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Yesterday Some days ago A year ago Last week In 1997 ?/- +Ved/VII. did.

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2 Yesterday Some days ago A year ago Last week In 1997 ?/- +Ved/VII. did

3 Put the verbs into The Past Indefinite Tense:  clean  laugh  visit  look  go  swim  teach  begin  cleaned  laughed  visited  looked  went  swam  taught  began

4 Make up sentences:  ate, a, he, tasty, yesterday, cake  her, built, grandfather, house, this, years, thirty, ago  We, furniture, some, new, bought, week, last  Cleaned, room, my, I, evening, last  Was, there, old, an, sofa, my, in, grandmother’s, room, last, year

5 The keys:  He ate a tasty cake yesterday.  Her grandfather built this house thirty years ago.  We bought some new furniture last week.  I cleaned my room last evening.  There was an old sofa in my grandmother’s room last year.

6 Open the brackets:  1)I…a nice picture yesterday.  a) seedb) did see c) saw  2)Bob …to school last week.  a) not goed b) went not c) didn't go  3)Tom…a present yesterday.  a) got b) getted c) he got  4)Did you …this book last year?  a) readed b) readc) wrote  5)I didn't …your song.  a) heared b) heard c) hear  6)Mary …this song at the party.  a) singb) sangc) singed  7)Granny …a letter to us last week.  a) wrote b) wroted c) writed  8)I …my juice yesterday.  a) drank not b) drink c) didn't drink  9)Did you …well last night?  a) sleeped b) sleep c) slept  10) Why … this bag?  a) you buy b) did you buy c) buy you  11)When …this film?  a) you saw b) saw you c) did you see  12)They … the letter.  a) didn't send b) sent not c) not send  13)Jane … a nice picture.  a) drawed b) drew c) drewed  14)They … their friends.  a) met b) meted c) meeted  15)Did you do homework? - No, I ….  a) was b) didc) didn't  16)Ann … dinner yesterday.  a) cooked b) she cooked c) cooks  17)We … five lessons yesterday.  a) did have b) haved c) had  18)He … skate last winter.  a) canned b) could c) can 19) I … breakfast.  a) not had b) had not c) didn't have 20) Tom … in the sea last summer.  a) swam b) swimmed c) did swam

7 The keys: 1)I saw a nice picture yesterday. 2)Bob didn't go to school last week. 3)Tom got a present yesterday. 4)Did you read this book last year? 5)I didn't hear your song. 6)Mary sang this song at the party. 7)Granny wrote a letter to us last week. 8)I didn't drink my juice yesterday. 9)Did you sleep well last night? 10) Why did you buy this bag? 11)When did you see this film? 12)They didn’t send the letter. 13)Jane drew a nice picture. 14)They met their friends. 15)Did you do homework? - No, I didn’t. 16)Ann cooked dinner yesterday. 17)We had five lessons yesterday. 18) He could skate last winter. 19) I didn’t have breakfast. 20) Tom swam in the sea last summer.

8 Test. The Past Indefinite Tense 1) My brother … yesterday. a) he criedb) criedc) cryed 2) Bob … his father. a) helpedb) helpedsc) helpsed 3) Did you walk in the park … ? a) yesterday b) week c) tomorrow 4) We … porridge yesterday. a) ated b) ate c) eated 5) Mother … some bread. a) bought b) buyed c) buied 6) Did your brother … you the toy? a) gave b) gived c) give 7) Where did … you last summer? a) went b) go c) goed 8) We went to the sea …. a) last yearb) next year c) today 9) I … the film yesterday. a) not liked b) not likec) didn't like 10) Did you take the bag? — Yes, I …. a) didb) didn'tc) was


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