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Mayan, Aztec, Inca 11a,b.

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1 Mayan, Aztec, Inca 11a,b

2 Olmecs Built the first planned city in Central America
Had giant stone pyramids Invented a hieroglyphic form of writing Invented a number system with a zero Had accurate calendars Around the 1st century BCE the Olmec civilization disappeared. No one knows why

3 Mayan

4 Mayan location Located in the Mexican and Central American rain forests on what is now the Yucatan Peninsula Homeland stretched from southern Mexico into northern Central America.

5 Mayan Cities From 250 A.D to 900 A.D. the Maya built many spectacular cities Each city was an independent city-state that was ruled by a god-king. Also, the cities served as a center for religious ceremonies and trade

6 Mayan Cities One important city that represents the Mayan civilization is Chichen Itza This city exemplifies a multitude of architectural styles (Styles seen through central Mexico)

7 Mayan Economy The economy was based on agriculture and trade
They grew maize, beans, and squash Between the different Mayan city-states, the people traded local products such as salt and flint

8 Mayan religion The Mayans believed in many gods (gods of corn and death) Worshiped their god in many ways such as prayer, offerings, pierced and cut bodies, human sacrifices Used pyramids in dedication to different gods and rulers

9 Toltecs In the 800s the Toltecs became the most powerful society in Central America They had a polytheistic religion and built many temples Society began to weaken about the 1100s and fell to the Aztecs in 1200 A.D

10 Aztec

11 Aztec Location Located in arid valley in central Mexico
Fertile land and accessible resources

12 Aztec Empire Arrived in the Valley of Mexico around 1200 A.D
By the 1500s, they controlled an empire that stretched 80,000 miles Their power was based on military conquests

13 Aztec Empire In the social class, the Emperor was at the top
Military, government officials ,and priests made up the noble class Soldiers, merchants and farmers who owned land made up the Commoners At the bottom it was the captured people who were enslaved


15 Aztec Economy The Aztec economy was based on agriculture
Also, conquered people were expected to pay tribute This was done in the form of gold, maize, cacao beans, and cotton

16 Tenochtitlan City located on a small island located in Lake Texcoco
Connected by raised roads called causeways People came to trade goods such as avocados and chili peppers Home to many government buildings and pyramids


18 Aztec religion Worshiped thousands of gods.. Many were adopted from previous Mesoamerican cultures Pyramids were used for worship Rituals such as ceremonies were used often to please the gods

19 Incan

20 Incan Location Located in the Andes Mountains of South America

21 Incan Empire By the 1500s, the Inca controlled 2,500 Miles of land alongside the western coast of South America The emperor was worshiped because he was thought to be a descendant of the sun god Inti The empire was tolerant of conquered people.. This allowed them to gain loyalty

22 Incan Economy The economy was based on high-altitude agriculture
Grew crops such as potatoes and maize The terrain was rocky and limited that area in which they could farm

23 Incan Religion The Incans focused on key nature gods such as the moon, the starts and thunder Worshiped less gods than the Aztecs Religious practices included sacrifice

24 Road System The Incas created about mile long network of roads that symbolized the power of the Incan state The road system benefited anything from trade to transporting troops to various areas

25 Machu Picchu Incan city that held many public buildings, temples, and a central plaza

26 Achievements Calendars
The Mayans developed a 260 calendar that had 20 day months and a 365 day calendar with day months The calendar was used to keep track of the best times to plant crops The Aztecs also had a calendar similar to the Mayans


28 The Mayans also developed an advanced writing system (First books of the Western Hemisphere
800 hieroglyphics

29 Government Record Keeping
The Incans created an accounting device used to keep track of warriors and gold Knots and their position on a string represented different things that the government had to keep track of

30 Math The Mayans created a number system that was based on a base 20 system..this was used primarily for the calendar and astronomical work

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