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Page 110 Realidades 1 Nouns.

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1 Page 110 Realidades 1 Nouns

2 NOUNS Nouns refer to people, animals, places, and things.

3 NOUNS In Spanish, nouns have gender. They are either masculine or feminine.

4 Masculine / Feminine Most nouns that end in -o are masculine.

5 Masculine / Feminine Most nouns that end in -a are feminine.

6 Masculine / Feminine The definate articles el and la also point out if a word is masculine or feminine. The both mean “THE” in English.

7 Masculine / Feminine For example: el libro la carpeta An exception:
el día La mano

8 Other Spanish Nouns Other Spanish nouns end in -e or a consonant.
These must be learned or memorized. It is important to learn these kinds of nouns with their article (el/la).

9 Other Spanish Nouns For example: el cine (movie theatre)
el marcador (marker) la clase (class) la televisión ( Television)

10 Other Spanish Nouns Some can be both masculine and feminine:
el/la estudiante

11 Keep these notes SAFE We will be adding to these notes next chapter!!!!!! Questions????

12 Making Nouns Plural To make nouns plural you usually add -s to words ending in a vowel and -es to words ending in a consonant. silla sillas teclado teclados cartel carteles

13 Making Nouns Plural Singular nouns that end in z change the z to c in the plural. El lápiz los lápices

14 Definite Articles El , La , Los and Las are called definite articles.
In English they mean “the”

15 Definite Articles We use El and Los with masculine nouns and La and Las with feminine nouns.

16 Indefinite Articles Un, Una, Unos, and Unas are indefinite articles.

17 Indefinite Articles Un and Una mean “a or an” in English.

18 Indefinite Articles Unos and Unas mean “some” in English.

19 Indefinite Articles Un and Unos are masculine and Una and Unas are feminine.

20 It’s a good idea to learn a noun with its definite article, el or la, because that will usually tell you the gender.

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