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The Americas .Maya. .Aztec. .Inca.

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1 The Americas .Maya. .Aztec. .Inca.
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2 The Americas

3 Mayan Civilization Location: Mexican and Central American rain forest
Government: city-states ruled by a king Economy: Agriculture and trade Religion: Polytheistic and built pyramids Declined for unknown reasons

4 Represented by Chichen Itza
Mayan Civilization Represented by Chichen Itza




8 Mayan Civilization Achievements: Had an advanced system of writing
Gifted Mathematicians Observed the stars and created a calendar

9 Aztec Civilization Location: In arid (dry) valley in Central Mexico
Government: Ruled by an emperor Economy: Agriculture Religion: Polytheistic and built pyramids where the Gods were thirsty for human sacrifice

10 Aztec Civilization Sacrificed 20,000 to 50,000 people each year Aztecs were engaged in much warfare Sacrificed those they conquered


12 Represented by Tenochtitlan
Aztec Civilization Represented by Tenochtitlan



15 Aztec Civilization No written Language Invented Tlachtli:
A ballgame that uses a rubber ball or heads of sacrificed victims No use of hands Shoot the ball into a hoop on the side of a wall


17 Incan Civilization Location: Andes Mountains of South America
Government: Ruled by Emperor Economy: Agriculture in high altitudes Religion: Polytheistic

18 Represented by Machu Picchu
Incan Civilization Represented by Machu Picchu




22 Incan Civilization prevented water from running off too quickly
Agriculture at high altitudes in the mountains Used Terracing prevented water from running off too quickly

23 Incan Civilization No writing system
Used QUIPU – system of knots on a cord to record important information Road System

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