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Classroom Management.

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1 Classroom Management

2 Classroom Management vs. Discipline
Effective teachers manage their classrooms. Ineffective teachers discipline their classrooms.

3 Discipline Punishment Control gained by obedience
To impose order upon another

4 Classroom Management Refers to the steps teachers take to:
organize their classroom for optimal learning engage student learning minimize disruptive behaviors encourage positive behavior

5 Classroom Management How to create effective classroom management
Build a positive relationship Respect students Keep students involved Present engaging lessons Manage your transitions Acknowledge student success Arrangement of the room

6 Results of Positive Classroom Management
Foster student involvement and cooperation in all classroom activities Establish a productive working environment More Teaching/Learning Time Relationship Building Preparation for Workforce Safety

7 Discussion: Without including names Discuss teachers
Exhibited positive and negative classroom management skills Please support your opinion with facts

8 Classroom Management Styles
Authoritarian Regulations and consequences for everything Seeks control of behaviors Teachers exert their power May result in lower student self esteem, creativity, and provoke hostility Permissive There are some rules, but little follow through There are few expectations The teacher tends to be inconsistent Anything goes! Students often lack respect for the teacher Authoritative High expectations of students It is clear what is and is not acceptable There is follow through with consequences when students do not follow through with expectations Teachers are firm but friendly

9 Which management style do you think you will have?

10 Discussion Questions:
Do you play a sport? Have you ever played Monopoly or Clue? Do you have your driver's license? Are there rules for these activities? What if there were no rules? What would happen if there were no rules?

11 Classroom Expectations
Rules Consequences Rewards Procedures also called: Expectations What would happen in your classroom if you were missing one of these components?

12 Two Kinds of Rules General Rules Specific Rules Offer flexibility
several behaviors can be covered by a few general rules Must be explained could be multiple understandings of the rule example: respect others Specific Rules To the point and clearly cover one behavior example: be in your seat when the bell rings

13 Classroom Rules: Examples

14 Classroom Rules: Examples

15 Classroom Rules: Examples

16 Characteristics of Effective Classroom Rules
Created with student involvement Consistent with school rules Understandable Doable Manageable Stated Positively Stated Behaviorally Consistent with teacher’s own philosophy of how students learn best

17 Two Kinds of Consequences
Positive Rewards that result when students abide by the rules Should correlate with the desired behavior Example: students stay on task during lesson; 15 minutes of free read at end of class Negative Penalties that result when students don’t follow the rules Should correlate with the undesired behavior Example: 2nd tardy to class; stay after school for 15 minutes

18 Consequences: Effective use
Specific Have a wide range of alternatives Can be a reminder or a warning Related to the rule Promote positive behavior

19 Consequences: Examples

20 Consequences: Examples

21 Consequences: Examples

22 Consequences: Examples

23 Consequences: Examples

24 Classroom Procedures Explain how things are done within in the classroom State very clearly Reduce discipline issues

25 Your Turn: Classroom Procedures
What procedures can you think of that would be important for a student to be aware of? start / end of day routine job helpers bell ringer bathroom policy homework

26 Classroom Procedures: Examples

27 Classroom Procedures: Examples

28 Classroom Procedures: Examples

29 Classroom Procedures: Examples

30 Your Turn: Journal (5 minutes) How will I manage my classroom?
Authoritarian / Permissive / Authoritative Rules Consequences Procedures Possible questions to ask yourself: How will I involve students in developing class expectations? How will I handle a sleeping student? What will I do when a student is late to class one time? What if they are late every day? How will I start class? End class? How will I communicate class expectations to my students? What will I do if a student refuses to follow a class rule? Will I have a reward system? How will I motivate students to participate appropriately?

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