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College Applications 101 James Caldwell High School Guidance Department Ms. Lisa Blackman Mr. Frank Lattoz Ms. Lacey Rivlin.

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1 College Applications 101 James Caldwell High School Guidance Department Ms. Lisa Blackman Mr. Frank Lattoz Ms. Lacey Rivlin

2 Tonight’s Agenda Guidance Office Info Admissions Policies Components of the Application Process The Common Application Naviance Family Connection Financial Aid/Scholarships

3 Moving into the Guidance Office… Senior Reviews – What is it? – When is it? College representative visits – Sign up in Family Connection

4 What’s the right number for me? How many schools should I apply to? – Typically 5-8 schools including “Target”, “Safety”, and “Reach” Schools – More IS NOT better! Why? Need help searching for a school? – College Rep Visits in Guidance – College Matchmaker – SuperMatch in Family Connection – West Essex Regional High School College Fair on September 24 th at 7 pm – Talk to EVERYONE!

5 Types of Admissions Policies Early Decision – this one is binding! Early Action Rolling Admissions Regular Decision JCHS Instant Admit Day on Friday, December 4 th. Check Naviance for schools that will be attending.

6 Components of the Application Process A Complete College Application The Student Component The Teacher Component The Guidance Component

7 The Student Component Request letters of recommendation (Speak to individual in person, then make request through Family Connection) Complete Transcript Release Form Select schools you wish to apply to and let your Counselor know Complete applications online Create a resume Write your essay/personal statement Request SAT/ACT scores to be sent There is a $3 fee ONLY if the college does not accept electronic submission

8 The Teacher Component Speak with the teacher and provide a resume Make a request through Naviance Family Connection Be sure to give your teacher enough time (at least 2- 3 weeks) to write your letter. Your teacher will provide a copy of the letter to the Guidance office. All recommendations given to the Guidance Office are confidential. Be sure to thank your teacher!

9 The Guidance Component Counselor recommendation – make sure you complete your Senior Info sheet and Parent Brag sheet School profile Secondary School Report Official Transcript/ Schedule


11 Tabs help students navigate through application to complete various tasks.

12 Left navigation menu displays main pages within the Common App.

13 Each page contains several sections but displays only one at a time.

14 Help Center displays articles relevant only to the task at hand.


16 Dashboard displays an overview of the application status for each college on a student’s list.

17 Clicking the triangle next to a college’s name expands the view to show the status in greater detail.

18 My Colleges is where students go to take action on tasks specific to each college.

19 Sign-in Page 19 If you do not remember your log in information- see your counselor Immediately!!

20 After You Sign in 20 Important Messages Updates from the Guidance Office Click on the Tabs

21 Family Connection Overview: Welcome Page

22 Family Connection Overview: Colleges

23 Click “Colleges I’m thinking about”

24 Matching your CommonApp account to your Family Connection Account Please view the video for a step by step tutorial on how to correctly match your accounts!

25 Select the Teachers You have Already Requested Letters of Recommendations From

26 Click on the pencil Under “COLLEGES I’M APPLYING TO”

27 Delivery Type In “Colleges I’m Applying To” under the title Submissions you will see symbols: A. A blue computer monitor w/CA: Common App college, accepts school documents electronically B. A blue empty computer monitor: Not a Common App College, accepts school documents electronically C. A blue computer monitor w/CA and a red line: Common App College that accepts non- Common App documents electronically D. A postage stamp: College does not accept school documents electronically Additional Symbol in Naviance as viewed by counselors ? Common Application College: A ? will appear for counselors, if students do not indicate in Family Connection they are applying to a Common App college using the Common Application form. Student documents cannot be submitted by the school electronically, if students do not indicate their college application choice. CA

28 Transcript Request Timeline If the college/university application deadline is… …Hand in Transcript Request on or before: Sunday, November 1, 2015Wednesday, October 14, 2015 Sunday, November 15, 2015Wednesday, October 21, 2015 Tuesday, December 1, 2015Monday, November 9, 2015 Tuesday, December 15, 2015Monday, November 23, 2015 Friday, January 1, 2016Monday, December 7, 2015

29 Sending Test Scores You are responsible for sending an official score report to each school. For SAT scores: For ACT:

30 Rutgers University Rutgers requires no forms from JCHS. Complete a Transcript Request Form so we know that you applied. Complete an online Self Reported Academic Record (SRAR) through the Rutgers Application site. ◦ You can ask for a student copy of your transcript

31 NCAA Eligibility (for student athletes) Create account You will be prompted to request a transcript through your NCAA Clearinghouse account. Your Guidance Counselor will receive that request electronically from NCAA

32 Financial Aid and Scholarships Financial Aid Night – Thursday, November 19 th at 7pm FAFSA Forms – CSS Profile – Scholarships/Special Programs – Check Family Connection and look for Scholarship Bulletins!

33 Completing Applications Start early Follow directions Allow time for writing and reviewing Proofread! Save often! Meet deadlines

34 QUESTIONS Don’t Stress! Your counselors are here to help you!

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