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Ms. Bowie’s Classroom Management Plan

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1 Ms. Bowie’s Classroom Management Plan
These are the goals. 

2 Definition of Classroom Management
DEFINITION: A teacher’s ability to effectively control/manage their classroom so that the most optimal learning environment is achieved. This is made possible through: Consistent and Effective Discipline. Appropriate and Respectful relationship with the students. Well planned and Engaging lessons/Activities. A positive learning environment. This will be accomplished by having Clear and Precise Rules, Rewards, Consequences and PROCEDURES. This is made possible through: A positive learning environment. Well planned and Engaging lessons/Activities. Consistent and Effective Discipline. Appropriate and Respectful relationship with the students.

3 My Philosophy A teachers job is to educate and provide a safe and comfortable environment for learning to take place. In order to achieve this there must be a positive and safe learning environment. This makes it my responsibility to be a strong Disciplinarian to be an effective teacher!! Discipline is an unknown concept for a majority of these students. It is my job to enforce this unknown idea. These kids understand discipline and know right from wrong. To accomplish this I must earn a mutual, trusting and respectful relationship with my students in the hope that they will listen to what I say and respect me. My PHILOSOPHY is based on the idea that “Respect is Earned.” For students to respect me I’m going to dress the part, act as a professional, over plan, always be prepared, and lead by example. Teachers have lost the respect of their position and I feel that this year I learned that my philosophy holds true in more than just teaching. If I give respect and work to earn and keep my respect things work out better for me. I enjoy being a teacher and the stigma that comes with it. My goal is to provide a safe and strong learning environment where effective learning can take place. Through a combination of Rewards and Consequences I plan on gaining the respect.

4 A Positive Learning Environment
Creating a fun and active classroom with Class participation and a place where the students are constantly reinforced and encouraged to do nothing but their very best. Add more local connections and provide clear EXPECTATIONS! Maintaining an order through clear and precise PROCEDURES, overly planned and engaging lessons. I plan on incorporating various learning styles to cover the broad range of students.

5 MY RULES: Keep hands, feet, objects, and comments to yourself. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat. Create a spin chart in my room and the students can know what they can and can’t do when the wheel is on the specific section. Do not talk while I am talking!!! THIS IS ALWAYS THE RULE FOR ANY PART OF THE WHEEL. Behave respectfully, appropriately, and responsibly .CATCH ALL RULE NEEDED.

6 Consequences Warning Random Activity of my Choosing Referral/ Demerits
Writing assignment, hallway, clean up classroom, Stand all period Referral/ Demerits 10 RULE: If use the N word write out class sentence 10 times. Class Punishment ** Marbles taken away **Note that I have the right to skip certain consequences based on the severity of the offense!!

7 MY REWARDS Tickets Positive phone call/letter home ALL STAR TEAM
Full Marble Jar = Class Reward CONSTANT VERBL PRAISE

8 PROCEDURES: Entering the Classroom
Come in quietly and dressed appropriately. Get all your materials before you take your seat If the bell rings YOU ARE TARDY if you are Not in your SEAT. BUTT IN SEAT Begin working on your DO NOW: Do Now’s are for a weekly Grade. I failed at this for most of the year. At the end created a better system for collections and grading and became successful.

9 PROCEDURES: Tardy SCHOOL POLICY: Come in and get started.
If the second tardy a consequence will be issued the last five minutes of class. You take my time, I take your time. The goal is to keep the tardy as little of a disruption as possible. If after five minutes late I expect a pass or an automatic office referral.

10 PROCEDURES: HOMEWORK Giving out Homework: Collecting Homework
Majority of homework will be left over class work. Homework must be written in Assignment folder: Mr. Walker gave me a rubric for weekly assignments and this changed my life!. Collecting Homework All homework must be turned in the next day. During the Do Now the students will pass homework to the front of the row and then pass the homework all the way to the left and the last student will place the homework in the assigned class box. Sometimes I go over the work so they keep it. When I do collect, they listen to instructions and pass in the specific way directed. Class helper collects. Late Work All Late work will be only for a grade of seventy percent. Late work will only be accepted two days after a progress report. Progress will go out every two weeks on Friday, so that following Tuesday all late work is due. Only amazing teachers get this done, which I am not. So if you make it in the tray before I grade it you win. NO more late work accepted. Handing back Homework It is your job to keep up with your homework incase there is an error in the grade book. Homework will be Passed back in the last two minutes of class. Homework passed back during independent practice, by student helpers A helper will help pass back work.

11 Procedures: BATHROOM Changed to my position wheel and school policy.
Each student will be given one bathroom pass for the nine week period. The pass are to be used only during designated time. 10/10 rule. STUPID of me!!!!! The Pass will be raised in the air, the student will be acknowledged, bring their pass to me and receive my signature on a filled out pass, and allowed to leave. They can use their ticket as their pass. Once they come back they turn their ticket into the designated jar. They may only go to the bathroom outside my classroom. If caught any where else then they will be sent to the office. They may buy bathroom passes for 30 tickets. Ticket exchange may only happen before or after class. If a student shares their pass they will not receive another one. Changed to my position wheel and school policy.

12 PROCEDURE: ABSENCE In the unfortunate case a student must miss my class they will be allowed to make up the work only for the allotted time they missed. If you miss one day you only get one day to make up the work. The students may collect their missed work before or after class. They must have an excused absence to get full credit. If you can not get your work before or after class the student my put their name on a piece of paper and write their 8th period down. I will have the work sent to your room.

13 PROCEDURE: LUNCH TIME Places assignments in binder.
Police your area for trash. Wait to be dismissed to line up. Place your binder in the designated area. Walk in a single file line quietly to the lunchroom. Sit in designated area. Anything louder than a whisper will lead to a consequence. Walk the same way back to class. After cleaning up lunch area. Helpers are the best at getting the whole area clean. When out of the room you represent me reminder.

14 Parental Involvement Designated open houses.
Extra credit opportunity for introducing your parent to me during a football game or school activity. 3 designated Community Meetings Guest Speaker Teacher’s Aide Observer: I want to do more of by inviting the parents. Field Trip/Class Chaperon

15 Paper You may write on the front and back of paper.
No name and period will result in 10 points off the assignment. All papers not turned in when collected will be deemed as late. (Make it to the tray before grading.

16 TRASH Raise your hand to throw away your trash.
If you shoot trash at the basket and miss…you just made it your turn to sweep the room. Feel free to get started.

17 Eating and Drinking in the Classroom
You may only eat in the classroom if you raise your hand and ask for permission. If you leave your trash then you will not be allowed to eat in my room again. You may gain the privilege back if you sweep the room clean and collect all trash under the desks. I am not your mom and there are no maids at Rowan. Clean up after yourself and take pride in your school. If you make it dirty then we all suffer. Goes along with my situation wheel. May just go with the school policy.

18 My Classroom The things in this room are mine…not yours. Please respect them. Do not damage anything in my room. The materials, items, books, supplies, technology, are in here for your educational benefit. If you need something simply ask. Be responsible for the materials in the classroom. My desk area is off limits. Do not take anything from my desk. Stay out from behind my desk. Do not touch the smart technology unless told to do so by Ms. Bowie

19 Radio Rules In the event that we are listening to the radio or music off the overhead it is a privilege that can be ruined by one. Do not ask for songs. Do not touch or change the radio or anything on the screen.

20 My students

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