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Settings Bluetooth> On- click on the Bluetooth device you would like to use and follow the on screen instructions. Do Not Disturb: On or Off (setting.

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2 Settings Bluetooth> On- click on the Bluetooth device you would like to use and follow the on screen instructions. Do Not Disturb: On or Off (setting for do not disturb are in Notifications. ) Notifications>Do Not Disturb Automatically Turn on: Scheduled set time you do not want to be disturbed Allow Calls From: Allows some calls through Repeated Calls: Allow callers who call a second time within 3 minutes to ring through. App Notifications Change number of notifications Alert style Order Hide alerts when locked

3 Settings> General General About- displays Name (click to change name), available storage, serial number, iOS version, etc. Update- update when connected to wifi Usage- shows each apps size, elapsed time since last charge Siri- On, language, voice feedback iTunes Wi-Fi Sync- allows you to sync to your computer when you are on the same wireless network Spotlight search- Choose which items you want to search Auto Lock: Settings> General> Auto Lock Passcode: Settings>General> Passcode- **If you forget passcode you will have to restore the device. Restrictions: Enable- Choose what apps, option, content, privacy filters you want. **If you forget passcode you will have to restore the device. Slide Switch: Choose if you want it to mute or lock rotation. Multitasking Gestures: On- pinch to the home screen, swipe up to reveal multitasking bar, or swipe left to right between apps. Keyboard: Keyboards>Add new keyboard> Emoji Shortcuts> Add new shortcut> Reset- Many Options

4 Sounds- Ringer and Alerts (ringtones); Keyboard clicks Brightness and Wallpaper- set brightness, set wallpaper images (lock screen and home screen) Picture Frame- chose transition, photo length, zoom, shuffle, all photos or albums Privacy Location services- apps gather data on your location Privacy information- See what apps are using information from your device Settings > General (Cont.)

5 Settings> General> Accessibility Voice Over- speaks what is on the screen Zoom: On Double tap 3 fingers to zoom Drag 3 fingers to move around screen Double tap 3 fingers and grab to change zoom Large Text: On- choose size Invert Colors- Good for reading Speak Selection- read text selected Speak Auto-text-speaks text corrections or auto text Guided Access- Restricts iPad to an app Disables areas of the screen Disables hardware. Must set passcode Triple Click: Triple Click> Home> On- choose what you want it to do. Closed Caption: Setting>Video>Closed Caption

6 Just some Basics…. Recently Used Apps: Double click the Home Button, swipe to left to see more apps. Audio Playback controls: Unlocked: Double Tap the home button and swipe to the right to see audio controls and airplay controls, brightness lock screen orientation Locked: Double Tap home button Siri: Press and hold the home button Tap Status bar: to bring you to the top of the page Flick: to scroll quickly Zoom: pinch to zoom Manage App: Click and hold to move apps, drag apps on top of each other to create folders.

7 Notes/ Keyboard (Shift) before letter (capital) Double tap to set caps lock Double tap “space bar”- Period (.) Hold down “e,y,u,I,o,a,s,z,c,or n” for more options. Hold down ! For ‘ (apostrophe) Hold down ? For “ (quotes) for other web options

8 Notes/ Keyboard Tap to see additional numbers, punctuation, then tap for even more options. Hold down the $ for other currency options Hold down –, ?, !, ‘, “, for more options To get to other keyboards tap Tap to hide the keyboard. Editing Text Select, cut, copy, paste, speak (if you turn on that feature) Select a word (define, suggest) Practice with shortcuts

9 Notes/ Keyboard Keyboard layouts (touch and hold keyboard icon) Split keyboard Undock Dictation Siri must be turned on and iPad must be connected to the Internet Click on the and speak, when you are finished tap the to stop. Add punctuation or format text by speaking (quote…..end quote) Try: winky, frowny, smiley Notes:--Set options in Settings Use icloud to sync notes with other devices

10 Spotlight Searching Type in a topic Will search device and give you the option to search Web and Wikipedia Will find apps and tell you what folder they are located in.

11 Sharing Tap the arrow to display sharing options within an app. You can use airplay with Apple TV or reflector to connect to a TV or Computer. You can also connect an iPad to a TV or computer using the HDMI adaptor or the VGA adaptor. Bluetooth: Pair Bluetooth devices over wireless. File Sharing: Transfer File in iTunes

12 Find My iPhone- locate your device or any other device using your apple id. Play a sound Lost Mode: lock your device with a passcode and have it send a message displaying your contact number Erase: wipe the device **Must be turned on in iCloud settings and must be connected to the internet

13 Settings> Safari Search engine Auto fill Private browsing Clear history, cookies, data Reader- no ads or clutter, can read offline Reading List- collect articles Full Screen Mode- landscape view on iphone iCloud- keeps track of pages open on other devices. Bookmark pages History Create an icon on homepage

14 iBooks Purchase a book from store Dictionary, highlight, note, book appearance Create collections in iBooks to organize books Save pdf to iBooks Email or print PDF Controls Double tap- enlarge Go to a specific page- tap the search field and type page number or use navigation controls Double tap a word- look up definition View table of contents Add or remove a bookmark Change font, color of page, format of page Annotate a book Highlight, share text, note, share note


16 Search your school Search your home Drop a pin Search Superdome View information Switch to flyover view Get directions

17 Send photo or video Change Signature Default account Push Data

18 Messages Send and receive messages on iPad, iPod, or iPhone. When using iPad or iPod select which account you want your message to come from (apple id, or other numbers linked to apple id). Can send photo, video, location, contact information, etc. Save images from message to camera roll


20 Contacts Contacts will import from your tangi email Setup contacts for Siri, Messaging and Facetime

21 Select people to call from your contacts. Can now use FaceTime over cellular networks as well as wi-fi.

22 Photo/ Video Screenshot Add photos to a photostream Share photos Edit Photos


24 Calendar Exchange Calendar shows up on device if you have mail setup Add an event Set alerts- Settings>Sounds>Calendar Alerts Invite others Add multiple calendars to device Calendars> Birthdays (birthdays from contacts)


26 Reminders To do list with a due date Location Alerts Add multiple clocks Set alarms Set timer



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