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About K12 Systems, Inc. – Induction Summer 2014 K12 Systems recognized a need in school districts for a new way to manage electronic gradebooks. Web-based.

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1 About K12 Systems, Inc. – Induction Summer 2014 K12 Systems recognized a need in school districts for a new way to manage electronic gradebooks. Web-based and scaleable, Sapphire Gradebook is an enterprise-class gradebook and attendance application designed to manage student information and assessment functions. It is intuitive and easy to use. To summarize, Sapphire Gradebook provides k-12 schools and school districts with a scaleable, secure and customizable Gradebook and attendance software package that increases productivity and improves communication for teachers, administrators, parents and students.

2 Essential Questions 1. What is Sapphire Suite? 2. How does Sapphire work? 3. What do I need to know to use Sapphire successfully?

3 Sapphire Gradebook Overview Access Gradebook via the Internet at school or home. Each Gradebook is for 1 subject/class only so you will have multiple Gradebooks. Use of Gradebook is mandatory for all secondary classes (7 – 12). The Electronic Report Card will be used at all levels. Gradebook has many grading and print functions (progress reports, teacher reports, etc). Administrators/offices setup Gradebook student rosters. Gradebook has student pictures and home contact information embedded. Teachers can create seating charts with student pictures in Gradebook. Gradebook has an attendance and discipline function. Use the Help pull-down window! Whatever you are working on…SAVE OFTEN!!!

4 What does a finished Gradebook look like? Sapphire Gradebook Overview

5 Log onto the Gradebook site using your First_Last and password. Select Conestoga Valley School District your School ID and the School Year. Select Sign On. How do I login? User ID = your first name _ last name (EX: Tonya_Santamaria) Password = same password as your district login Sapphire Gradebook Log-On

6 Use Course to select your specific section or subject in your classroom. Select Section where applicable. Select GradeBook or Class Attendance.

7 Sapphire Gradebook Attendance A student’s attendance to class may be verified in the My Class section. Attendance must be taken each class, but not reported in Sapphire Gradebook. The only sections that require input for Sapphire Gradebook are those that set attendance for the day (i.e. homeroom, first block, etc.)

8 What is the basic Gradebook Navigation? Interface with Gradebook using My Gradebooks, My Class, Options, Reports, Utilities, Student Names, Individual Student Icons, Assignment Scores, and Log Off. Sapphire Gradebook My Gradebooks

9 This menu allows you to access other Courses, Homerooms, the Discipline, and Logout.

10 What can I find in the My Gradebooks pull-down menu? Sapphire Gradebook My Gradebooks

11 Sapphire Gradebook My Class Use the My Class return to the main screen. This is also the menu to add Assignments, create Categories, generate Mid-Quarter and Final Grades, Comments and CV Work Habits, as well as other student management tools.

12 What can I find in the My Class pull-down menu? Sapphire Gradebook My Class

13 How do I create Categories for my assignments? My Classes Menu  Create new Category Many teachers use only two categories: Formative Summative Sapphire Gradebook My Class

14 Categories can be created for all forms of assignments. From point values (based on your grading guidelines) to the color represented on the Gradebook, categories are completely customizable. Sapphire Gradebook My Class-- Categories

15 How do I create a New Assignment? My Classes Menu  Create new Assignment Sapphire Gradebook My Class—New Assignment

16 Sapphire Gradebook My Class--New Assignments Provide new assignments with a name and code as well as a category and point value. The description and due dates help provide information on the Parent Portal and progress reports. The assignment may be added to multiple sections.

17 How do I create Seating Charts? My Class Menu  Seating Charts  set your preference How do I print Seating Charts? Report Menu  Printable Seating Charts  set your preference Color seating charts are an excellent tool for use with substitute teachers. Sapphire Gradebook My Class—Seating Charts

18 How do I record Textbooks assigned? My Class Menu  Textbooks  record your data Sapphire Gradebook My Class--Textbooks

19 Sapphire Gradebook Options The Options menu allows you to customize your Gradebook. From various filters to custom order these option create your Gradebook the way you want it. The Preferences menu option is the most versatile in customization. SET COMMUNITY PORTAL options!

20 How do I sort my class? Options Menu  Student Order  select your preference Sapphire Gradebook Options

21 What can I find in the Options pull-down menu? Sapphire Gradebook Options

22 How do I have the most updated roster list? Options Menu  Acknowledge Adds/Hide Drops Sapphire Gradebook Options

23 How do I set up my classes? Options Menu  preferences  (Select Gradebook or Community Web Portal) Sapphire Gradebook Options

24 In the Preference menu the display options from percentages vs. max points and the color code for failing percentages to the way students names and information is displayed in the main page can be found. Other options like Final Exam and procedures for Incomplete or Blank grades can also be set in this menu. Sapphire Gradebook Options -- Preferences

25 Sapphire Gradebook Reports The Reports menu provides all the printing needs for the Gradebook. Student Grades Reports and Print Friendly version of the Gradebook may be printed. Missing Grades and Seating Charts for substitutes (shown earlier) are valuable.

26 What can I find in the Reports pull-down menu? Sapphire Gradebook Reports

27 How do I view and print grades? h View grades, print progress reports, enter final grades etc. Reports Menu  Student Grades Report  set your preferences

28 Sapphire Gradebook Reports In the Blank Grid Options generates blank student list for various purposes. Using the Advanced tab provided the teacher with options to create a dated listing for attendance and other grading options.

29 How can I get a blank grid of my class? Blank Grid Option found under Report Menu. This is helpful when a roster list is needed for field trips, checklists, attendance lists etc.

30 Sapphire Gradebook Reports--Student Grades Reports Under Student Grades Report, you have the option to print a specific student’s report or the class. Many options are available for the report including a student filter.

31 Sapphire Gradebook Reports --Student Contact Information Click on the student name and you will see a Quick Lookup that contains much information about the student. Icons beside the student name indicate information you need to know.

32 Sapphire Gradebook Utilities The Utilities menu provides the teacher with the tools to manage their account (i.e. Change Password, Import Categories etc.)

33 Sapphire Gradebook (Report Cards - Secondary) Final grades for marking periods, finals exams, and course grades are automatically calculated and placed into the final grade page.

34 Sapphire Gradebook (Report Cards - Secondary) A wide variety of descriptive comments are available for each student.

35 How do I finalize grades, comments, and work habit grade at the end of the marking period and/or course? My Class Menu  Final Grades  enter your scores My Class Menu  End of Marking Period Comments  enter your codes My Class Menu  CV Work Habits  enter your codes

36 What are some additional helpful tools? Always use the HELP menu to access the Sapphire Resource Center for videos and other tutorial assistance.

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