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Getting to Know Your iPad. Overview Tip: the back camera is the best!

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1 Getting to Know Your iPad

2 Overview Tip: the back camera is the best!

3 Overview Tip: the side switch can mute or lock rotation.

4 Accessories  Power Adapter  Dock Connector to USB Tip: Do not charge from USB plug on computer – not powerful enough!

5 Using and Cleaning the iPad  Use a soft, lint-free cloth  Turn off device and unplug  Have a case and screen protector to protect the iPad  If necessary you can use a slightly damp cloth (only use water – no cleaners) Tip: The iPad coating is designed to repel oil, that is why fingerprints show up!

6 Apple Provided Apps  Safari  Mail  Photos  Music  Messages  Calendar  Notes  Photo Booth  Facetime  Reminders  Maps  Videos  YouTube  Contacts  App Store  iTunes Store  Camera  Settings  Newsstand Tip: You will want to download iBooks as it does not appear automatically!

7 Using Apps  To See Recently Used Apps  Double Click on Home Button  To Force an App to Close  Hold App Icon-Click on Red Circle Tip: Use 4 or 5 fingers and swipe to right or left to change apps

8 Using Apps Making Folders – Create Organization  Hold app icon till icon jiggles– drag onto another app to create folder  Rename folder by click on title Tip: You can add up to 6 apps to the dock by dragging the icons down

9 Controls Home Button – Double click –Slide over right  Music Controls  Brightness  Locking Screen Orientation\Mute – the side switch or in settings – depending on what is selected in settings, the other one appears on the control bar Tip: Most controls are in setting - General

10 Tip 1 - Camera Tips  Shooting Video and Pictures – holding the iPad correctly -if you are holding the iPad –Have the Home Button to your right so video is upright and proportionally correct  Uploading Pictures and Videos to your computer- see Handout  Capturing an iPad Screen – Home + Sleep Wake Button Tip: Download a QR code reader to use your camera to process QR codes

11 Typing tips  Keyboard Layouts– split screen  Editing Text – position insertion point –hold finger  SEARCH ipad - Tap the Home button to get to your first home screen, and then either tap it again or swipe to reveal spotlight. Tip: Store your email address in auto- correct!

12 Safari  To create a Webpage Icon Go to the website and click on the Action button; choose “Add to Home Screen”  To enable Bookmarks Bar Open the app settings. Select "Safari" on the left panel. Turn on "Always Show Bookmarks Bar" on the right panel. Tip: You can add a site to your reading list also with this feature

13 iBooks  You can sync PDF files to your iBooks  Email a.pdf to yourself – Open the email message on iPad, then touch and hold the attachment and choose “Open in iBooks” from the menu that appears. Tip: press and hold down a word to get the dictionary tool in iBooks.

14 Setting Up iPad  Join BOEapple by choosing BOEapple and entering the password and clicking Join. Wait for it to join. There will be a check mark to the left of BOEapple.  (at your school you will have to join your school’s apple network)  The Set Up iPad screen appears. Set Up as a New iPad will be chosen. Click Next. Tip: You can join this iPad to your network at home.

15 Setting Up iPad.  Sign in with your Apple ID. This will be your school email address and your apple ID password. Or if you do not have an apple ID that uses your school email, create a Free Apple ID. Enter your birthday. Next. Type your First and Last Name. Next. Choose Use your current email address. Next. Type your mtnbrook school email address: Next. Type your password twice. Next. Choose your security question and type answer. Next. Email Updates: click to turn off. Next.  Agree to the terms and conditions. Note is says “Send by Email” at the top of the agreement. Click Send then the Agree that pops up. (This set up your apple ID/iTunes account as creditcardless.) Tip: You need to have an Apple account

16 Setting Up iPad  Set Up iCloud appears. Choose use iCloud. Next.  Back up to iCloud will be chosen. Next.  Choose Use Find My iPad. Next.  Choose Use Dictation. Next.  Diagnostics and Usage appears. Choose Don’t Send. Next.  Register with Apple is ON. Choose Next.  Your iPad is now set up. Click Start Using iPad. Tip: We will not need to use iCloud when Airwatch is in place.

17 Setting Up Email  Click the email icon on front screen of iPad. Choose Microsoft Exchange.  The Exchange window appears with mail, contacts, calendar, and reminders all ON. Click Save. Tip: You can set up more than one email on an iPad

18 Verifying Apple ID  Your email appears. If you just set up a new Apple ID, you will need to do the following step.  You will see an email from Apple in your email inbox on your iPad. Click the email and click verify and sign in with your new Apple ID and password to verify your account. It will tell you that your email address verified. Then it will instruct you to activate your account from your iPad, by clicking on Settings/and tapping iCloud. Do this. You will be asked to allow iCloud to use the location of your ipad. Click OK. You can close out of settings. Tip: Apple password needs 8 charc, and contains a number and a capital letter.

19 Downloading an App  Go to the App Store, click to install a free app. If you set up a New Apple ID above, you will be prompted to enter your title, address and phone number before the app will install. Since this is a credit card-less account associated with your school email, you can enter the school address and phone number. Then your app will download.  If you do have an existing iTunes account with your school email and personal credit card, you can go to Settings/Store/click Apple ID/Click View Apple ID/Click Payment Information/Choose None. Click Done. Tip: In the future we will download apps with Airwatch!

20 Restrictions Settings and Restrictions: 1. Click settings/general/restrictions. 2. Click enable restrictions and setup your restrictions password. 3. You can restrict – Youtube, Facetime, Installing (open for yourself-close for students) and Deleting Apps, Explicit Language, and set up allowed content Ratings for Music, movies, etc. and restrict IN-APP Purchases. 4. In Settings/General/Message, turn off message. 5. All of these restrictions can be enabled for your use. Tip: Set up a Password for your iPad.

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