online Support By clicking on the HD Remote tab from Red House Home Page you can access a team member for remote training/support on your computer.

13 Support Request Ticketing If you have a need for support, simply fill out a support request ticket, which is sent to the help desk, and then forwarded to the correct team member for a resolution Once you complete a ticket you are given a ticket number that corresponds with that request.

14 Case Training

15 Who? Owners General Managers Sales Representatives Office Managers Home Repair Specialists.

16 Orientation & Planning Session 2 days Topics covered: Intro to Case & HM Business Intro to Case Systems & Processes Intro to Financials & Business Plan Intro to Marketing Goal: To prepare you for Franchise Management Training. New Franchise Orientation

17 Sales Training 5 days Topics include: Case Culture CJES – In home estimating The HM Processes – Sales, Production Marketing – Grass Roots, Networking.

18 Training Session 3 days Topics covered: Sales Process Production Process Recruiting & Hiring Case Systems-Red House, CJES Human Resources Goal: To prepare you for opening. Franchise Management Training

19 Training Session 3 days Topics covered: Case Culture Case Systems-Red House, CJES T&M Selling Sales Process Production Process Marketing Human Resources Goal: To prepare you for opening. Business/Office Manager Training

20 Grand Opening Visit Hands-On Implementation 2 days on-site Topics covered: HRS Orientation & Training Office Manager Training The T&M & Contracted Processes Red House Orientation & Training Review & Follow up of Business Plan Review & Follow up of Marketing Plan Perform pre-opening compliance review.

21 Regional Training 1 day with interaction with Corporate and other franchisees Topics include: Sales - Management Production – Hiring, profitability Office Manager Marketing Financials.

22 Additional Training Tools Ongoing Support to Maintain and Grow the Business Site Visits Regular Reports 800 number Website, Desktop Streaming Sales Trainings Regional Trainings Red House Online Training Teleconference Discussions

23 Software Relationship

24 Quickbooks Pro Microsoft Word CJES Red House = An integrated System for the Handyman Business

25 Accounting Close Out Job Update Accounting Specialist Produces Lead Calls Office Enter Client Data Sales Call Schd Or HRS Schd Print Schedule Estimate Project Create and Print Contract Export to Red House Close Sale Print Project Package Process Sale Schedule the Project Legend Client Red House CJES QB Future Project Client Meeting No Sale Meeting Canceled Follow-up Marketing Update Database

26 Now lets go take a look at Red House.

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