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PRESENT PERFECT I have already read his letter.

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1 PRESENT PERFECT I have already read his letter.
I’ve never been to Italy. I’ve lost my keys. (I can’t find them now) Indefinite time in the past - we don’t say WHEN something happened To talk about people’s lives until now When something that happened in the past has a result now

POSITIVE (have/has + past participle) I/you/we/they have/’ve worked He/she/it has/’s worked NEGATIVE I/you/we/they have not/haven’t worked He/she/it has not/hasn’t worked QUESTION Have I/you/we/they worked Has he/she/it worked

Which of these adverbs do we use with present perfect / past simple: never ago just lately last week ever yet in 2003 already today for so far yesterday since this week

4 Use the words in brackets to complete the sentences:
Would you like something to eat? – No thanks. (I / just / have / lunch). Do you know where Julia is? – Yes, (I / just / see / her). What time is David leaving? – (He /already / leave). What’s in the newspaper today? – I don’t know. (I / not / read / it yet). Is Sue coming to the cinema with us? – No, (she / already/ see /the film) Are your friends here yet? – Yes, (they / just / arrive). What does Tom think about your plan? – (We / not / tell / him yet)

5 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, PRESENT PERFECT or PAST SIMPLE
I (lose) my key. I can’t find it anywhere. (you / eat) a lot of sweets when you were a child? I (buy) a new car. You must come and see it. Where (you / be) yesterday evening? Lucy (leave) school in 1999. I’m looking for Mike. (you / see) him? I’m very hungry. I (not / eat) much today. When (this book / be) published? When I (get) home last night, I (be) very tired and I (go) straight to bed. (you / finish) painting the bedroom? – Not yet, I’ll finish it tomorrow. I don’t know Carol’s husband. I (never / meet) him.

It has been raining for two hours. How long have you been working there? Debbie is a very good tennis player. She’s been playing since she was eight. Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere. for an activity that started in the past and continues into the present (with how long, for and since) for actions repeated over a period of time for an activity that has recently stopped or just stopped

It’s been raining for hours. They haven’t been playing long. Has he been studying all day? POSITIVE I/you/we/they have /’ve been doing he/she/it has /’s been doing NEGATIVE I/you/we/they haven’t been doing he/she/it hasn’t been doing QUESTION Have I/you/we/they been doing Has he/she/it been doing

We are waiting for the bus. We started waiting 20 minutes ago. We __________________ for 20 minutes. I’m learning Spanish. I started classes in December I ________________________ since December. Mary is working in London. She started working there on 18th January. Mary _______________________ since 18th January. A friend of yours is now working in a shop. You want to know how long. You ask: How long ______________ there? You have just arrived to meet a friend who is waiting for you. You ask __________________ long?

9 WHICH IS CORRECT? Everything is going well. We didn’t have/haven’t had any problems so far. Lisa didn’t go/hasn’t gone to work yesterday. Look! That man over there wears/is wearing the same sweater as you. Your son is much taller than when I last saw him. He grew/has grown a lot. I still don’t know what to do. I didn’t decide/haven’t decided yet. Jane had a book open in front of her, but she didn’t read/wasn’t reading it. I wasn’t very busy. I didn’t have/wasn’t having much to do. After leaving school, Tim got/has got his first job in a factory. When Sue heard the news, she wasn’t/hasn’t been very pleased. I need a new job. I’m doing/I’ve been doing the same job for too long. Anna has gone out. – What time did she go/has she gone? You look tired. – Yes, I’ve played/I’ve been playing basketball. Where are you coming/do you come from? Are you American? Robert and Maria have been married since 20 years/for 20 years.

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