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Ancient Civilizations of the Western Hemisphere

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1 Ancient Civilizations of the Western Hemisphere
Maya, Aztec, & Inca

2 Maya - Location southern Mexico into northern Central America called the Yucatan Peninsula

3 Maya - Climate dense, steamy rain forests

4 Maya – Time Period C.E. Mayan people live past 900 BUT the civilization disappears

5 Maya – Government independent city-states ruled by kings – seen as god-king, established dynasties

6 Maya – Key City Chichen Itza Ball Game: Ōllamaliztli

7 Maya – Economy Agriculture – maize, beans, squash
Trade – salt, flint, feathers, shells, honey, cacao, jade ornaments, textiles


9 Maya – Religion Polytheistic – many gods
Pyramids – dedicated to gods and famous rulers Worship included material offerings, bloodletting, human sacrifice Calendar – 400 days, 20 months, 20 days each month 365 day solar calendar, different gods ruled different days Mathematics and astronomy – concept of zero, calendar planning



12 Maya – Writing 800 glyphs (symbols), on bark- paper called codex

13 Maya – Decline Mayan cities were deserted and records stopped being kept Possible Reasons: war and conflict between city states overuse of land famine environmental change

14 Aztec - Location Central Mexico – Valley of Mexico, Modern day Mexico City

15 Aztec - Climate Hot, large shallow lakes, good resources, fertile soil

16 Aztec – Time Period 1200 – 1521 C.E.

17 Aztec – Government Triple Alliance with Texcoco and Tlacopan
38 provinces Emperor with absolute power loose control over empire with exception of tribute payments

18 Aztec – Key City Tenochtitlan = capital

19 Aztec – Economy Agriculture – maize, cacao beans, cotton
Trading Network – with Tenochtitlan as ultimate marketplace


21 Aztec – Religion Polytheistic Built temples and pyramids 2 calendars
Human sacrifices to sun god Who did they sacrifice???


23 Aztec – Writing No real mention – writing system of pictures derived from earlier MesoAmerican cultures

24 Aztec – Decline Montezuma II reign – rebelling tribes
Spanish – Cortez conquered Aztecs in 1521

25 Inca – Location Andes Mountains of South America – Southern Peru

26 Inca – Climate Mountainous

27 Inca – Time Period A.D.

28 Inca – Government Believed that ruler was a descendent from the Sun god Nobility – ruling families Bureaucracy – used small groups to work for the common good Built extensive road system to connect empire


30 Inca – Key City Cuzco = capital
Machu Picchu – mysterious religious center or royal resort


32 Inca – Economy Run by the state – regulated production of goods
Agriculture on terraced hillsides – maize and quinoa (grain)


34 Inca – Religion Polytheistic – natural spirits of moons, stars, sun, thunder, etc. 2 Calendars Sacrifices

35 Partner Discussion Question
What might this be used for???

36 Inca – Writing None, but had string/knot math/accounting system called quipu

37 Inca – Decline Civil War between two sons of a king and Pizarro

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