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I am in….. Now what? ICOTS

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1 I am in….. Now what? ICOTS

2 Your Compact Workload –Your workload is combined of all cases assigned to you. –The users compact workload will contain all files assigned to you: Open/Active Closed Action Needed Partially Completed Actions Status of Submitted Actions –Search Criteria – allows searches and filters to be applied to your workload.

3 Your Compact Workload – To access your workload you must go to the Compact Workload Tab

4 Compact Workload - Search & Filtering All searches done in the Compact Workload tab will result in only the agent workload. Search by Activity Type -This includes all activity allowed in ICOTS Search by Supervision Type -Parole -Probation Search your caseload - all cases assigned to your name Offender Criteria -Searches by part of the name – either first name or last name You can filter the search by incoming or outgoing by state

5 Your Compact Workload – Filter/Search by Activity Type Example: Case closure notice will pull all incoming and outgoing files that have a case closure notice filed

6 Your Compact Workload – Filter/Search by Supervision Type Example: This will pull all incoming and outgoing Parole or Probation

7 Compact Workload Searches & Filters Remember – your compact workload is only cases that have been assigned to you. Filters will narrow down the search of your compact workload. If your role is probation officer your search will only be of your caseload If your role is supervisor your default search of all cases will result in all the files assigned to all of the agents that report to you.

8 Your Compact Workload – Incoming & Outgoing by State Example: All your incoming or outgoing by state

9 **Your Compact Workload - Search Results for Compact Workload

10 Your Compact Workload Search Results TIP: All the words underlined in blue are considered a hyper-link – click on them and you will be redirected to another area (i.e. clicking on the offender name will redirect you to the offenders profile). Search Result will show – by column: –ICOTS # –ICOTS Offender # –Supervision Type –Offender Name (UNDERLINED IN BLUE) –Action Item If underlined in blue this indicates an item that needs you to take action If in black but there is a View All in blue there is an action that must be taken – click on the View All –All links are underlined in blue and will redirect you when you click on them.

11 Sorting Your Compact Workload – Ascending/Descending by column Example: Click the column Offender Last Name and it will sort descending – click again and it will sort ascending

12 VIEW ALL – hyper link indicates more than one action awaiting review – click on the view all & you will be redirected – the item requiring action will be indicated by

13 Action Item Column – All hyperlinks are underlined in blue – click on them & you will be redirected to the action


15 The offenders name column is a hyperlink to the offenders profile – click on it and you will be redirected to the offenders profile

16 Offender Searches of ICOTS Offenders Tab – Search by Demographics Searches done through the Offenders Tab will search all the records in ICOTS – all states and all three territories. Search by Demographics – last name, first name will result in all offenders with the name, similarities or aliases. Searches in the offender tab require full first and last names. ICOTS only pulls from the information entered into ICOTS. If the date of birth is left blank on a record and you are searching by name and DOB – it will not pull your offender. To choose from the search results – click on the radio button to the left side of the screen in - next to the correct offender.

17 EXAMPLE 1: Offenders Tab Search by Demographics

18 Example 2: Offenders Tab Search by Demographic – name added

19 Example 3: Offenders Tab – Search Results by Demographics

20 Offenders Tab – Search Results The search results will bring all the offenders in ICOTS with the name you search, variations & aliases (Note – the third name is Brady Erickson) To choose an offender you must click the radio button on the left side of the screen & then click the continue button To get to the offender profile you will continue clicking the continue button until it disappears.

21 FYI - - This is the Offenders Profile- Note the Offenders number is located in the URL

22 What is available in the Offenders Profile The offenders profile contains the complete offender record that has been loaded into ICOTS – legacy cases will not have a picture but the picture can be added at a later date – through the manage demographics To access all compact activity associated with the offenders compact case there are tabs located down the right side of the profile Action Items – actions that require a response or are being taken Violation History – will track any violation filed in the compact case Compact Case – the view all activities in the compact case including case notes Criminal Case – the offenses that were transferred for supervision Employment Residence Plan of Supervision Institutional History History of Assault

23 View Compact Case – Offenders Profile All Compact Activity is viewed through the Compact Cases Tab Click the compact cases tab Click the radio button to the left of the ICOTS# to open the compact case activity –To view the activity such as the Transfer Request you have to click on the blue link (hyperlink) – Transfer Request –The transfer request will open – to view it in form view you must click on the

24 1. Compact Cases Tab 2. Radio Button 4. Drop-down Box 3. Compact Case Activity This slide indicates that the offender has an open/active compact case. If you need to transfer another criminal case on this offender you will need to register interest in order to create a new case. The procedure for registering interest in an existing ICOTS file will be covered after the transfer request section.

25 Example 1: Viewing Transfer Request in the Compact Activity To view document in form view

26 *PDF Button will display TIR in form view

27 To view the Transfer Request & All the attachments In order to view the transfer request in its entirety you will open the transfer request in form view – click the blue. To view all the supporting documentation – offense detail, conditions, orders, etc., you will have to open all the attachments in the format in which they are provided/attached (i.e. Adobe, Word, etc.) – Show Full Preview link will return you to the ICOTS view with the attachments.

28 You are viewing the transfer request in form view and need to return to view the attachments – Show full preview will return you to the attachments.

29 Now all the attachments are viewable – through the format that it was attached.

30 Example 1: Offender Profile – Action Items - the Green View button indicates an action that needs attention

31 The drop-down box allows you to initiate certain available actions from the offenders profile * Note – if the action is not available through the drop down – try to complete through the Assistants Tab

32 Example 2: Offender Profile – Violations Tab

33 Example 3: Offender Profile – Criminal Case

34 Example 4: Offender Profile – Employment Tab

35 Example 5: Offender Profile – Residence Tab

36 Example 6: Offender Profile – Plan of Supervision

37 Example 7: Offender Profile – Institutional History

38 Example 8: Offender Profile – History of Assault

39 ICOTS User Support –All field users should report problems or training issues to the compact office – –Compact Office 651-361-7321 –

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