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L’etoile du Nord Star of the North

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1 L’etoile du Nord Star of the North Transferring Offenders in ICOTS You do not have to go home but you can’t stay here!!

2 Transferring Offenders
ICOTS TRAINING Transferring Offenders Requirements Per DOC Policy: Offense details – instant, charges & sentencing Conditions of supervision All Sex Offender Information – treatment, assessments, victim information, supervision recommendation, etc. (ICAOS Rule ) All protection orders – filed against the offender and filed on behalf of the offender. Photograph – recognizable detail sufficient to describe offender

3 Initiating a Compact Case
The Assistants tab is the ONLY appropriate place that you can add an offender to ICOTS!!!!! (*Important enough to repeat) *Note – the Assistants tab is the only place that you should go to add an offender to ICOTS **Note – Minnesota Agent ONLY add Minnesota Offenders by using the Assistants tab.

4 See Previous Slide The points on the previous slides are the key points that you need to know, live them and breathe them in order to eliminate the chances of creating records in error or duplicating offender records. Memorize them, live them – you will be tested on them!

5 Initiating a Transfer Request for a Minnesota Offender that does not have a profile in ICOTS!!!!

6 1. -The first choice – “for an offender for whom no RFRI has been submitted?” – indicates that there has been no request for reporting instructions. * *Note – the other two options can be accessed through the offender’s profile and will eliminate the chance of entering an offender in the system twice.

7 3. Where is the offender – in Minnesota?
2. Choose the receiving state – the state to which the offender wishes to transfer supervision. 3. Where is the offender – in Minnesota? **Hint – if the offender is not in custody in the receiving state or you do not have approved RI’s the offender BETTER be in Minnesota

8 Did I Tell You that ICOTS is a LIVE Criminal Justice Database
Did I Tell You that ICOTS is a LIVE Criminal Justice Database? The information entered into ICOTS will be viewed by the entire United States and three territories The only information that should be entered into ICOTS are real offenders pursuing an Interstate Transfer “There can be no friendship without confidence; and no confidence, without integrity.”

9 4. Now you can enter the offender’s personal information
4. Now you can enter the offender’s personal information. Please remember the integrity of the system is only as good as the person entering the information – be complete and accurate!! *Hint – double check your entries be you hit submit – corrections cannot be made after this point!!!

10 If you receive this screen this means that there is an offender in ICOTS matching your offender’s descriptors - - STOP – CHECK the offender’s information – IF this is your offender you must select them – OR….(see next slide)

11 You will receive a list of offender with similar descriptors as the offender you entered …… your choices are to select your offender – either one that is in ICOTS or the offender that you entered – the offender you entered is at the bottom

12 Okay – Hold On this is where it gets tricky
At this point you have added a new offender into ICOTS. When you get interrupted and need to stop – and this will happen as sure as night follows day……….You will have to access this partially completed transfer request through your compact workload. The action item column will indicate – “Transfer Request awaiting completion by…(Agent’s name)” Open the hyperlink and continue your request. DO NOT START ANOTHER REQUEST/ACTION!!!!

13 When you revisit the transfer request this is what you will see – the green check mark in the Progress Box indicates that you have the offender’s information complete and that is all – after you have finished each section a green check box will appear. **Save the offender’s application section for last. * Note – each section must have a green check mark in the progress box in order for the “submit” button to activate. Each section must be reviewed.

14 Transfer Reason Criteria for transfer – Resident Family
For Resident Family, employment OR means of support must be entered – if the offender does not have employment you must complete the section “Means of Support”

15 Transfer Justification
This information is used by the receiving state in their investigation. Any pertinent information should be entered in this section.

16 If the offender will be residing with another person, uncheck this box and enter the information.
*Note – the offender does not have to reside with the Resident Family Member listed in the criteria section

17 This information fills from the Transfer Reason section

18 1. Fill in all blanks and click the “Add Case” button

19 This is where you will be allowed to add offenses to the case
This is where you will be allowed to add offenses to the case. Note that multiple offenses can be completed by repeating steps 2 & 3 2. Once you have added the case, you need to select the case 3. When finished, click the Add Offense button

20 This is how the screen should appear if you have entered the information correctly
DOUBLE-CHECK THE INFORMATION There is no editing option after you submit the request.

21 If the offender is currently in custody, that information should be entered in this section

22 Contract Restrictions
Orders restricting the offender from having contact with others should be entered in this section

23 Protective Orders Orders restricting others from having contact with the offender should be entered in this section

24 4. Add the information and then Save & Continue
Sex offender Registry Section – you have to pick one of the three choices 1. When you select lifetime or specific registration, the attachment area will appear. 2. Click the browse button 3. Select the file and click open 4. Add the information and then Save & Continue

25 If there is an attachment – required for registration - This will appear once you have successfully attached the document.

26 Information regarding victim notification should be entered in this section

27 If a PSI was done for the transferring offense, it should be attached in this section.

28 If you have been supervising the offender for a while, a supervision history might be helpful to the receiving state.

29 *Note – monitoring financial obligations is the sending state’s responsibility

30 Attach or enter manually the offender conditions of supervision in this section..
*Note – this is mandatory per Rule 3.107 **Note - Principles of attaching are the same in every section – browse, add, save & continue

31 Offender’s Picture must be clear and recognizable – browse, add, save & continue

32 Once all the sections have been visited and the appropriate material attached – you will need to return to the Offender’s Application Section. DOUBLE-CHECK THE INFORMATION. Every submission is final!

33 The final step – you are almost done.
Now download the Offender Application – must be signed, dated and witnessed – the original must be maintained in the agent’s file You cannot submit a transfer request without answering “Yes” to the verification question. *Note – this is the equivalent to signing a legal document. If you indicate you have the application, you had better be able to produce it upon request.

34 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Green is success (red indicates failure) – I thought that I should tell you because now that you have participated in this training I do not expect you will ever get the pink failure bar.

35 NODs & NOAs ICOTS will not activate a case prior to the completion of both the NOD and the NOA ICOTS will not allow a NOD to be sent until there has been approved RI’s or an acceptance NOD will form fill the reporting instructions that have been issued via RRI or an acceptance NOA will form fill the departure information from the NOD. Begin either NOD or NOA actions through the Assistant Tab

36 Once you choose the action in the Assistants tab you will get a list of all the offenders that qualify for the action. Choose the offender you are creating the notice for.

37 Notice the submit button is grey – you need to complete each section that has a open box in the progress column.

38 The reporting instructions that are included when you see this screen are automatically downloaded from the reply.

39 You will complete the travel mode, departure date & comments.
**NOTE: ICOTS will fill in the reporting instructions from the information supplied on the reply.

40 Once you have a green check mark in each square – the submit button will activate.

41 Another green block of success – Congratulations!!!
If in doubt, to view the action you can click on the (view profile)

42 To View Compact Case – Offender’s Profile
All Compact Activity is viewed through the Compact Cases Tab Click the compact cases tab Click the radio button to the left of the ICOTS# to open the compact case activity To view the activity such as the Transfer Request you have to click on the blue link (hyperlink) – “Transfer Request” The transfer request will open – to view it in form view you must click on the

43 This slide indicates that the offender has an open/active compact case
This slide indicates that the offender has an open/active compact case. If you need to transfer another criminal case on this offender you will need to register interest in order to create a new case. The procedure for registering interest in an existing ICOTS file will be covered after the transfer request section. 1. Compact Cases Tab 3. Compact Case Activity 2. Radio Button 4. Drop-down Box

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