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Native Americans Fight to Survive

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1 Native Americans Fight to Survive
Chapter 5 Section 2 Native Americans Fight to Survive

2 Summary White settlers moved into Indian lands and moved them further west The U.S. gov’t negotiated treaties with natives to set up new homelands Reservation: land set aside by the federal government for Native tribes

3 Treaties Broken New reasons for breaking the treaties were always given Natives first given reservation in Black Hills region, SD – then gold discovered, causing settlers to flock Natives united under leadership of Sioux chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse and fought back Battle of Little Bighorn in Montana wiped out Gen. George Custer’s entire 7th Cavalry – 211 men in total


5 Reactions to Little Bighorn
US gov’t, embarrassed, responds harshly Many native tribes put on reservations In the Northwest: Chief Joseph In the Southwest: Navajos and Apaches resisted reservations

6 Native way of life ends Buffalo hunted to near extinction
Most tribes on reservations Resistance eliminated (ex: Wovoka’s Ghost Dancers at Wounded Knee, SD)

7 The Dawes Act Many saw injustices in Reservations for Natives
Some reformers pushed for Native Assimilation: Adopt American culture by blending, or “Americanizing” natives Solution: The Dawes Act -encouraged natives to become farmers -Boarding Schools for native kids -Results?


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