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Who what whenwhere why How -Wh question words Teacher Silvino Sieben 3ª Série - EM.

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1 who what whenwhere why How -Wh question words Teacher Silvino Sieben 3ª Série - EM

2 Bill studies at a private school. Who studies at a private school? Eda is reading an interesting book Who is reading an interesting book? Who asks about _____________ who person

3 She writes books. What does she write? I like reading books. What do you like? What asks about _____________ What a thing

4 She is reading a book. What is she doing? Mary went to the cinema yesterday. What did she do yesterday? What asks about _____________ What (2) an action (with do)

5 I get up at 7 o’clock. When do you get up? I see my doctor on Mondays. When do you see your doctor. When asks about _____________ When time

6 I live in Ankara. Where do you live? I go to Marmaris every summer? Where do you go every summer? Where asks about _____________ Where a place

7 I like cookies because they’re sweet. Why do you like cookies? I like English because I love my teacher. Why do you like English? Why asks about _____________ Why a reason

8 How I’m 58 years old. How old are you? How old asks about __________________ age

9 How There are twenty students in our classroom. How many students are there in your classroom? How many asks about __________________ quantity (countable)

10 How I’m going to make cake. How much sugar is there? There is enough. Hi! How much is this t-shirt? It is 20 $. How much asks about __________________ amount price

11 How I go to school by bus? How do you go to school? How asks about __________________ in what way

12 How How do you feel today? I’m tired How asks about __________________ manner

13 How How often do you go to the cinema? I go to the cinema twice a week. How often asks about __________________ frequency

14 How How long does your lesson last? It lasts 40 minutes. How long asks about __________________ duration

15 How How far is Konya? It’s 200 km to Ankara. How far asks about __________________ distance

16 Practice Doug: Hi, Tim. _________ are you? Tim: Not bad. _________ was your Christmas? Doug: Fantastic. Tim: Oh! _________did you do? Doug: I went home for Christmas. Tim: __________is home? Doug: Australia.

17 Practice Tim: ______________ did you go for? Doug: I spent three wonderful weeks there. Tim: ________________did you leave? Doug: I left on December 15th. Tim: _____________did you do in Australia? Doug: I saw my family and friends and visited all my favorite places. Tim: ______________ is it to Australia? Doug: It's eight and a half hours by plane.

18 Practice Tim: Which airline did you take? Doug: I took Singapore Airlines. Tim: _____didn't you take Australia - Asia Airline? Doug: Because they were booked out. Tim: ___________did you get back? Doug: I got back yesterday. Tim: _____________met you at the airport? Doug: My brother met me. Tim: _________did you do on Christmas Day? Doug: We had a big party at my parents house.

19 Practice Tim: ___________attended the party? Doug: My whole family came. Everybody was there except for my sister. She couldn't come. Tim: _______ didn’t she come? _________was she? Doug: She was in another city.

20 Good Job !

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