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Early America.

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1 Early America

2 Mayan civilization 2600 BC - 900 AD
Located in the Mexican and Central American rain forest Represented by Chichén Itzá (500s AD) Group of city-states ruled by a king Economy based on agriculture and trade Polytheistic religion tied to agriculture—Pyramids

3 Kukulcán Pyramid at Chichen Itza



6 Aztec civilization Located in arid valley in central Mexico
Represented by Tenochtitlan Ruled by an emperor Economy based on agriculture Polytheistic religion, based on warfare—Pyramids

7 Incan civilization Located in the Andes Mountains of South America
Empire extended along the Pacific coast and Andean highlands from northern border of modern Ecuador to Maule River in central Chile

8 Represented by Machu Picchu
Ruled by an emperor Economy based on high-altitude agriculture Polytheistic religion Road system

9 Achievements Calendars – based on agriculture
Mathematics – included “zero” Writing system – pictographs or hieroglyphics






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