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How To Use NCA’s Online Grant Application System

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1 How To Use NCA’s Online Grant Application System

2 NCA is using MicroEdge IGAM software
NCA is using MicroEdge IGAM software. This software supports an online application, grant review and report submissions. Before beginning the online application process, please CAREFULLY read the Request for Proposals (RFP). Each grant category has a separate link – please make sure you click on the correct link BEFORE applying. Failure to use the appropriate link will result in NCA’s inability to process your application. However, you can create and use ONE login and password to apply for multiple grant categories.

3 If you have an existing log in that you used for submitting previous grant applications / reports to NCA you can continue using the same account. In this way you can see in one account all your submissions. If you are planning to submit grant applications on behalf of 2 different organizations we request that you create a separate account for each of them. In order to do so when creating your log ins you need to use 2 separate addresses for each of them. If you are applying for a collaborative CAC grant, the entity that needs to submit the application is the CAC that is the appointed fiscal agent on the grant.

4 Sign into the grant system and the application will come up.
To apply: Open the FY14 RFP Click the link beside the grant type you wish to apply for starting on page 9. Sign into the grant system and the application will come up. You can either submit the application or you can hit “Save and Finish Later”. If you save the application, you will receive an with information on accessing it again later. Please DO NOT use the links in the RFP to access your “In Progress” applications. ONLY use the link in the . Use the link below to access your in progress applications.

5 Registration Confirmation Email (Use the below link to continue working on your application)
Dear Applicant, Your application account has been created! You can log in to Your Account, at anytime. Your password is ___. Please make a note of it.

6 Each grant application consists of the following three pages:
Organization Information Grant Budget Table Attachments Please make sure you answer ALL required questions within each application page.

7 To create a log-in, follow this link to create a new account.
Once you have saved your application and wish to continue, refer to your registration confirmation with the subject line “You have created a NCA account.” Click on the link within the to get back to the application you started. To create a log-in, follow this link to create a new account. If you are a returning user, enter your log-in information.

8 Please choose your applicable category
Please choose your applicable category. This question helps to screen your eligibility for each grant category.

9 To navigate between the various pages of the application, click on the page numbers here.
If you wish to print your application, click here. At any time, you may your application to yourself by clicking here. However, please do not confuse this button with the actual submission of your application. At any time, you may review your application by clicking here.

10 At any time, you can save and finish your application later by clicking the button on the bottom of each screen.

11 Please read formatting directions carefully.
Please divide your grant budget into the applicable categories. If you are unsure which category a particular cost falls into, please contact your NCA program associate.

12 On this page, you must upload all the attachments for your application
On this page, you must upload all the attachments for your application. (Besides those required, you may need to upload others, such as a job descriptions/resumes if you are applying for personnel support.) Please read formatting instructions carefully.

13 Click BROWSE to find the file you wish to upload on your computer.
Once you have selected the file you wish to upload from your computer, click here. You can only upload one file at a time.

14 Once you have uploaded a file, it will appear above.
To remove a file at any point, click the above checkbox and then click remove.

15 To finalize your application and to submit it for review by NCA, click on the “Review & Submit” button. You may save your progress and return to the application at any point before the final application deadline by clicking the “Save & Finish Later” button.

16 On this screen, you will be able to do a final review of all information and attachments you have included in your application. Once you have finished your review, please click on the “Submit” button to send your application to NCA. Make sure again that you have upload all four required attachments

17 Confirmation Email That States Application Was Submitted Successfully:
Thank you for your submission. Your «Form_Title» has been submitted successfully. For your records, a copy of your application will be retained on your My Account page, which you can access by logging in to… Please keep this for your records. If you do not receive this , please contact NCA immediately.

18 When you log back into your account, you will see all your “In Progress Applications” or your “Submitted Applications” using this drop down

19 Things to Remember Before you start your application, check again whether the title on the top left of the application page corresponds to the grant you are applying for; if not please go back to the RFP and click on the correct link. Please be sure to enter the accurate and up to date contact information for your organization. Be cautious when typing in this information as it will affect NCA’s future correspondence with you. Please don’t WAIT until the last day to submit your application. While technical support is available for the system, it has limited staffing. It is the applicant's responsibility to begin early enough to complete the process. While filling out the online application, do not leave it open for long periods of time. This will increase the likelihood of loosing your information and overloading the server. We ask that you complete the documents you plan to submit in advance. Also, you may click “Save and Finish Later.” You can login again to continue your work at any time before the submission date. Please DO NOT submit duplicate applications. Although as an organization, you may be eligible to apply to multiple grant categories, please do not submit duplicate applications in a singe grant category. Unfortunately, this will effect the success of uploading your application. NCA cannot view your application until you click the final “submit” button. NCA cannot accept any other method of submission (such as fax, mail, ) besides this online application system. All submissions are final and after you click the “submit” button, NCA can not change anything in you application. Please check your work carefully prior to submitting. If you do not receive a confirmation after clicking on the “submit” button, please contact NCA IMMEDIATELY. This is the only way to confirm that your application was submitted successfully and is the only document NCA will consider as proof of your timely submission.

20 Thank you for your interest in the National Children’s Alliance.
We wish you much success!

21 NCA Program Associate Contact Information Program Associate for the Northeast Region P , ext. 117 Program Associate for the Western Region P , ext. 108 Program Associate for the Midwest Region P , ext. 110 Program Associate for the Southern Region P , ext. 107

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