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Migrating to iOS 9. iOS 9 Released September 16 Available for the following iOS devices: ◦iPhone 4s and later ◦iPad Mini (all versions) ◦iPad 2 and later.

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1 Migrating to iOS 9

2 iOS 9 Released September 16 Available for the following iOS devices: ◦iPhone 4s and later ◦iPad Mini (all versions) ◦iPad 2 and later ◦iPad Air (all versions) ◦iPad Pro ◦iPad Touch 5 th Generation and later

3 Security Updates Apple Pay ◦Transaction log functionality has been removed from iPhones. This prevents terminals from retrieving transaction information from certain cards AppleKeyStore ◦Passcode failure logic was improved to prevent local attackers from resetting failed passcode attempts with an iOS backup ◦This makes it more difficult for information on stolen devices to be used, or for stolen devices to be resold Additional Updates ◦Audio, AppStore hardening against malicious files and apps ◦Certificate Trust policy was updated ◦Additional network (Internet, Safari, iTunes) hardening against stealing or intercepting user information (and use patterns) 6-digit default PIN (up from 4 digits) ◦Appears to require new install (rather than upgrade) on both iPad and iPhone

4 New Features Improved battery life ◦adds about 1 hour to current battery life ◦“Low Battery” mode available in Settings menu Detailed transit information in Maps ◦Includes “time to leave” notification based on current traffic patterns Redesigned Notes App News App (sort of) replaces Newsstand Multitasking (requires iPad and A7 or later CPU) ◦Slide-over ◦Split view ◦Picture-in-picture Siri search and index within third-party applications Improved input ability; new keyboard shortcuts (iPad only?) Mail supports calendar attachments and other ActiveSync 16 features

5 Multitasking Slide-Over ◦Allows viewing one (inactive) application alongside another ◦Available for iPads with A7 processor or later Side-by-Side ◦Allows two applications to be active and viewable at the same time, by splitting the screen in half ◦Available for iPads with A8 processor or later ◦Pages in Safari change from “tablet” mode to “phone” mode Picture-in-Picture ◦Allows viewing of streaming media in smaller window on top of another, active application ◦Available for iPads with A7 processor or later ◦Apps must support Picture-in-Picture (most of mine still don’t)

6 Enterprise Features Policy settings and restrictions – requires enterprise management tool ◦Enterprise data security improvements ◦Prevent unknown enterprise app installations ◦Protects against accidental malware and payware installation ◦Apple ID no longer required for enterprise-based device and application management ◦Ensure corporate data is NOT sent over Apple Drop ◦Single Use and Kiosk Device Changes ◦Disable App Store (and hide icon) but retain device and app management capabilities ◦Push apps and upgrades to the device ◦Restrict users from changing Device Name, Passcode, Wallpapers, etc. ◦Telecom Cost Containment ◦By-application cellular use and roaming data restrictions Improved Privacy Policy ◦60-page white paper available onlineonline

7 Performance Features App Slicing or App Thinning ◦Download only the drivers and files needed for the particular device, rather than the whole package ◦Saves storage space, especially useful for 16Gb models ◦Restore issues resolved in iOS 9.0.2 Ad Blockers ◦Improve performance and increase security ◦As of 10/12/15, IT Pro Portal reports that many of these apps have been blocked from the App Storeblocked from the App Store ◦Apple claims that in order to block ads from within third-party apps, they have to be buried in the root, with root access and root certificates which leave devices vulnerable to SSL/TLS security solutions. They say they are working with developers to create more acceptable versions of these apps.

8 iPad Air 2 Comparison IOS 8.4.1 Upgrade download 4.38 Gb Installed size (hard to find) ◦Device size – (used + available) = 8.2 Gb Open apps view: separate pages Default PIN: 4-digit IOS 9.0.2 Upgrade download: 1.1 Gb Installed size (hard to find) ◦Device size – (used + available) = 8.5 Gb Open apps view: overlaid sheets New 6-digit PIN was not required on upgrade

9 Updated Apps Apple Watch 2 and iOS 9 Prereleased Apps: ios-9-feature-apps/ ios-9-feature-apps/ “Best Apps to Show Off iOS 9 Features” features-the-best-apps-to-show-them-off.html/?a=viewall features-the-best-apps-to-show-them-off.html/?a=viewall

10 PIP Limitations (As of 10/8/15) APPS WHICH DON’T SUPPORT PIP ◦Amazon Video ◦CBS ◦Flixster Video ◦IMDb ◦SyFy Now ◦Watch ABC ◦Xfinity TV Go ◦YouTube ◦There’s a Safari-based workaround for YouTubeSafari-based workaround APPS WHICH DO SUPPORT PIP ◦BBC iPlayer (available in UK only)iPlayer ◦Craftsy ◦HBO ◦Hulu ◦InstapaperInstapaper ◦MLB at Bat ◦PocketPocket ◦Safari ◦Skype

11 Issues and Concerns Response Speed ◦Some iPhones are showing slower times launching, launching apps, playing videos, etc. under 9 than under 8.4.1Some iPhones are showing slower times ◦This has been an ongoing issue with OS upgrades (and despite complaints, it is not exclusive to Apple devices) ◦Devices are unequally affected: some issues affect 4 series and 6 series, 5s, but not 5 – or, affect each phone differently Security Lock Flaw ◦An issue with older OS releases (8.4.1 might have been an exception) ◦Showed still an issue on iPhone 6 in 9.0.1 ◦Supposedly fixed in iOS 9.0.2 ◦Replicated access to Siri on iPad Air 2 running 9.0.2, not sure if iPhone is needed for issue to show ◦9.0.1 fix appears herehere ◦Some standard security fixes look like they might be able to work around this issuestandard security fixes ◦Some good privacy settings can be found herehere Slide to Upgrade Issue ◦Some devices freeze during upgrade process ◦Factory reset is sometimes needed

12 Issues and Concerns Wi-Fi Assist Eats Up Data ◦Turned on by default on cellular devices, switches to carrier network as Wi-Fi signal degrades Automatic Data Storage to iCloud ◦Default in iOS 9, required opt-in in iOS 8 iOS 9 Prevents Some Users From Accessing The Web Through VPNs ◦Cisco reported an issue with SSL sockets ◦As of 9/24/15, the fix was to downgrade to iOS 8.4.1 Apple Addresses iOS 9 Bugs With iOS 9.0.1 Release ◦As of 10/5/15, the current version is iOS 9.0.2 iOS 9 Problems: New OS Crashing On Older Devices, Users Complain on Apple's Silence ◦More on iOS 9 freezing on older devicesfreezing on older devices

13 Resources ZD Net’s opinion: to-download-ios- 9.html?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EWK_NL_EP_20150917_STR1L2&dni=273696202 &rni=23689915 to-download-ios- 9.html?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EWK_NL_EP_20150917_STR1L2&dni=273696202 &rni=23689915 iOS Security Updates: Tech Crunch Review: Developing Apps for iOS 9: Supporting Multitasking: /AdoptingMultitaskingOniPad/index.html /AdoptingMultitaskingOniPad/index.html Developing Apps for iOS 9: Supporting PIP: /AdoptingMultitaskingOniPad/QuickStartForPictureInPicture.html /AdoptingMultitaskingOniPad/QuickStartForPictureInPicture.html

14 More Resources Overview of iOS 9 multitasking: ipad-ipod-touch/ ipad-ipod-touch/ Apps updated for iOS 9: apps-to-show-them-off.html/?a=viewall apps-to-show-them-off.html/?a=viewall

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