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Chapter 12 Become the Person You Want to Be and Make a Positive Contribution Copyright 2011. Raymond Gerson.

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1 Chapter 12 Become the Person You Want to Be and Make a Positive Contribution Copyright 2011. Raymond Gerson

2 Chapter Objectives Gain ideas for developing a healthy self-image Learn how to develop strong character traits Become the person you want to be Learn how to live a life that matters for you and others

3 Introduction Success is usually due to 80% mindset and 20% know-how and strategies Success strategies are useless if you do not use them

4 Introduction (Cont’d) Without a positive self-image and mindset you are likely to sabotage your success You can intentionally develop and improve your character Good character is important for a successful and fulfilling life You can discover a mission that is right for you and which brings you joy

5 Importance of Self-Image Your self-image is how you see yourself It can consist of both positive and negative images and beliefs Self-imposed beliefs can be part of your self- image Example of a self-imposed belief: A student sees himself as a procrastinator. The student can change this belief and start seeing himself as someone who gets work done on time

6 Celebrity and Self-Image Talent alone does not bring happiness Great success can be difficult to handle without a good self-image Albert Schweitzer said, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.” Activities 12.1 and 12.2 are related to these points

7 More About Self-Image The critic within is a major obstacle to a happy and successful life The inner critic is the negative voice of self- doubt in our heads heard as self-talk When you strengthen your self-image your inner critic gets weaker Greater feelings of self-worth changes limiting beliefs into positive beliefs

8 How to Strengthen Your Self-Image Practice Dr. Maltz’s “Theater of the mind.” Visualize yourself on a blank movie screen over and over being the person you want to be Positive visualization can change how you see yourself Give yourself many successful experiences by setting and achieving small goals Activities 12.3 and 12.4 are related to these ideas

9 Character is a Foundation for Success A house built on a weak foundation can easily fall with strong winds Similarly, with weak character a person can easily fall to temptations and damage his or her reputation

10 Examples of Character Traits That Can Be Developed Honesty and integrity Forgiveness Compassion Responsibility Courage Compassion Humility Love Activity 12.4 is related to these ideas

11 Power to Make a Difference is Within You The type of person you are and are becoming determines how you see others How you see yourself and others is influenced by who you are and your inner qualities How you see people determines your influence on them Do you see them as worthwhile or worthless? What legacy, mark or footprint do you want to leave behind Activities 12.5 and 12.6 relate to these points

12 Follow Your Bliss and Mission Follow your bliss means to go with your heart and greatest joy Your mission is a higher purpose or cause that you feel inspired to fulfill An example given in the book was Jane Goodall’s mission to help animals and endangered species in the wild Activity 12.7 is related to these ideas

13 Discovering Your Mission Helping with a problem in the world can be a source of a mission Your mission might be the same as your work purpose statement or it could go beyond a career For example, a mission could involve a hobby, parenthood or some type of volunteer work It could be to add beauty to the world through art or music, to help students to get a good education or anything that calls out to you Please do Activity 12.8.

14 Give Life Your Best Life is too short to hold back Gandhi said, “Full effort is full victory.” You will be a winner when you give your best effort even when you miss your goal from time to time Do not compare yourself to others, but just be the best you can be Give yourself credit when you make an all out effort

15 How to Awaken the Greatness Within You Gandhi is an example of someone who transformed himself and others when he discovered a mission greater than his own self-concern Find a problem in the world that concerns you and that you can be passionate about resolving How could you use your talents to contribute to humanity? Focusing on how you want to serve and make a positive difference is the secret to awakening the greatness within you Your education can open the door to this opportunity

16 What Will Be Your Legacy? Realize that time is passing quickly so that you will use your life wisely. If today were your last day on earth, what would you wish you had accomplished? Do it now! Who is the person you wanted to become? Become this person now! “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” George Elliot Please do Activity 12.8.

17 The Difference One Life Can Make It is the quality not the quantity of people you touch that makes your life worthwhile and well-lived Butterflies flapping their wings in one part of the world have caused hurricane force winds in another location Small actions can make a big difference and so can you

18 Summary of Main Points Character and a healthy self-image are important foundations for you to build success upon The power to make a positive difference will come from within you because your influence will be the result of the person you have become Give life your best, but don’t expect perfection Be the best that you can be When you find a purpose or mission larger than yourself, you will create a life that is fulfilling and makes a difference for others

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