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Turn on Your iPad and then…

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0 Setting Up Your New iPad

1 Turn on Your iPad and then…
Select English Select United States Select DVUSD Mobile as your wifi network Select enable location services May be asked to tap Set Up a New iPad and agree Tap Next Login in with school Novell username and password (this is what you always use when you log in to school computers) THEN STOP

2 School Google Email Account Info
All SDOHS students have a school google account. This is the account you use to get your Apple apps and school . IMPORTANT If you a returning OHS student, you cannot use the same school google address that you used last year.

3 School Google Email Account Info
Your google school Username is the same as your DVUSD username. Password is the same as your DVUSD password. Here’s an example: Edna Gail Smith, school ID would use this and password to set up an Apple ID Password: 123456

4 School Google Email Account Info
If you need more help finding your school google account info- Open Safari App (The app for the internet) Log into DVUSD Portal ( Click on Google Account Info (left sidebar) You will see your address (ends in and password It will look similar to this: Credentials Password: Your Current Novell Password

5 Set Up Mail Go to Settings on iPad Select Mail Tap Add Account
Select Google Enter your First and Last name Enter your new SCHOOL address and password Turn off Contacts by tapping green slider Tap Accept Tap Save Remember— Your google school is- Username is the same as your DVUSD username Password is the same as your district password

6 Apple ID Info 2017/4/21 Do not use a personal Apple ID!
You must use your new school google address to set up your Apple ID. Your school address will allow you to access school apps and avoid entering a credit card! Remember- If you a returning OHS student, you cannot use the same school google address that you used last year.

7 Set Up Apple ID – App Store
Go to App Store search for the FREE app i-nigma Tap GET Tap INSTALL Tap Create New Apple ID Read through agreement and click I Agree Enter school (Your Check spelling for accuracy before proceeding! It’s learner with NO “s”

8 Set Up Apple ID - Information
You already entered school (Your Now provide information: Create NEW Apple ID password (min 8 characters with at least 1 capital, 1 lower-case, 1 number). Suggestion: Send new password to self in an via cell phone or write it down. Answer security questions. Suggestion: Send security question answers to yourself. Enter Recovery/Rescue - use personal address you use all the time. Suggestion: Send address you used to yourself. Tap slider to turn off subscriptions

9 Set Up Apple ID: Billing Info
Select NONE for payment type Click Next Enter a title and your first and last name Enter school address as follows: 25250 N 35th Ave Phoenix AZ 85083 Enter School Phone as follows: Click CREATE APPLE ID! If you don’t see NONE as a choice, wait a few minutes and try again. If waiting doesn’t help, you may have to skip Apple ID set-up and try again later, perhaps on a computer where Apple ID setup tends to be less problematic. If you get a message that says your Apple ID cannot be created, you will need to start over. Sometimes the data doesn’t get through to Apple properly and the account cannot be finalized. 

10 Set Up Apple ID: Verify i-nigma should start downloading! 2017/4/21
Push iPad HOME button tap App Open Apple Verification . It may take a few minutes for to arrive. If it is not visible after 5 minutes Click on Link in and click Verify Now Enter your new school and Apple ID password When you see a message that your account is verified then… Tap Return to Store Once again, try to install i-nigma Enter your Apple ID password i-nigma should start downloading!

11 Just so you know… about iPad Apps!
YOU MAY NOT install any apps that allow you to circumvent the district filter or affect your iPad’s functionality. Some examples of apps that are not allowed: GoBrowse OpenDoor PuffinWeb TeamViewer Any app with VPN in the name. Installing movies can also compromise your iPad’s functionality. If you install any app that allows you to work around the district filter, you are violating your iPad user agreement. The filter system is required by federal law.

12 DVUSD App DO NOT delete this app
This is how we deliver apps to you that you might need for your classes. Sometimes the district or teachers will buy them and this is the way to get them without having to spend your own money. It allows us to fix issues on campus rather than needing to wait for the district or for Apple to come and fix things therefore saving your time.

13 Apps and Updates Settings
Open Settings Select iTunes & App Store (scroll down to find it) Turn on Apps Turn on Updates (both are under automatic downloads)

14 iOS Update Open Settings Select General Select Software Update
Select Install Now Enter passcode if asked Tap Agree

15 Notifications Any games or apps with notifications turn the notifications OFF!! Open Settings Tap Notifications Turn off the notifications. Do this for all games and other apps you might have with the exception of... You may leave notifications for the following: Calendar Messages Gmail

16 Setting up your Passcode
Create a passcode under Settings and then Passcode. Chose a 4 digit number you will remember!!!!!! Turn Passcode On A good idea is to yourself the passcode If you forget your passcode, see Mrs. Salameh. Don’t keep trying! 3 incorrect attempts will lock you out!!

17 Passcode…Selfie? Now that you have a passcode, no one can access your iPad if it is stolen or lost. This does create a conundrum, however, if your iPad is lost and someone finds it. You might want to put a selfie as your lock screen. Then if someone you know finds it, he or she will be able to tell whose it is. Here’s how: Open Camera and take a selfie Go to Settings Select Wallpaper Select Choose a New Wallpaper Tap on Camera Roll and choose your selfie

18 Expectations Bring your iPad with you charged every day.
Keep your iPad in the school issued or a personal case at all times. Use your iPad for work in your class, you are expected to use it for work during class time- not as a distraction.


20 Warnings If you look at inappropriate material (even at home!) it will “ping” the system. Do not sync your school iPad with a personal cloud. These iPads are to ENHANCE instruction, not to be a distraction. You are in control of this. You need to be focused and on task at all times. If you airdrop everyone, everyone will get it…including teachers! Don’t delete the DVUSD Mobile wifi. Your iPad is worthless outside of the district. If it is stolen, no one can log in other than a DVUSD student or teacher. That means DVUSD will be able to track any stolen iPads and anyone who tries to sell them will not be able to do so.

21 Enjoy learning with your new iPad!
Thanks to MRHS, Shauna Fleegle, & Susan Hubbs for input.

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