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Welcome to the Online Employment Applicant Tutorial Click here for next screen.

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1 Welcome to the Online Employment Applicant Tutorial Click here for next screen

2 Click on Job Openings to search for jobs of interest and then create and submit an application. For additional information about Nursing, click on the Licensed Nursing Information button.

3 There are several ways that you can search a position 1.You can select [All Job Groups] to see all positions 2.You can select a job group to view only positions within that group 3.You can search for a word or position number that is included in the title or position description

4 For this tutorial, we will search on the All Job Groups. Click on All Job Group Then click Search

5 View the details about the position by clicking the position number of the position that you are interested in.

6 A new window will pop-up with the positions detailed information. Use the Print button to print a copy. Use the Close button to close the window.

7 If you are interested in applying for this position, click in the box in the last column. You can select more than one position to apply for at one time.

8 Anyone of these steps will place the selected positions into your shopping cart. You can: 1.Select Next Page to view additional positions. 2.Click on Start/Continue Application if you are ready to apply for the selected positions and do not want to continue the search. 3.Click on Add selected jobs to your cart before you continue on. 4.If you want to change your search selection, click on New Search.

9 When a position is placed into your shopping cart, it is removed from the main list and placed at the bottom of the screen. You can remove the position from your shopping cart by clicking on the Remove bottom.

10 After you have selected all of the positions that you would like to apply for, click on the Start/Continue Application.

11 An email address is required. If you do not have one, you can set one up. For your convenience, two links are provided for you. If this is your first time applying online, click Create New Account

12 Please read the agreement statement and click I Agree to continue the application process or I Reject and not apply for a position.

13 You can not navigate further until you have completed the Personal Data Tab. Once you have completed all required fields that are denoted with an *, you can click on Continue to Next Page.

14 If you fail to complete a required field, you will receive an error message. Once you have completed the missing fields, click on Continue to Next Page

15 The Qualification tab reflects the skill, education and experiences that you have and also shows the required skills, education and experiences for the positions you have selected. From the positions that you have selected, it will show you the minimum requirements for the position. You must complete the years/skill level column of each Skill/Education that as been selected.

16 The Years/skill level for the Experience with Education requirement is a combination of your highest education level and years of work experience. In the example below, this applicant has a bachelor's degree, has attended 1 year of graduate school and has 3 years of work experience. This applicant has stated that they DO NOT have experience as a cashier. They DO have experience as a clerical or secretary.

17 If you have additional skills, education and experiences that you would like to enter on your application in addition to what the position requires, you can enter them by first selecting the skill or education field.

18 There are several categories to select from.

19 Once you have selected a skill or education, you must verify or change the rest of the fields. Use the dropdown on each field to select the correct level, ability, etc. Some fields will be blank based on your previous selection.

20 Once you have made your selection, click on Add Qualification to profile.

21 The additional Skill/Education has now been added. You can enter as many Skill/Education items as you want. You can change the Years/skill levels, by clicking on the drop down. You can remove skill/educations that you mainly entered by clicking on the Remove button. Once you have completed, click on Continue to Next Page.

22 You must put in at least your highest level of education.

23 If you have entered an Education and made on error, you can edit it. When your cursor is over the line, you will notice that the line will turn red. Click on the line that you want to revise.

24 The information on the line is now in the proper fields so that you can correct the information. Save change(s) by clicking on Update the profile icon

25 Now the update is reflected on the screen. Once you have completed the Education tab, click on Continue to Next page.

26 If you have any work history, complete this tab.

27 To correct an error on this screen, click on the line that you wish to change. Once you have made your changes, click on the Continue to Next Page button.

28 The Additional Information tab as two important sections. All applicants must complete the top section. All Nursing Applicants must complete the top and bottom section.

29 We have several shifts available. Be sure to check all the shifts you can work. If you are interested in working in our U-TEMPS Temporary Staffing department, be sure to check the indicator box.

30 If you would like to attach a resume from your computers hard drive or a floppy disk, click on the Browse button. Remember the resume will be used for reference only. Your qualifications will be used for the selection process.

31 A pop-up screen will appear allowing you to locate the document. Select the location of your file, then click on Open.

32 You can now see that it has been attached. Once your application has been submitted, the word Resume will be highlighted so that you can view it in the future.

33 This section is for Nursing Applicants only. Be sure to state your nursing license status. If you select Yes, you must contact the Nurse Recruitment at 686-5691. Once you have completed the appropriate sections, click on the Continue to Next Page button.

34 Completing this screen is optional. If you complete the information or not, you must click on the Review Profile.

35 This is an optional page to complete. If you complete this section or not, you must click on the Review Profile button. You can click on Return to Profile to review and make changes or click on Complete Application to submit your application.

36 However, if you have an Incomplete error, you must correct the error before the application will be accepted.

37 If you have no positions selected in you shopping cart, you must Add More Positions.

38 If you did not complete the Years/Skill Level on the qualifications tab or if you added a position and did not click on the qualifications tab to complete the new skills, education and experience, you must return to the qualifications tab and complete it.

39 Once you have completed the missing sections, click on the Resubmit button to see if your application has any additional errors.

40 Now that you have no Incompletes, click on the Complete Application to submit it.

41 Congratulations! Your application has been submitted to UAMS. You will receive an email shortly confirming your submission.

42 If you are a returning applicant (you have submitted an online application in the past) you can log-in several ways. 1. You can click on the Returning Applicant Log-in button. 2. You can search for new jobs before you log-in for clicking on the Job Openings.

43 Enter in your email and password, click on Login. If you forgot your password, click here.

44 You will be asked to accept the application agreement statement. Once you click on I Agree, it will bring up this screen. You have 3 choices: Click on the action you wish to perform. Once you have selected an option, the process is the same as before.

45 Thank You for completing the UAMS Online Application Tutorial Click here to return to the Welcome to the UAMS Online Application Welcome to the UAMS Online Application home page.

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