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1 CHAPTER TWO ENGAGE: Developing Your Personal and Academic Motivation GUST 1270 College and Career Planning.

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1 1 CHAPTER TWO ENGAGE: Developing Your Personal and Academic Motivation GUST 1270 College and Career Planning

2 2 UNIT 2 OBJECTIVES This unit will help you:  See the relationship between self-discovery and motivation  See the relationship between motivation and success  Examine you values and beliefs  Move beyond your comfort zone  Overcome adversities and setbacks  Evaluate your self-image and self-esteem  Learn how your attitude affects motivation and self-esteem

3 3 TYPES OF MOTIVATION External: Outside forces or people causing you to do something Internal: The energy inside you pushing you to go after what you want

4 4 Motivation can change your life!

5 5 TEN-POINT PLAN 1.Surround yourself with positive people 2.Overcome your doubts and fears 3.Move out of your comfort zone 4.Put adversity and failure into perspective 5.Develop a winning attitude 6.Clarify what you value in life 7.Take pride in your name and character 8.Clear up the past through forgiveness 9.Develop a personal guiding statement 10.Strengthen your self-esteem

6 6 POSITIVE vs. CONTAMINATED PEOPLE Bring out the best in you Find the good in bad situations Are gracious and understanding Build people up Support your dreams Make you feel comfortable and happy Tell the truth and offer constructive criticism Are patient, giving, and learn from others Bring out the worst in you Find the bad in every situation Are rude and uncaring Criticize your hopes and plans Make you feel uneasy, nervous, and irritable Sabotage people, even loved ones Are two faced and always use harsh language Are quick to anger

7 7 MOVE PAST YOUR COMFORT ZONE Stepping outside your comfort zone will assist you in developing your talents Take one calculated risk per week Ask someone to join in Start with short-term goals Put courage before comfort Tell yourself “I can do this!” Focus on the present Make creative decisions Focus on your academic, work, career goals Imagine life if you don’t leave comfort zone

8 8 OVERCOME YOUR FEARS Focus on things you want to accomplish Put your fears behind you Go for it!

9 9 DEALING WITH FAILURE AND ADVERSITY Everyone experiences these— you are not alone Make a commitment to not walk away from difficult situations Identify past reasons Determine if people in your life contribute in a negative way Be honest with yourself about your role Set a goal to eliminate problem behaviors Develop a mindset of new hope Can be motivating Can make you a winner Also helps you develop your potential Is part of success in college and in life

10 10 ELIMINATE “I CAN’T” Work to find the good Discover what is holding you back Visualize your success Find the positive people in your life Take responsibility for your actions Find five things you are thankful for each day

11 11 YOUR VALUES Your values influence your actions and bring direction to your life and help you stay motivated… You should have a support system comprised of important people in your life like friends, family, counselors, professors and mentors.

12 12 YOUR NAME AND CHARACTER “Every time you make a choice, every time you complete a project, every time you encounter another person, you define your character and your name. Both are exclusively yours.”

13 13 THE BENEFITS OF FORGIVENESS The paramount sense of relief The ability to face the day free of frustration, guilt, and anger A renewed sense of joy Greater inner peace A release of pent-up stress and tension Healthier self-esteem Improved motivation

14 14 YOUR GUIDING STATEMENT It must be yours It is based on your values It must be strong Example: I will live my life as a positive, upbeat, motivated person who respects others and enjoys giving to others on a daily basis.

15 15 WHAT IS SELF-ESTEEM? Photograph of yourself that you keep in your mind Collective product of your experiences Personal judgment of worthiness

16 16 CONDITIONS OF SELF-ESTEEM A sense of security A sense of identity A sense of belonging A sense of purpose A sense of competence

17 17 TEN WAYS TO ENHANCE SELF- ESTEEM 1.Take control of your own life 2.Take responsibility for yourself 3.Don’t allow others to tear your down 4.Control self-talk 5.Take calculated risks 6.Stop comparing yourself to others 7.Develop a victory wall or file 8.Keep your promises 9.Win with grace, lose with class 10.Be a giver

18 18 CHAPTER REFLECTION Convert external motivators into internal motivators Think positive and be with positive people Step outside your comfort zone Use your values to form a guiding statement Forgive those in your past Strengthen your self-esteem Turn negative thoughts into positive energy Don’t give in to defeat View adversity as a step to strength Picture yourself as optimistic and motivated

19 19 JUST FOR FUN !! Character Illustration by Christian O’Brien

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