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In your own words, What do you think the African Proverb Speak Softly and Walk with a Big Stick means….

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2 In your own words, What do you think the African Proverb Speak Softly and Walk with a Big Stick means….

3 America as a World Power The Panama Canal, and the Mexican Revolution added to Americas military and economic power

4 TAKS OBJECTIVES What role did President Roosevelt play in ending the Russo-Japanese War? What events led to the building of the Panama Canal? What did the Roosevelt Corollary state?

5 As part of the increased American role in world affairs, President Theodore Roosevelt acted as peacemaker to end a war between Japan and Russia. He also sent a fleet of navy ships to sail around the world, showing American power. What was the fleet of ships called? The Teddy Bear

6 Panama Canal Roosevelts major action was to ensure the building of the Panama Canal. The canal was wanted to link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, cutting travel time for merchant ships-and for the U.S. navy ships. Panama then was province of Colombia, but won its independence in a U.S. supported revolt. The new nation gave the U. S. land to build a canal


8 It took 10 years to build the 50 mile long canal.

9 The Monroe Doctrine Roosevelt reminded European powers of the Monroe Doctrine, which had been issued in 1823 by President James Monroe. The Monroe Doctrine demanded that European countries stay out of the affairs of Latin American nations.

10 The Big Stick Roosevelt based his Latin American policy on a West African proverb that said, Speak softy and carry a big stick Meaning:International negotiations backed by the threat of force


12 Roosevelt Corollary In December 1904 Roosevelt added the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine He warned that disorder in Latin America might force the United States…to the exercise of an international police power. In effect, the corollary said that the United States would now use force to protect its economic interest in Latin America

13 Wilsons Missionary Diplomacy President Wilson took a moral tone in Latin American policy. He said the U.S. had a moral responsibility to deny recognition to any Latin American government it viewed as oppressive, undemocratic, or hostile to U.S. interest. Prior to this the U.S. recognized any government that controlled a nation, regardless of that nations policies or how it had come to power. Wilsons policy pressured nations in the Western Hemisphere to establish democratic governments

14 Mexico A revolution in Mexico quickly tested this policy President Carranza of Mexico did not have support of all Mexicans. Rebels under the leadership of Francisco Pancho Villa opposed the Carranza government. When the United States recognized the Carranza government Villa threatened reprisals against the United States.

15 Poncho Villa Villa was a fierce nationalist and had courted the support and aid of the United States. President Carranza invited American engineers to operate mines in northern Mexico Before they reached the mines, however, Villas men took the Americans off a train and shot them Two months later, some of Villas followers raided Columbus, New Mexico, and killed 17 Americans Americans held Villa responsible

16 Hostilities Intensify Woodrow Wilson Sent General John J Pershing to capture Villa in Mexico. Mexicans grew angrier over the U.S. invasion of their land. President Carranza requested the withdrawal of American troops. In June 1916 U.S. troops clashed with Carranzas army, resulting in deaths on both sides. In February 1917, Wilson ordered Pershing to return home

17 Aftermath…….. The United States needed to concentrate on a major war in Europe. ( WORLD WAR 1) The incident reveled Americans willingness to assert their power in the western hemisphere

18 SPANISH AMERICAN WAR REVIEW…. Answer right and win a prize

19 In which nation did the Boxer Rebellion take place? A.Puerto RicoPuerto Rico B. CubaCuba C. ChinaChina

20 WRONG!!!

21 CORRECT!!!!

22 Which nation was the focus of John Hays Open Door Notes- A. CubaCuba B. The PhilippinesThe Philippines C. ChinaChina

23 WRONG!!!!!

24 CORRECT!!!!!

25 Which Nation did the Platt Amendment make a U.S. Protectorate? A. Cuba B. China C. Puerto Rico

26 Wrong!!!!!

27 CORRECT!!!!!

28 The Spanish American War took place in what year? A.18121812 B. 1861-18651861-1865 C. 18981898 D. 19001900

29 WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

30 CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!

31 Which nation was not affected by the Spanish American War? A.CubaCuba B. Puerto RicoPuerto Rico C. ChinaChina D. The PhilippinesThe Philippines

32 WRONG!!!!!!!!!

33 CORRECT!!!!!!

34 Which Treaty ended the Spanish American War- A.Treaty of GhentTreaty of Ghent B.Treaty of VersaillesTreaty of Versailles C.Treaty of ParisTreaty of Paris D.Treaty of HildalgoTreaty of Hildalgo

35 Wrong!!!


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