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Your partner for mechanical components!

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1 Your partner for mechanical components!

2 Bussiness concept Baltec CNC Technologies (BCT) supplies mechanical components for European manufacturing equipment and machine building companies. Our Mission To produce precise mechanical components, while developing and implementing new and effective manufacturing technologies with great respect towards our customers and employees. Our Vision Fastest growing metal processing company in Europe while constantly deploying new technologies and adjusting to costumer needs.

3 Facts and History BCT has launched its operation in 1992 with 11 employee. During the years our machinery park was renovated with 20 new CNC machines, powerful metal cutting machines and other equipment Today BCT has grown into a modern, hi-tech company: - Employing a total of 115 highly skilled staff - Company plant area - ~2700 m2 - Labor in production is organized in 2-3 shifts - Annual turnover in 2011 was 3,3 mill. EUR

4 Our Service Main manufacturing focus on: CNC Milling CNC Turning
Aditional manufacturing capabilities Universal machining centers Welding Gas cutting Sheet metal processing (laser cutting, bending) Powder coating Wide range of machinery allows us to be universal: Sets of components of different complexity and dimensions; Assembled units. BCT Specialization: Production is organized and optimized to be efficient in manufacturing of precise mechanical components in single items and small batches.

5 Main markets We supply to the companies engaged in:
Automotive industry Machine building industry (Pulp and paper Processing, Printing, Packing, Food processing, measuring equipment) Medical and rehabilitation industries Energy industry

6 Over 90% of our production is exported to EU countries
Main markets Over 90% of our production is exported to EU countries

7 Continuous improvement
To assure growth and development, everyone at BCT pays a great attention to process optimization of the company. Today main subject of improvement are the following areas: Motivation of employees Production planning and organization Technological processes Quality Sales activities Among different methods, our development includes LEAN manufacturing implementation. For better efficiency and shorter lead times, our workshop is being reorganized into different cell manufacturing units, producing certain type of components in each.

8 Continuous improvement
During year 2011 of continuous work towards company improvement we have accomplished 25% growth of gross value added and 20% increase of manufacturing efficiency.

9 Turnover Activities mentioned above allow us to grow constantly through the years

10 20 years of Experience BCT practice dates back to year 1992.
20 years of experience working with German automotive industry. 10 years of experience working with Swedish machine building industry. During two decades of practice we have accomplished: High level of know-how in metal processing Constant improvement of the company Strong team of qualified, experienced and dedicated employees Our own qualification improvement system

11 Process planning, monitoring & control
To plan and control large flow of items through all steps of production we are using Swedish ERP system Monitor. All processes from material purchases to deliveries are planned and monitored in the system. This gives us a real time status of each order and greatly contributes to on time deliveries for our customers. To keep the consistency of new innovations, processes are well defined and documented for standardization as soon as they prove worthy. BCT is ISO 9001 certified since year 2000. ISO 9001 Certified

12 Manufacturing capabilities
BCT machinery includes more than 20 CNC machining centers of different sizes. We use German DMG and Taiwanese YCM branded machines. To keep the equipment up to date, our machinery is constantly being supplemented with new machines. At our workshop we are able to mill the components up to sizes of 3000x1600x760 mm and turning components up to diameter 400.

13 Manufacturing capabilities
For the full complex of service, BCT has equipped: more than 15 manual control machining centers, 3 welding work stations, CNC bending, Plasma and laser cutting machines Powder coating line. A team of 5 qualified specialists is ready for assembling jobs here at BCT.

14 Geographical advantage
Lithuania is located on the very crossroads of 3 huge markets of Western Europe, Scandinavian countries and the Eastern markets of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).  The perfect location allows us to ship the parts to Scandinavian and Western European countries promptly and efficiently.

15 BCT – your partner for mechanical components
Thank you for your attention!

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