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Goal 6 Part 4 America as a World Power Teddy Roosevelt’s “Big Stick” Policy Dollar and Moral Diplomacy Panama Canal.

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1 Goal 6 Part 4 America as a World Power Teddy Roosevelt’s “Big Stick” Policy Dollar and Moral Diplomacy Panama Canal

2 AFTER the Spanish American War (1898) U.S becomes a “world power or a world presence” McKinley is Assassinated Teddy Roosevelt is appointed in1900 (Progressive)  Square Deal / Bully Pulpit  Trust-busting / Regulation  Conservation / Health / Environment  PANAMA CANAL

3 Panama Canal A “canal” that cuts through Central America Purpose: greatly reduce travel time for (1) “Commercial Trade” and (2) “Military / Naval maneuvering ”- ships are provided a shortcut between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans!

4 Possible Canal Routes (1) Nicaragua or (2) Panama (choice) Problem: U.S. needs permission from COLOMBIA before building the Panama Canal; (Colombia owned Panama)

5 Teddy Roosevelt digging out the Panama Canal (dirt)

6 Panamanian Revolution (1903) Panama rebels against Colombia American sponsored?????? Result: Panama wins! U.S. pays Panama $10 million and an annual rent of $250,000.00

7 THE ROOSEVELT COROLLARY (1904) *** An extension of the Monroe Doctrine Roosevelt Corollary: - a “Latin American” policy that allowed America to be able to “exercise international POLICE power” Use force, if it calls for it, to protect American interests in Latin America “Policemen in the Western Hemisphere” “BIG STICK POLICY”

8 “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick” Old West African Proverb used by Teddy Roosevelt to explain his Latin American policy (BIG STICK POLICY) *Maintain peace…but threaten with authority*

9 Dollar Diplomacy William Taft (President after Roosevelt 1908-1912) arranged American bankers to LOAN money to Latin America, later adopted by Woodrow Wilson Overall Outcome: U.S. government will “GUARANTEE” loans made to Latin American countries that are made by American businesses Purpose:PROTECTION OF INVESTMENTS **** To have a U.S. presence in Latin America

10 Woodrow Wilson’s MORAL Diplomacy *Gave the Monroe Doctrine / Roosevelt Corollary a “MORAL” tone! POINT: Moral Diplomacy  Woodrow Wilson WILL NOT recognize any Latin American country that is oppressive, undemocratic or hostile to U.S. interests!  This HELPS spread Democracy!!!!  Problem: MEXICO gets ANGRY!!! (Mexican government DID NOT care about their citizens)

11 Mexican Revolution Mexican government became hostile Rebels under the leadership of Francisco “Pancho” Villa and Emiliano Zapata opposed the Mexican government (Government in Mexico DID NOT have support from Mexicans)! Pancho Villa is supported by Wilson and America!

12 Pancho Villa (revolutionary) Problem: Wilson recognizes the “hostile” Mexican government …Pancho Villa gets Angry! Pancho’s trick: Invite the Americans to Mexico for job opportunities… got off the train and Pancho Villa shot all 17 Americans! *Pancho Villa invades New Mexico! America =  = Pancho Villa Raids

13 Wilson’s Response to Pancho Villa “CHASING VILLA” John J. Pershing was sent to capture Pancho Villa, dead or alive! America set up on the border Mexico = ANGRY!!!!! War is about to break out!!!!

14 BIG TURN OF EVENTS Wilson orders John J. Pershing to return home…war was called off (WITH MEXICO) Why?  WWI had been going on in Europe for three years at that point (1917)  U.S. isn’t “directly” involved in WWI until 1917  U.S. needs PEACE with Southern borders, so they can concentrate on WWI  (ONE war at a time….where did we learn that??)  Remember: U.S. entry into WWI (1917) ends the Progressive Era and the Pancho Villa Raids

15 Legacies with America in early 20 th century (1) Expanded foreign markets (2) Built up the Navy (in order to compete and to protect interests/investments in foreign markets) (3) U.S. exercised it’s “dominant” international police power in Latin America (4) *Most Significant: America emerged as a “ WORLD POWER ” after the Spanish-American War (1898)

16 DIPLOMACY PAPER Show how each impacted the international relationships between America and the rest/ exclusive territories of the world ½ page to full Dollar / Moral / Big Stick

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