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The College Application Process: Naviance & eDocs

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1 The College Application Process: Naviance & eDocs
Mendham High School Counseling Office

2 Welcome! John McGoldrick - Supervisor College/Career Counseling
Kara Angelastro - Counselor Lara Drewes - Counselor Melissa Hart - Counselor Hillary Klimowicz - Counselor Richard Kumpf - Counselor Marlene Russell - Counselor Lauren Buhowski - College & Career Center


4 Agenda 15-20 minutes Practical information The Application Process
4 EASY STEPS Important Deadlines Upcoming Events Question and Answer (General)

5 Overall Expectations Keep the process in perspective
Work together as a family Students must take ownership Discuss finances openly Start early and meet all deadlines

6 Naviance and The College Application
School Documents will be sent online through the Naviance program Common Application Reports Teacher and Counselor Recommendations Transcripts School Profile Some schools will still be sent paper copies

7 Student Expectations Student Expectations:
Continue to research/visit colleges and update “Colleges I’m Thinking About” Create a CommonApp account, complete FERPA, link to Naviance Request Teacher Letters of Recommendation IN PERSON then through Naviance Complete Brag Sheets & Resume for the counselor Submit a blue Transcript Request Form to your counselor Students - Check daily and respond.

8 Step 1: “The Common Application” - Naviance Link
Go to and set up your account EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT APPLYING TO Common App SCHOOLS Complete the FERPA consent form. Login to Naviance and enter your Common App address in “Colleges I’m Applying To” section.




12 Step 2: Requesting a Transcript
Hand a completed BLUE “Transcript Request Form” to your counselor personally. One per school. DO NOT LEAVE THIS FORM IN A COUNSELOR MAILBOX! Your counselor should have brag sheets & a resume from you prior to this step Allow 3 weeks to process. Administrative Assistants will move college from “Colleges I’m Thinking About” to “Colleges I’m Applying To”, NOT THE STUDENT. The counselor will submit the following: Transcript School Profile Secondary School Report Counselor letter of Recommendation Teacher Recommendation if complete


14 Step 3: Teacher Recommendations
Please make sure you personally ask the teacher prior to submitting the official request. Always allow at least 3 weeks for teachers to complete the letter For electronic submissions: Click on the College tab, then “Colleges I’m Applying To” Scroll down to “Teacher Recommendations” Click “add/cancel request” Add new request, click the drop-down list and choose the teacher from the list, click “submit request.” If the teacher would like to mail the letter please hand them addressed/stamped envelopes to the admissions office


16 Step 4: Test Scores Students order Standardized Test Score Reports online (they are not sent through guidance) Allow ample time (2-4 weeks) for admissions office to receive electronic score report For the SAT and SAT Subject Tests: For the ACT: Even if you choose to self-report test scores in your college application, you still must have the official scores sent through College Board or ACT.

17 Throughout the Process……
Students: Communicate with your counselor Check for s from the Counseling Office regularly As you hear back from schools, let your counselor know

18 Review: 4 Easy Steps Step 1: The Common Application/Naviance Link
Create Common App Account Complete FERPA consent in Common App Enter Common App in Naviance Update “Colleges I’m Thinking About” Step 2: Counselor Forms Transcript Request Form, Brag Sheets, Resume Step 3: Teacher Recommendations Invite Teachers under “Colleges I’m Applying to” or provide envelopes Step 4: Submit Test Scores

19 Upcoming Events September: College Fair at County College of Morris
Sunday, September 20th from 12:00-3:00 Individual College Rep Visits begin Tuesday, September 15th October: SAT: October 3rd (Late Registration by 9/22) ACT: October 24th (Register by 9/18!) 10/29 - Financial Aid Night, 7pm Auditorium 10/5 - PTO Speaker, “The Admissions Game”, 7pm Auditorium November: SAT: November 7th (Register by 10/9) Application Deadlines for Early Decision/Early Action (November 1st/November 15th)

20 Q & A

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