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WHEMCO Inc. The Largest Rollmaker in USA HISTORY.

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1 WHEMCO Inc. The Largest Rollmaker in USA HISTORY

2 PARK CORPORATION Whemco Inc. Owners: PARK CORPORATION Private US company: –Financially rated: Strong –Dunn & Brad Street rating: 5A1 ( D&B reference number 06-346-1115) $ 300 m turnover with 2500 employees PARK CORP

3 Whemco Inc. Manufacturing Park Corporation Whemco Inc. LeHigh Heavy Forge Corporation Erie Forge & Steel Inc. Whemco Steel Castings Inc. Whemco Ohio Foundry Inc. Duraloy Technologies Inc.

4 Lehigh Heavy Forge Corporation 100 years experience 250 t forgings Re built computerised oil hydraulic 10000 t press 4000t press Rolls up to 2000 mm dia 145t maximum weight Supplier of all US Navy Forgings Bethlehem PA (1 hour Newark NJ) FORGED ROLLS

5 Erie Forge and Steel Inc. Specialises in ship shafting Works in close co operation with LeHigh Heavy Forge inc Heat treatment of long shafts Machining of shafts up to 22 m Erie PA

6 Whemco Steel Casting Inc. 100 t arc furnace Rolls cast directly on to metal mould Back Up rolls are double poured: A unique World Class product Selas Differentially Hardening Steel Industry castings including slag pots and stainless steel coiler drums. Midland Foundry Pittsburgh

7 Whemco Steel Casting Inc. Cast Back Up Rolls: Solidification Fast solidification against metal mould gives finer structures Excellent central soundness achieved by diluting core with a low alloy steel Combines best of static and duplex technology with DH hardening Up to 6 cast BU and 4 Section produced per week CAST BU ROLLS

8 Whemco Steel Casting Inc. Cast Back Up Rolls: Dilution Process Bridging and segregation would occur if solidification was not interrupted. A hot lower alloy steel dilution of the core is used to remove segregates The improved temperature distribution allows Progressive solidification to continue The final roll has an internal Soundness equivalent to Forged roll

9 Whemco Steel Casting Inc. Cast Back Up Rolls: Hardening Process ALL BU rolls differentially hardened using a Selas furnace Largest hardening unit in US and Europe Unique double hardening treatment for 5% Cr BU rolls Tough centre allows severe water quench to give up to 125 mm radial hardened depth

10 Whemco Steel Casting Inc. Cast Back Up Rolls: Size capability Recommended GradeMax DiaCastHeatHardness range Shore C TypeCrmmMethodTreatmentMinMax Cast31650DilutedDH5870 Cast51650DilutedDH6075

11 Whemco Ohio Foundry Inc. Spin casting technology Rolls size up to 1100 mm Rolls for hot strip mills CNC finishing lathes Static Cast Iron BU and Plate mill rolls Ohio foundry at Lima Ohio

12 Whemco Ohio Foundry Inc. Investment programme –Melting furnaces – Computer modelling used to ensure product consistency Thermal analysis of each melt carried out to ensure consistency. Produce full range of alloy white irons: IC; HiCr; and enhanced carbide rolls

13 Whemco Ohio Foundry Inc. High Chromium Irons: Shell TCSiSPMnNiCrMo Shell HCI Hot mill2.400.500.020.040.650.4016.501.00 2.700.75max 0.85 17.501.55

14 Whemco Ohio Foundry Inc. High Chromium Irons: Cores TCSiSPMnNiCrMoMg Core Flake2.801.<2.00<0.20 3.001.60max 0.60 SG2.801.20low0.060.20<2.00<0.20<0.08 3.002.00max0.40

15 Whemco Ohio Foundry Inc. IDCP : Shells NHI Grades TCSiSPMnNiCrMo Shell NHI-4503.100.850.050.060.404.501.500.30 3.501.10max 0.505.001.900.50 NHI- Tec3.100.850.050.060.804.501.500.30 3.501.10max

16 Whemco Ohio Foundry Inc. IDCP : Shells NHI Hardness Typical Hardness Range Equitip Ld Shell NHI-450770790 NHI-450M770800

17 Whemco Ohio Foundry Inc. Developments New 5T and 2T furnaces will allow production of enhanced carbide and HSS rolls. Enhanced carbide rolls with weights above 12500 kgm are already been produced. Triple pour HSS rolls will be produced in 2006

18 Duraloy Technologies Inc. Horizontal spin casting of heat resisting steels Petrochemical reactor tubing Tunnel furnace rollers Plate hardening furnace rollers Scottdale PA ( 1hr South Pittsburgh)

19 Duraloy Technologies Inc. Tunnel Furnace Rollers (CSP mills) Wet Rollers Used in heating zones 28 Cr 48 Ni plus W Refractory coated only tyre in contact Operate up to 1260 ºC

20 Duraloy Technologies Inc. Tunnel Furnace Rollers (CSP mills) Dry Rollers (Ni Cr Co W alloys) Replace wet rollers in shuttle zone. 10% less purchases for warping and refractory replacement Dry rollers in use >2years Less energy used. Typically 85 k euro/yr Reduced water treatment costs

21 High temperature cast alloy 20% Cr 30% Ni Resists deformation / crack propagation / scale pickup Thermo-mechanical stress analysis Extends campaign life / reduces repair cost Advanced foundry technology Produces largest size drum casting in the world Steckel Mill Coiler Drums BU Structure

22 UK Registered Company Employees not agents (Currently 2) Whemcos face in Europe All enquiries / questions handled from UK All service handled from UK – Next day response Commercial and Technical Decisions taken on the spot no need for reference to US

23 Whemco Inc. Summary Roll capabilities: Barrel Min Dia.Max Dia.Max LengthMax Total Max Finished mm length mmWeight Kgm. Cast BU Rolls80016503900635065,000 Forged BU Rolls800200040007000145,000 Spun Cast Work Rolls50011003350535015,000 Forged Work Rolls4008002250400012,000

24 Whemco Inc. Summary Key Strengths: Financially strong corporate structure 3rd largest Rollmaker in the western world Manufacturer of unique range of World Class cast BU rolls Largest Forgemasters in the western world Target is a long term development of export sales and Service

25 WHEMCO Inc. The Largest Rollmaker in USA We are here to answer any Questions

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