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2015 Mission: We will achieve success through strong team work, manufacturing quality product using best technology and manpower & benefit end-user with.

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2 2015 Mission: We will achieve success through strong team work, manufacturing quality product using best technology and manpower & benefit end-user with economical pricing, prompt service backup with committed time of delivery. People Targets To hire, engage and retain talented employees. Process Targets To Streamline customer friendly Process which is transperant at each stage. Strategy Targets To Manufacture best quality steel with extremely competitive prices. Business Targets To reach 1000 crores turnover. Enviromental Targets To comply with eco friendly and enviormental regulations.

3 2015 Vision: We will be the preferred point for steel requirements from projects, retail consumers & even trade partners and will grow our business by offering stringent quality product. Trade Partners Projects Retail Consumers MS Agarwal Foundries Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company TMT Steel Bars Manufactured as Per BIS 1786 standards

4 Company Profile & History Ms Agarwal Foundries Pvt Ltd is one of the leading quality conscious steel manufacturing company in India, renowned for its service excellence. Established in 1995 & Manufacturing MS Billets, MS Thermex Steel bars & MS Life Steel bars. Manufacturing Fe 415, Fe 500 & Fe 550 Grades using a special treatment called Thermo Mechanical Treatment with German Thermex ® Technology ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified company Our products are BIS registered. Steel Bars – BIS 1786 & Billets – BIS 2830 Standards. Received an appreciation award Star Export House, from Government of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Steel rebars are in-house manufactured in our integrated steel plant, gives us that extra edge required to serve all our clients with the best quality product at extremely competitive prices.

5 Manufacturing Process – From Mines to Mills

6 Products Manufactured Sponge Iron Billets TMT Steel bars Structural Steel MS Billets Tmt Steel Bars Angles

7 Infrastructure Mini Integrated Steel Plant in Medak Dist Sponge Iron Manufacturing unit / DRI unit.

8 Infrastructure Mini Integrated Steel Plant in Medak Dist Induction Furnace Concast Reheating Furnace Rolling Mill with Thermex Germany Technology

9 Infrastructure Casting of MS Billets Rolling Billets to TMT steel bars We use in-house Sponge Iron in the Induction furnace and cast the billet by Concast technology. Many mills use only Ingot instead of Billets to produce the bars. The quality of bars largely depends on quality of input to the mill (i.e. Ingot or Billets). Bars made from Billets have superior strength and elongation.

10 Infrastructure Thermal stability: Our steel bars have high thermal stability compared to Tor steel / CTD rebars. They are the preferred choice as there is no loss of strength even at elevated temperature (400-600 Degree C) Seismic Resistant: Our bars have the ability to absorb shocks and have good resistance to earthquakes. Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRS): Our bars are highly corrosion resistant and is best suitable for even Humid and costal area as we use thermo mechanical treatment using German Technology.

11 Infrastructure We have the best Infrastructure to carry out quality production adhering to the safety standards. Comply with applicable safety, health & environment laws & regulations. Work towards preventing all workplace related ill-health and injury. Enhance Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) awareness among stake-holders through effective communication and training. Continually improve all our processes in OH&S (Occupational health & safety) management & performance.

12 Thermex Technology Thermo Mechanical treatment process involves rapid quenching of hot bars through a series of water jets after the bars comes out of the last rolling mill stand. The short time in the water jacket provides intensive cooling of the surface layer, transforming it into a hardened structure. The bars are then cooled in the atmosphere, so that the temperature between the core which is still hot and the cooled surface layer is equalized. The Heat extracted form the core tempers the peripheral hardened structure while the rebar core cools down slowly to turn into a ferrite pearlite aggregate. The strength of the bar is carefully controlled by optimizing the water pressure for their specific alloy chemistry and bar diameter. The composite structure of the ductile ferrite pearlite core and the tough surface rim of tempered matensite provide an optimum combination of high strength, ductility and toughness.

13 Testing Laboratory Chemical Test Lab Universal Testing Machine The Quality of products at MS Agarwal Foundries Pvt. Ltd. is ascertained in the full-fledged laboratory in our Integrated plant. It is well equipped with Universal Testing Machine, Hardness Tester, Impact Tester & chemical & physical testing equipments. Our Steel rebars have consistent Mechanical and Chemical properties as we are using Virgin steel from Mines, Killed steel before casting and rolled with superior technology. Strong quality control ensures that each batch run product comes with the same trust & quality.

14 Ring Formation Challenge If we observe the cross section of TMT bar, we can clearly witness 3 different sized rings. Inner ring is Ferrite pearlite core, Peripheral Ring is Annular zone of mixed Bainite, Outer ring is Tempered Martensite. Formation of ring ensures excellent Mechanical & chemical properties. The rib pattern is specially designed to ensure excellent bond between the bar and the adjoining concrete.

15 Mechanical & Chemical Properties of our Steel Bars Sectional Weight in Kgs/Mtr As per IS 1786 Standards tolerance LimitMS Thermex / MS Life Diamet erMinimum Standar dMax Minimu mMax 8 mm0.3670.3950.4220.3790.411 10 mm0.5740.6170.660.5980.636 12 mm0.8450.8880.9320.8700.906 16 mm1.5011.581.6591.5481.612 20 mm2.3962.472.5442.4452.495 25 mm3.743.8563.9713.8113.889 28 mm4.6924.8874.9824.7824.878 32 mm6.1286.3186.5076.2076.884 ChemicalIS:1786 - 2008 Max % allowedMS Thermex / MS Life ElementsFe 415Fe 500Fe 550Fe 415Fe 500Fe 550 Carbon0.320 0.3000.250.20 Sulphur0.0650.060 0.05 0.050 Phosphorus0.0650.0600.0550.05 0.050 S + P0.1200.115 0.10 0.100 PhysicalMin % required as per IS:1786 - 2008MS Thermex / MS Life PropertiesFe 415Fe 500Fe 550Fe 415Fe 500Fe 550 Yield Stress N/mm2 Min415500550435525561 Tensile Strength N/mm2 Min.485545585500590625 Elongation % Min.14.512818 12 Bend up to Min.3d4d5d3d4d5d

16 Quality Policy & Assurance Our company is recognized for stringent quality control in each and every step of the manufacturing process. Both the management and the work force of our company are conscious of the need for the highest quality & attention to detail customer care especially critical in todays competitive environment. Quality Control is not merely in machines and procedures, it is a mindset that we carry to work everyday. It is like a challenge that the Group accomplishes triumphantly with diligence and discipline.

17 MS TMT Bars for High Rise Buildings

18 MS TMT Bars for Large Scale Dams

19 MS TMT Bars for Power Plants

20 MS TMT Bars for Roads and Bridges

21 MS TMT Bars in the growth of India

22 Awards and Appreciation. Our Bars have Higher Yield strength & Ultimate Tensile Strength coupled with higher percentage Elongation. MS Agarwal Foundries Pvt Ltd was awarded Best TMT steel for the Year 2006 by Government of India.

23 Our Steel Bars for High rise Buildings. We support you to maximize the life time of your buildings as our steel has low carbon content & made from fully killed steel. Selection of Right steel is quite vital as once it is installed cannot be replaced as is the case with tiles or bathroom fittings.

24 Let us together make a strong and developed India.

25 +91 40 30498000 (30 Lines) Email:


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