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Los adjetivos en español Sheila McCoy Floyd College.

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2 Los adjetivos en español Sheila McCoy Floyd College

3 Adjectives are like mirrors: they reflect the gender and number of the noun they modify. Adjective = Noun in form

4 Nouns have gender and number in Spanish and so the adjective must reflect the same gender and number as its noun. El chico simpático or La chica simpática

5 or Los chicos simpáticos or Las chicassimpáticas

6 Regular adjectives--those that end in o--change to the feminine by dropping the -o and adding -a; they then change to the plural by adding -s to either form: alto Masculine: Feminine: Singular: alta Plural: altoalta ss

7 Most irregular adjectives--those that end in a letter other than o--only change the ending to indicate plurals. If the adjective ends in a consonant, the plural form adds -es. Masculine:Feminine: Singular Plural fácil es

8 Some exceptions to the previous rules are adjectives of nationality and adjectives that end in -or or -z. Adjectives of nationality that end in consonants add -a to form the feminine singular, which then forms its plural by adding -s. El chico japonés La chica japonesa El libro alemán La revista alemana El restaurante español La cafetería española

9 Adjectives that end in -or add -a to form the feminine: El estudiante trabajador La estudiante trabajadora Adjectives that end in -z change the -z to -c and then add -es to form the plural: El estudiante feliz Los estudiantes felices La estudiante feliz Las estudiantes felices

10 If more than one adjective modifies and follows a noun, you may connect them with the conjunction -y: Una muchacha simpática y interesante or Un muchacho bajo y ágil

11 Remember that in Spanish, whether it follows or precedes the noun, the adjective must match the noun in gender and number: (Adj) xyxy = N xyxy = xyxy Adj=adjectiveN= noun X=masculine or feminine Y= singular or plural

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