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WHI- SOL Review Unit 5 Unit 5: SOLs 10 & 11 Eastern & Western Civilizations.

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1 WHI- SOL Review Unit 5 Unit 5: SOLs 10 & 11 Eastern & Western Civilizations

2 Major Trade Routes in the Eastern Hemisphere Silk roads across Asia to the Mediterranean basin Maritime routes across the Indian ocean Trans-Saharan routes across North Africa Northern European Links with the Black Sea Western European sea & river trade South China Sea & the lands of Southeast Asia

3 What did they trade? Goods – Gold from West Africa – Spices from lands around the Indian Ocean – Textiles from India, China, the Middle East & later Europe – Porcelain from China & Persia – Amber from the Baltic region Technology – Paper from China through the Muslim world to Europe – New crops from India – Waterwheels & windmills from the Middle East – Navigation: Compass from China, Lateen sail from lands around the Indian Ocean

4 What did they trade? Ideas – Spread of religions across the hemisphere Buddhism from China to Korea & Japan Hinduism & Buddhism from India to Southeast Asia Islam into West Africa, Central & SE Asia Printing and paper money from China


6 Japan Mountainous Japanese archipelago Sea of Japan (aka East Sea) separates Japan & the Asian mainland Proximity to China & Korea

7 Japan… Influence of Chinese culture – Writing – Architecture – Buddhism Shinto – Ethnic religion unique to Japan – Importance of natural features, forces of nature & ancestors – State religion; worship of the emperor – Coexistence with Buddhism Japan was influenced by its proximity to China. Shinto & Buddhism coexisted as religious traditions in the Japanese culture.

8 Africa West African kingdoms = Ghana, Mali, Songhai East African kingdoms = Axum Sub-Saharan Africa = – below the Sahara Desert – Zimbabwe (in Southeastern Africa)

9 Sub-Saharan Africa… Axum – Located near the Ethiopian Highlands and the Nile River – Christian kingdom Zimbabwe – Located near the Zambezi & Limpopo rivers and along the Indian Ocean coast – City of Great Zimbabwe was the prosperous trading capital of the empire

10 West African kingdoms Location of Ghana, Mali & Songhai empires relative to Niger River & the Sahara Importance of gold & salt to trans-Saharan trade City of Timbuktu as center of trade & learning Role of animism & Islam

11 Western Hemisphere- A.M.I. Aztecs – Located in arid valley in central Mexico – Represented by Tenochtitlan – Ruled by an emperor – Economy based on agriculture & tribute from conquered peoples – Polytheistic religion- Pyramids/rituals

12 Western Hemisphere- A.M.I. Mayans – Located in the Mexican & Central American rain forests (Yucatan Peninsula) – Represented by Chichen Itza – Group of city-states ruled by kings – Economy based on agriculture & trade – Polytheistic religion- Pyramids

13 Western Hemisphere- A.M.I. Incans – Located in the Andes mountains of South America – Represented by Machu Picchu – Ruled by an emperor – Economy based on high-altitude agriculture – Polytheistic religion – Road system

14 Western Hemisphere- A.M.I. Achievements of A.M.I. Cultures – Calendars – Mathematics – Writing & other record keeping systems

15 What/ Where is this? Chichen Itza- Mayan civilization

16 What/ Where is this? Machu Picchu- Incan civilization (Andes Mountains)

17 What/ Where is this? Tenochtitlan- Aztec civilization

18 Question time! Let’s see how you do. Questions based off of SOL 10 & 11

19 Japan is separated from the rest of Asia by: A.The English Channel B.The Indian Ocean C.The East Sea D.The Red Sea

20 Which African civilization is described above? A. Kush B. Axum C. Ghana D. Zimbabwe ????? Located along the Zambezi River Center of trade in southern Africa

21 What do all 3 societies have in common? A.Monotheism B.Agriculture C.Road system D.Language Aztecs Mayans Incans ????

22 Which civilization is represented by number 2 on this map? A. Inca B. Aztecs C. Mayans D. Olmecs 1 2 3

23 The Inca were located in Andes Mountains. How did they adapt to the environment? A.Developed oxygen tanks to help with breathing B.Developed high-altitude agriculture C.Developed a donkey-goat hybrid, which could easily traverse up the mountainside D.Developed pyramids

24 What do all 3 societies have in common? A.Monotheism B.Economy C.Road system D.Language Roman Empire Persian Empire Incans ????

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