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United States History Mr. Bach

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1 United States History Mr. Bach
The American West United States History Mr. Bach

2 A Clash of Cultures Native American Ways
One with nature (no hierarchy) Animals are respected and only killed when necessary No private ownership of land No wars of mass killing All Indians created by Great Spirit

3 A Clash of Cultures European Ways
Man is above the natural world (hierarchy) Animals killed for sport Private ownership of land Wars can be won be attrition Created by God

4 Conflicts Land Animals Religion Survival

5 Broken Treaties - Shattered Promises
U.S. made treaties with the Indians who didn’t represent the entire tribe U.S. sought to create Reservations set aside for Indians only U.S. had a history of constantly breaking the treaties

6 Waging a War General Phillip Sheridan - “Only good Indian is a dead Indian.” Mass killing of buffalo to eliminate Indians’ food source Sickness and disease - Indians had no immunity to European diseases Alcoholism

7 Destroying the Buffalo
1800 Population = 60 million 1886 Population = 541 2001 Population = 250 thousand

8 Path to the Little Big Horn
Because of broken treaties, Sioux Chief Red Cloud wages a war against the U.S. U.S. ends war by agreeing to give the Sioux the Dakotas

9 Path to the Little Big Horn
Gold is discovered in the Black Hills, South Dakota Black Hills is sacred land to the Sioux White miners invade the Black Hills U.S. sends Gen. George Custer to defend the miners

10 Battle of the Little Big Horn
U.S. sends Custer to force the Indians back onto the Reservation Custer discovers a huge band of Indians under Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and Gall Custer foolishly divides his troops not knowing his enemy’s size Custer’s whole regiment is wiped out

11 Little Big Horn Aftermath
American people are outraged by Custer’s death Crazy Horse is hunted down until he surrenders because of starvation Sitting Bull is chased to Canada

12 The Ghost Dance Facing destruction, Indians hope for a miracle
Paiute leader Wovoka describes a vision whereby Indians will be saved from the whites Urges Indians to dance the “Ghost Dance”

13 Massacre at Wounded Knee
The Ghost Dance makes the U.S. nervous - could lead to new Indian resistance U.S. tries to break up the Ghost Dance Sitting Bull killed by U.S. soldiers Indians leave the Pine Ridge Reservation

14 Massacre at Wounded Knee
U.S. army rounds up fugitive Indians at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota When army goes to confiscate Indian guns, a shot is fired Army kills Indian men, women, and children with machine guns Indian wars end

15 “Americanizing” the Indians
Dawes Act - seeks to convert the Indians to white ways Fails because of Indian resistance, white skepticism, and white discrimination

16 Native Americans Today
Poorest ethnic group in the U.S. today 1/3 Indians living in poverty Per capita income on reservations = $4,500 1/5 Indian homes lack a toilet and telephone 80% unemployment rate Rampant alcoholism

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