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The College Application Process. What Are Colleges Looking For Transcript (Challenging courses, Positive GPA trend, grades) Rigor of Available Curriculum.

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1 The College Application Process

2 What Are Colleges Looking For Transcript (Challenging courses, Positive GPA trend, grades) Rigor of Available Curriculum (Courses offered and courses taken) Standardized Tests (SAT, SATII or ACT) Personal Essay Make it personal Be creative Have a teacher proofread Letters of Recommendations (Usually two to three) Special Skills/Talents/Activities Musical, Artistic, Athlete Community Service Volunteer School Activities School Data (School Profile) Other (Diversity, Gender, Geographic) Recalculated GPA – Colleges have their own process, so everyone is on an equal playing field.

3 ● Develop a list of potential colleges: Safe Schools – one that you know you exceed the admissions requirements (academic safety and financial safety Target Schools – one that you know you meet admissions requirements, however they are competitive Reach School – Highly competitive schools that you may or may not meet admissions requirements. ● Check Admission Requirements and deadline dates ● Visit colleges if you have done so already. If this is not possible, use virtual tours

4 Types of Admission Early Decision (ED) – Students apply early in the fall of senior year and notification of acceptance or denial is usually sent by mid-December. If accepted, a student is required to sign a commitment-to-attend document, as well as withdraw all other applications. Early Action/Early Notification – Similar to ED, except that the applicant is not committed to attend the college if accepted. Notification Deadlines: Rolling Admissions – Admission decisions are made on a continuous basis and notification of acceptance is sent three-five weeks after receipt of completed application materials. Regular Admissions – Colleges have a specific deadline dates and colleges will notify a student by a certain date. Wait List – A response to the applicant indicating that their application was acceptable but the limit of accepted students has been reached; wait listed students may be admitted after May 1 st, if space becomes available.

5 SAT/ACT Request SAT scores be sent directly from college board and ACT scores from Official score reports are required by most colleges (Score reports are $11.25) If you are registered for the October or November 2014 SAT test, you can send for 4 free reports to you colleges at time of registration. It is ok to send all your scores – colleges will take your best critical reading, math and writing scores Don’t hold off applying until you receive your scores. You will indicate that you are taking either SAT/ACT on your application.

6 Subject Tests May be required by many highly competitive colleges, make sure to check the admission requirements of each of the colleges you are interested in applying to. Subject tests can be taken when the SAT is given, except for March. Each subject test is an hour in length and a total of 3 can be taken on during one test date

7 The College Application Submit applications electronically (preferred) Follow directions and check requirements (many have supplemental forms that teacher and counselors need to complete) Apply early!! Common Application – https://commonapp.org Over 400 college/universities participate Applications (including transcripts and recommendations) will be sent to multiple colleges

8 Transcript Request Sign on to your parent/student access via the district website ( Log into your account

9 ● Once logged in, click on “Forms” under the “Student Data” tab

10 ●Click on “Transcript Request #1” ●Answer each question completely, making sure the admission’s address is correct. ●Click “Update Answers” **Allow 10 days for the processing of transcripts**

11 Letters of Recommendations Please allow teachers and your counselor a few weeks to write your recommendation Complete The Request for Teacher Recommendation Form when asking teachers (available in the guidance office and on the guidance website). Submit an Activity Resume with the recommendation form (examples on the guidance website) Make wise choices, a teacher who knows you well. Doesn’t need to be a class you received an “A” in. Can also ask for a coach, advisor, or employer for one of the recommendations

12 Letters of Recommendations You must also complete a Senior Questionnaire when requesting a recommendation from your counselor If your are not applying through the Common Application, you must supply the teacher and the counselor with a stamped envelope(s) addressed to the college(s) and attach any necessary supplemental forms **Please check to make sure you have the correct admissions address for your colleges**

13 Upcoming Events College Mini Fairs: October 2, 2014 at 1:00 pm in Cafeteria 149-159 (Please see your counselor by September 26th if you are interested in attending) October 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm in Cafeteria PHS Financial Aid Seminar - October 14, 2014 at 7:00 pm in the high school Auditorium

14 Thank You The Phillipsburg High School Guidance Department

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